LOLWTF Supercache a.k.a Back up Part II

So yeah, my blog was restored but unfortunately individual post pages didn’t work for about the last 12 hours or so. I had no idea why it happened and I couldn’t contact Maestro either.

Well… actually I have an inkling; WP-Supercache. I tried disabling and enabling it. I tried clearing the cache and regenerate a new one. I even mucked about with the .htaccess. Didn’t work.

So I went to bed, hoping good ol’ Maestro would fix it by tmrw morning… but it didn’t happened. In the channel, zaitcev suggested it was the permalink structure changed so he tried /?post=123 but it didn’t work. Somehow I went to try /?p=123 (which is the default wordpress permalink structure) and lo and behold, the page loaded! Suddenly, every other page works too, so I guess it’s all restored now.

Well, I must say it’s almost magic how that managed to fix the problem, so I’m leaving a record here for future reference and for whoever might be having problems with WP-Supercache in the future. Sure is dang weird shit happening sometimes.

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  1. manga Said,

    September 12, 2009 @ 2:40 pm

    As a set rule. After updating the WP installation or doing just about anything. Always check the permalinks structure.

    Every time that I update the wordpress install on my blog I have to go to settings -> permalinks and choose my current one, sometimes that is all I have to do and sometimes I have to save these settings.

    I have no idea on why this behaves like so but it just does.

    Good that it fixed itself. Great choice of a reminder :)

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