Alliance of the Golden Witch, Twitter-style

Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Well, that took a lot longer than I expected to finish, but here I am, Alliance of the Golden Witch finally read through.

Doing it Twitter-style again, albeit, it’s quite long LOL.


>>Whoa, “don’t do it again” huh Battler. Damn right we won’t fall for that same trick again. BITCH.

>>’sup Ange! Yeah give that witch a nice FALCON PUNCHHHHHHHH


>>Oh Maria…. ;_;. Don’t you just hate that stupid rule, no, certainty of school life? Especially when you’re the kid bullied? Sigh…

>>Amakusa’s profile sure makes his sound like he’s Kurz.

>>Great, first red text, and now we have blue text as well?!

>>Kyrie is a scary woman. A really, really scary woman…. considering that even scarier younger sister she has, I guess it must run in the family.

>>I hadn’t realised it, but the Seven Stakes were really just one-use summons? That’s so sad. Go go Ange, gotta summon ’em all!

>>Whoah, Lambda’s shooting things really directly to Ange. Well, Bern can be really shrewd too…..

>>Are all witches this evil? Lambda really scares me to a degree that’s almost the same but different than Beato.

>>Rosa is such a QUALITY mother.

>>To deny the existence of witches and magic yet accepting the existence of magic and witches…. sure is contradictory, but as Devil’s Proof goes, you can’t prove a negative fact.

>>Oh fuck, it’s Kinzo Goldsmith.

>>He isn’t seriously planning to….


>>First to die, poor Natsuhi.

>>Next up, Rudolf. Well I guess this means no fancy gun action this round, eh.

>>Ah poor Hideyoshi. Always getting the short end of the stick.

>>Good night, Genji-san.

>>Ah the bitch dies as well. (read: Eva)

>>And final of the first six is QUALITY mom Rosa.

>>Hey wtf Ronove’s here too?! And Virgillia too!

>>Ooh! New character. Gaap has some really bold fashion sense.

>>I’ll repeat this again, Rosa is such a QUALITY mom. Still terrible to see Maria doing that to her though… sigh, this is what you get when you betray a child’s innocent trust. ( ̄へ ̄)

>>Ahaha, flustered Virgillia. Gaap sure knows how to tease.

>>Three choices huh. Jessica’s answer reflects her nobility while George’s answer reflects his love. Still, didn’t expect that from George.


>>Whoa, Taichichuan. George vs Gaap fight is filled with GAR.

>>Virgillia is hillariously clumsy in this episode isn’t she?

>>Whoa, Kanon and Shannon fighting for serious for the first time. Let’s see what their real power is…

>>LOL WTF Shannon bombed the Siestas with a magic EMP pulse?!

>>Oh shi…! Virgillia opened her eyes!

>>LOOOOOOOOOOL sure sounds like the Siesta’s are using some messed up form of Windows. Adminstrator Privilages, IME’s and what not. Ahahahahaha.

>>loooooooooooooooooooooooooool the goats are sure stupid. “Virgillia-sama is trying to steal the prize.” AHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAA

>>Hahah, episode 24. Breaking the fourth wall a bit here aren’t we, ryukishi?

>>Loser flags? WTF?!!

>>LOL WTF they’re counting power levels now? Krauss’s power is OVER9000!!!!!!!

>>Is it just me, or is Gaap’s power was inspired from Portal?


>>Oh noes, Krauss and the others! Virgillia must’ve been acting the whole time too!

>>So this is how you’re gonna do it this time huh, Beato? “Believe in magic for the sake of our deaths.”? That’s bullcrap, Battler, and you know it!

>>13 down and it’s not even the second day yet. This arc was long, but fast.

>>Beato finally makes her appearance. And she’s half-drunk this time, lol. Awesome BGM btw.

>>Six years ago? Another time-jump flashback coming up?

>>Eh? Two Beatos? WTF is this shit?!

>>Huh? Beato’s leaving the game? Wouldn’t that make Lambda a bit…. mad?

>>Oh dear, she did piss off everyone else with that irresponsible running away. What happened to you, Beato?

>>WHAT! Battler’s mother isn’t Asumu?! Wait.

>>Oh no… Battler was erased?

>>Back to 1998. Ah man, poor Ange. Amakusa, please make yourself useful soon….

>>Oh there wasn’t any need for him. The Seven Ass-neechans saved the day… for now.

>>Huh? Beato and Maria created their own Reality Marble and ran there.

>>I don’t get it, but Ange tore apart the Reality Marble and forced Beato back in to the game. But really what is Beato’s true face?

>>Ah, Ange revealed her true identity to Battler. With the red truth too.

>>Oh shit, trollface Beato!!

>>Oh no, ANGE sacrificed herself to wake up Battler.

>>WTF I saved the game for dinner just one line right before the ending? LOL.

>>Wow, that was… unexpected of the ending. So Beato actually is suffering from something that we don’t know yet and she is asking Battler to kill her. Possibly connected to the sin Battler supposedly committed in 1980?

>>Tea Party Time: Back to Rokkenjima, Day 2. Looks like Battler and Maria are the only ones left this time.

>>Tea Party Time: … or not. Maria died too. Committed suicide?

>>Tea Party Time: Is Battler going to end up being the lone survivor of Rokkenjima this time?

>>Tea Party Time: Ah, Beato appears!

>>Tea Party Time: Blue vs Red eh.

>>Tea Party Time: Beato… your acting is really top-notch this time. B…b..b..but I won’t fall for it anymore! For Ange’s sake!

>>Tea Party Time: Disturbing final question from Beato, “Who am I?”

>>???? Time: Wow Kakera #. Bern wasn’t kidding when she said “billions” in the truest sense. Best to see it as infinite.

>>???? Time: WTF. Bern and Lambda were in it together all the time?! Poor Ange.

>>???? Time: Looking back at it…. definitely no one was on Beato’s side fully all this while. I guess the game is a bit one-sided when you look back at it. Poor Beato.

Yeah, that was truly a looooooooong read. Episode 4 is so heavy, I no longer doubt that a proper anime adaptation won’t be made of it.

One really does start off this arc with a weird mindset, having been tricked by Beato throughly in the previous episode, I started off swearing not to believe any more of her tricks.

Then Ange and friends really took this arc through a long sidetrip both in to the future and in to the past, revealing details about Maria and Beato’s relationships, Ange’s past, the situation after the Rokkenjima murders and so on, to finally culminate in an important turning point at the end of the VN. But the ???? section really did rub a lot of salt in to that wound. Now I’m really viewing both Lambda and Bern truly as non-human existences, far beyond human understanding.

This episode also had quite a lot of action, with the highlights being George and Jessica squaring off with Gaap and Ronove respectively, and also the hillarious triple counter punch by Krauss. Seriously, LOL.

But in the end, that’s a really big cliffhanger left there at the end of the Tea Party by Beato…. I really can’t wait for End of the Golden Witch to be translated.


  1. DiGiKerot Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 1:44 am

    The thing I took out of this particular chapter was that I have absolutely no freaking idea what to make of Bernkastel at this point. Having not read/played the VN version of Higurashi, it’s kind of hard to know if they are grounding things in content from that which didn’t make the anime, or if they are deliberately abusing what knowledge we (think we) are carrying over from that thanks to who she appears to be. Probably a bit of both.

    It’s going to be a long wait until chapter five, though.

  2. Westlo Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 1:50 am

    DEEN would mess up big time if they don’t include Beato’s internal monologue during her showdown with Battler during the Tea Party. It’s the first time you get to see inside Beato’s head in the four VN’s. It also pretty much shows Lambda’s reading her wrong with her “She’s really fond of the North Wind and Sun tactic”.

    Also Bern’s starting to show some warning signs… while watching the Tea Party in episode 5 of the anime two things stuck out to me. Bern’s “I am the cruelest witch” and Battler’s “You’re nothing but half an existence wanting people to believe” (or something like that) comment to Beatrice.

  3. Gin Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 1:53 am

    You aren’t laughing at the bomb theory? Also, what did you think about the truth about Kinzo?

  4. Digdri Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 5:39 am

    Believe me, EP5 has an even worse cliffhanger at its end (but in the “mindfuck is fun” kind of way ^^)
    If you REALLY want to know how this story goes on there are also fan-made plot summarys spread in the Umineko sub-forum of the Animesuki board (and some LJ entries) but they are really just the basic plot without all the finer details of many dialogs (after all these games are really wordy about the complex topics). But I looked through it because the translation patch will at least take another 3-4 month (it seems) and it was ok to understand whats going on and why.
    Not the ideal way to enjoy the game but really much effort was put into these by some fans so not bad either.

    @DiGiKerot: Bern sure was Ryu07s way to mess with the mind of the Higurashi fans. All seems like a continuation of the ideas behind Higurashi but in the end nothing fits like you thought. And even if you ignore Rikas character there is still much speculation about this connection between the Bernkastels in both games…. after all its just a huge distraction because the connection to Higurashi is really quite irrelevant to the development of the plot. Bern and Lambda are characters which were already defined enough by their actions in this series universe. IMO there is only one thing to believe in: Bern is a massive troll who likes to mess with everyone plans.

    @Westlo: “Also Bern’s starting to show some warning signs”
    Thats what I like about this games. The foreshadowing is placed really clever and working on so many levels ™ :D
    Bern not only tell you she is a cruel witch who first and foremost wants to crush her enemies / fight her boredom in the EP1 tea party. But she even talks about how Battler has to “expose Beatos heart to rip it apart” metaphorically speaking (see what he did here). She says so much more about Battlers game in this part that you cannot even pin up after the 5th games its not even fun :P
    Even the talk in Kinzos study before the phone call in EP1 about Marias and Rosas bad relationship (speculation that she never loved her / saw her as an obstacle) was spot on.
    The problem is just that you don’t know how to take this stuff or its presented as vage opinions so without background you don’t read much into this until later…. and there is even more subtle stuff hidden in the text.

  5. Mercurius Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 2:45 pm

    I applaud your GAR-ness in plowing through Eps 1-4 in less than a week. And reading your summaries was a good refresher for me (especially the Twitter ones where I had to think about what was causing those reactions).

    I feel that the main trick in Umineko is its misdirection. The EPIC stuff (including Beato’s last line in ep. 4) seems just too obvious to be really taken as key components to the mystery. And we still don’t know the real ‘rules’ to the universe and the game between Beato and Battler. Ep. 4 seems to indicate the secret lies in Battler’s identity and history, but that seems a bit too easy.

    Just to be clear, did you mean to say that you doubt a decent anime adaptation can be made of Ep. 4? Because I very highly doubt any studio could capture the heaviness of Ep. 4, and DEEN has a snowball’s chance in hell of not completely QUALITY-ing it up.

    I should grab the latest translation patch from Witch-Hunt and go through Episode 1 again. Apparently according to Ryu07, there’s a lot of significant clues in that episode about the inner workings of Umineko’s mystery. At least it’ll help pass the time until Episode 5’s patch.

  6. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    September 20, 2009 @ 3:05 pm

    @Mercurius: Reworded the post to appropriately express it. Writing it after 6 hours continuously reading wasn’t good for the quality apparently.

    As for episode 1, I think WH hasn’t finished their revised translation for it, AFAIK. So far patch is still at 4.1, but I can’t re— oh wait they did release it already. God dammit. Anyways I read through their AS thread and they said they’re gonna fully release the edits after Episode 5 is done, so I’ll wait for that.

    @Gin: Small bombs was a small laugh, geddit?

  7. Avisch Said,

    September 21, 2009 @ 10:16 am

    The whole ending of that Episode was heart-breaking and awesome. It’s not very often when I can understand what the protagonist is going through.

    I really don’t know how they will animate Episode 4. Is really damn confusing.
    The prime example I’d say is Ange talking to Maria……..who somehow connects to Maria before 1986, which somehow causes a time-loop of sorts. My head still hurts.

    “The problem is just that you don’t know how to take this stuff or its presented as vage opinions so without background you don’t read much into this until later…. and there is even more subtle stuff hidden in the text.”

    Yeah, this is motivation enough to replay the episodes.
    I noticed that Natsuhi’s mirror is mentioned in Episode 1. Foreshadowing it’s use in Episode 2.

  8. Doc Astaroth Said,

    September 21, 2009 @ 4:08 pm

    Lol, animating EP4 will become really hard:

    The time loops are one thing, but another one are the last fight with the blue and red truths!

    Well, by the way:

    That is your opinion about Beatrice now, guys?

    I´m amazed how the author managed to make me feel bad for her, when she lets herself impaled by Battler´s blue truth and begs him to kill her.

  9. SealedTime Said,

    September 22, 2009 @ 2:27 pm

    I still belive Trolltrice for some reason so.. >_>

    The Seven-nee-chans are still the best <3

  10. Bill Said,

    September 24, 2009 @ 3:59 pm

    George fights with his hands inside his pocket

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