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Gintama 197



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Ladies vs Butlers 08

Ladies vs Butlers!

Don’t worry, this is to throw everyone off. In fact, this episode didn’t even have a single bath scene or even full frontal nudity! Hell, I waited for 16 MINUTES before they even showed some nipples! What the hell?

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Tsubasa Cat #3 Audio Commentary

Mayoi and Hanekawa pair up for the third episode of Tsubasa Cat and immediately label Araragi the “enemy of all women” not even 2 minutes in to the episode thanks to his antics with Hachikuji. Well, I can’t deny he was asking for it….

There’s actually a running joke about how Hanekawa’s OP sequence is the worst amongst all the girls because of “Hachikuji-P’s” influence. Since I haven’t heard Mayoi Snail #2 and #3, I’ll assume it’s a continuation from there. Of course, Hachikuji denies it totally here. The other running joke in Tsubasa Cat #1 and #2 was to get Hanekawa to say her ” I don’t know everything” line and Hanekawa finally goes “Yeah, I know everything” to Hachikuji instead of refusing to say the line but trying to imply it in another way.

Probably the funniest parts of the commentary was when Hanekawa appears on-screen in her pajamas and Hachikuji immediately accuses her of showing off her “assets” to Araragi intentionally, saying that’s probably why she’s chosen for this episode rather than Senjougahara. Of course, Hanekawa denies it vehemently, but it’s pretty useless considering her on-screen actions ahaha. The best one was how Hachikuji notices she’s not wearing a bra and then hugs on to Araragi on his bicycle and Hanekawa immediately tries to pin the blame on Araragi but Hachikuji refutes that, even though she’s not really on Araragi’s side.

Apparently the final episode of Tsubasa Cat will finally have a male guest! That “guy”! Or so we thought until Mayoi declares it’s “Senjougahara’s father” ヽ( >∀<)ノ AHAHA AHAHA AHAHAHAHA. Poor Hanekawa is going to have a taste of poor Araragi's feelings from episode 12. Oh well, we'll see when the Blu-Ray comes out. Would be hillarious if it comes true. Oh right, before I forget, the surprising fact of this episode was Hanekawa admitting she's not going to university and instead she's planning on going somewhere. I think. Ah.. another two more episodes. I hope SHAFT manages to not miss their schedule this time.

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Tsubasa Cat #1, #2 Audio Commentaries

Huh, surprisingly Nadeko paired up with Hanekawa for Tsubasa Cat #1’s audio commentary. I just realised Nadeko’s way more funnier at the commentaries rather than her own character on the show. Even more so at how innocent she is whenever a scene showing Araragi doing ecchi things happen and she totally doesn’t realise it. Or pretends not to. Not to mention the fact she gets all excited whenever “Koyomi onii-chan” appears on-screen or whenever she sees someone in trouble on-screen and tries to rush there to save them. All her partners really have a tough time following her pace haha. Oh and apparently, Nadeko is a big fan of Dragon Quest too.

Tsubasa Cat #2 is done by Senjougahara and Hanekawa, as expected. Obviously she can’t have other people “intruding” in to her private times. The funniest part was when Hanekawa asked about bringing Mr. Senjougahara along, to which Hitagi answers that it’s obviously the only way she could get there and all since it’s far away, etc. etc. but admits it was a form of harassment in the end. Her deadpan voice when her onscreen self said to Araragi she wanted to be kissed was terribly funny too.

Man, I sure wish some group would be crazy enough to do sub the commentaries as well. At this point, those commentaries are pretty much an integral part of the series too! I still need to listen to the Mayoi Snail and Suruga Monkey ones though…..

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The World Only God Knows Goidou Yui arc

The World only God Knows

TWGOK is now Epic Manga status in my book blog.

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Hayate no Gotoku! 261

WARNING: Extremely sappy chapter up ahead.

Hayate no Gotoku!

As the dust finally clears…..

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Kobato 11


Despite myself, I’m actually liking Chiho and Chise a lot better than Chii and Freya. Perhaps it’s because they are genuinely cute and fun.

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Hanamaru Kindergarten 07

Hanamaru Kindergarten

More Yamamoto-sensei in swimsuit? I LIKE.

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Ogling at Yamamaoto-sensei is bad for health? I highly disagree.

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Yoshinoya-sensei in China-dress…

Hidamari Sketch Hoshimittsu

… is pretty awesome as expected :P.

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