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B-Gata H-Kei 05

The first half pretty much sucked, but the second half was TEH SHITZ….

B-Gata H-Kei

… Yamada goes commando the whole day!

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Nanoha movie mini-post

Nanoha Movie 1st

After four months, a camrip of the Nanoha movie is out and I shamelessly downloaded it. Quality’s not too bad, especially when compared to previous experiences with other camrips I downloaded.

Spoilers are inbound, so if you’d prefer to wait for the Blu-Ray, best not to read.

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Kaichou wa Maid-sama 04

Kaichou wa Maid-sama

So how many of you guys had to unfap to this?

I quite liked this episode. They expanded Aoi’s character a little bit and added some great scenes with him and Misaki going off together. I liked on how they emphasized how similar both Aoi and Misaki are at in terms of dealing with peer pressure about each other’s genders, and how Misaki tells Aoi to just be one’s self if that makes you the most comfortable. It’s pretty much how I go about my life as well. No use denying what you like only to please the opinions of others.

In the end, this turned out to be my favourite episode of Maid-sama so far. At this rate, the anime adaptation of Maid-sama is going to turn out to be one of the rare ones that are actually superior than the original source. I have to admit, the original manga didn’t really seem to have much direction at times and just felt like things were being crammed in it just because it looks interesting. The anime seems to be improving it to be a lot better however, so I hope it continues to be this way.

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Arakawa Under the Bridge 04

Arakawa Under the Bridge

… pretty much describes the show. Again.

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Mayoi Neko Overrun! 04 is fucking awesome

Mayoi Neko Overrun!

This week’s director is Akitaro Daichi, the director of Gag Manga Biyori for those unfamiliar with his name. Does that explain much already?

Also, I am going to quote Midonin from AnimeSuki about this episode, because I don’t think I’ll be able to put it as eloquently as he did:

Now, in the time I’ve spent watching anime (three years, give or take), I’ve seen plenty of ping pong games. Games that have battle auras. Games that have balls going down into cleavage. (That one’s a favorite.) But for as long as I live, I may never see a ping pong game to top this one. It was 2001: A Ping Pong Freaking Space Odyssey. It’s also the first scene you could literally set your watch to.

And this doesn’t even come close to describing the sheer madness of the whole episode. No joke. There’s amazing shit like Kaho (OH GOD YUKARIN) and the gay scenes. Also the most least clothed episode of the show so far. Not to mention the music accompaniment is amazingly awesome this week.

I am going to wait for a better source before I do another post on this. Because it deserves that much.

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Working!! 04


Haha, they really went and introduced the sisters this episode. Yeah, they’re definitely amazing in some sense. Especially Nazuna, the youngest. Is she really just 12 years old?! No wonder Takanashi has that fetish for small and cute things. Poor guy has been tortured “loved” too much by his elder sisters.

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Angel Beats! 04

Angel Beats!

Yui-nyan♥! She is surprisingly endearing, in a funny manner, after you watch her for a while. Not to mention she has a tendency to act cute and still tsukkomi at the same time.

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My Soul Your Beats! Rock Version

Angel Beats!

Hurr… GirlDeMo rendition of My Soul Your Beats is pretty damn good. The vocals are definitely better, especially for those who aren’t a fan of Lia’s “screechy” voice. Of course, the original still has its merits, like the piano parts, the piano parts and oh, the piano parts.

Thank god they got real vocalists to sing for GirlDeMo though, I would dig out my eardrums if they got Yui’s seiyuu (Kitamura Eri) to sing orz.

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B-gata H-kei 04

B-gata H-kei

B-gata H-kei

There are a lot of things I wanted to say about this episode but then I got too lazy trying to cut down 50+ screencaps. There is one thing I should say though…


I actually feel sad for them because the whole point of this show is to see them both NEVER EVER GETTING TO HAVE SEX. Hurr.

Also, Yamada’s imouto looks like a real slut to me now. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself, onee-san!

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Mayoi Neko Overrun! 03

Mayoi Neko Overrun!


Ok, undeniably Fumino looks cute in anything she wears, but what about us zettai ryouiki fetishists lovers?! Can we have back Shin Itagaki as the director? That man KNOWS what he’s doing, hurr.

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