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TTGL: Lagann-hen is probably what the final episode of Gurren Lagaan should have been. And a bit more.

But still, doesn’t diminish it’s epicness. You guys can read my sidebar for my thoughts about it for the time being. I will post more later.

I think I’ll do a proper post when I rewatch it this weekend. Hopefully.

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Katanagatari 01


Togame is pretty entertaining. Well worth sitting through the show for 50 mins to see her mess up.

But otherwise, Katanagatari was pretty…. “balanced”; the good parts and the bad parts were pretty much equal for me.

For example the dialogue; while it was pretty witty at parts, the wooden voice acting cancelled it out a bit, especially from Shichika. Only Yukarin actually sounded proper, enthusiatic and all, but otherwise Shichika and Koumori were pretty wooden. Mai Nakahara didn’t really get to say much sadly.

Story-wise, pretty okay so far, no gripes on that yet since it’s purely just the introductionary episode.

Art-wise…. while the overall quality was pretty good, the bland directing didn’t do justice to how pretty everything is. I think it’s the problem of all the pans. Pretty much feels like a budget-saving technique more than anything. Rather unfortunate too that the action scenes were short since many (me included) expected a bit more from a show with the premise of collecting evil swords.

Still worth continuing, but I wouldn’t recommend it enthusiatically to anyone yet.

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Ladies vs Butlers 04

Ladies vs Butlers

This was a fun episode…

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Hayate no Gotoku! 257

Hayate no Gotoku!

As expected from Maria. Even revived mythological monsters don’t faze her at all in the slightest.

On the other hand, we have a rare chapter where Yukiji actually acts like an elder sister for once! Even giving our dear Hinagiku some really pertinent advice at life!

Hayate no Gotoku!

I’m not going to post a fuckton of pages delve deeper in to her actions this chapter, but suffice to say it qualifies as a nice Moment of Heartwarming in the manga.

But for all intents and purposes, please go back to Hayate vs Athena. We stopped at quite a cliffhanger last chapter.

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Hanamaru Kindergarten 03

Hanamaru Kindergarten

Someone, please tell me how “Hanamaru” translates to “Gold Star”?!

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Yoshinoya-sensei ❤

Hidamari Sketch

Glad to see Yoshinoya-sensei is hawt as usual.

Hidamari Sketch

Even… uh… *coughcough*… at that part.

I so LOL’ed when she stripped after getting cockblocked by the annnouncer.

Meanwhile, Yuno totally defines “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”.

Hidamari Sketch


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Railgun 16

Cute ending to what essentially amounts to minor character development arc. But I’m not complaining since we got to see Misaka’s Railgun at the least.


And a little bit of fanservice from Mii-senpai too. Dat chest of hers!


Misaka and Kuroko should probably take her lead and drink that “Musashino Milk” everyday too! Can’t deny they need some there.

Definitely looks like it’ll be tying in with a larger arc though. The Capacity Down thing sure didn’t just fall out from the sky for Hebitani. Guessing it’s some shady anti-ESPer power weapon research being done by a very Engrish-ly named organization, just like almost every major villain in Academy City is.

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Dance in the Vampire Bund 03

Vampire Bund

Vampire Bund

This part was fun to watch. Knowing that your school chairman is also a vampire queen and a student sure does result in some interesting facial expressions.

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Negima! 276


Tatsumiya Mana… ever the consummate professional.

(I wonder if she knows about the switch though…)

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So-Ra-No-Wo-To 03


So we have broken piece of Lost Technology Tank sitting in the garage… what do we use it for?

Ans: Play Amazing Grace on it!

Gotta say, they install pretty pimpin’ sound systems inside those tanks!

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