Another World: Kyou’s Arc announced.

The eighth and final DVD for Kyoto Animation’s Clannad After Story anime adaptation of Key’s Clannad visual novel will include an “Another World: Kyou Arc” episode. As the name implies, the episode will recount an alternate story arc that focuses on the Kyou Fujibayashi character. The announcement was made at “~Kono Machi no Negai ga Kanau Basho,” the Clannad fan appreciation event that was held in Tokyo’s New Pier Hall on Sunday. There will be a preview screening for the Kyou Arc episode on May 24, followed by the July 1 DVD release.

Best news ever. Kyou damn well deserves her own episode.

I’m a bit scared though, her story is rather quite emotional… but then again, so was the Another World: Tomoyo Arc episode. But it’s Kyou, so oh well :D.


  1. Chan Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 8:13 pm

    Oh, *hell* yes.

  2. Phuong Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 8:14 pm

    Kyou makes everything better. :D

  3. Dane Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 8:16 pm


    I want a Kappei… and a short-haired Kyou is fine, too.

  4. semtex Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 8:23 pm

    Just made my day.

  5. KSamurai Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 8:59 pm

    So is there gonna be a ‘Kotomi/Fuko/Ryou Arc – after story’ as well? ^^

    Done two already so why not the rest!

  6. Ragna Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 9:14 pm


  7. Sniperk Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 9:40 pm

    From all the “main” heroines the only one that was kinda neglegected since the beggining of CLANNAD was Kyou. I just think it will be a shame that they throw all the emotional Kyou route into a single episode.

  8. suguru Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 11:25 pm

    Hearing her story is emotional worries me a little – although Clannad’s more than a little emo overall, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I still wish we’d gotten a Mahou Shoujo Kyou spinoff instead, that could have been epic…

  9. Bill Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 11:41 pm

    Waiting for Kotomi and Fuko…

  10. gonzomehum Said,

    April 14, 2009 @ 11:55 pm




  11. Sniperk Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 1:18 am

    Kotomi and Fuuko routes where almost untouched in the normal series, so I doubt they will do one for them. Just minor details are changed in the Kotomi route to the anime version (but still is the most damn funny route of the VN), and Fuuko was probably the only one that wasn’t touched at all. Maybe just the possibility of Tomoya end up with her, but for the majority of it, it’s like a copy/paste thing.

    The only route that was completely different from the VN was Yukine’s, I think.

    Just one thing that I’m wondering about this extra episode tough. Will they make an Kyou route adaptation equal to Tomoyo’s, or are they gonna make an original story using the Kyou from the After Story? Now that would be interesting. XD

  12. Heero Yuy Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 2:27 am

    Hell yes!!! woo!

    Finally KyoAni recognizes the best of the Clannad girls!

  13. Phazeshift Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 3:22 am

    Oh Snap, its gonna be painful for me to watch this since Im a Nagisa fan…….I nearly killed myself from the Tomoyo special Ep, Tho im still happy we get more Clannad plus I also have taken a liking to Ryou :3

  14. FX102 Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 4:15 am

    Since Nagisa’s is the “true ending” one can say, I watched the Tomoyo Special before I plan to finish After Story. As I’m watching the Widescreen versions, 3 eps still need releasing but they’re sure to be out before this DVD.

    But I love Kyou so I’m sure I’ll be fine. Having not played the game I wonder how Ryou’s gonna take all this.

  15. Sniperk Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 4:30 am

    Must… resist… urge.. to… spoil…
    Just gonna say, hold that thought about Ryou and come back after the episode is released.

  16. manga Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 4:34 am

    I love Kyou and wanted to see more of her in the show as well.

    This sounds really promising, but I´ll get glad when I finally see it. One more thing to wait for this year then. Goodie :)

  17. mike Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 5:49 am

    no late April fool?! OMG!YES!

  18. jijo Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 6:33 am

    -_- Hate that shit
    I still think she is just a purple haired slut
    EPIC FAIL to me

  19. Silver Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 8:02 am

    @ jijo

    What makes her a slut?

  20. Ipsod Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 8:28 am

    Clannad character fanaticism (and anti-fanaticism) tends not to include rational thinking. Don’t even bother getting a dialogue with jijo, you’re not gonna like it.

  21. Sniperk Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 8:49 am

    If jijo played the VN, I think I can guess why… Argh. Gotta stop coming back here, or else… -.-

  22. FlameStrike Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 10:33 am

    Hm interesting, at least the Kyou fans are happy I guess. But I’m not excited to see Emo Tomoya being an idiot with Kyou and Ryou being just a stupid/annoying. I used to be kind of a Kyou fan until I read her VN arc. Ugh most. annoying. arc. ever. It was partly my fault for having such high expectations, but it was supposed to be KYOU’S route, how could it be bad? Well I saw just how bad it was.Tomoya was EMO without a good reason, Kyou was being a cowardly biiiii*$# with weak convictions, and Ryou turned all slutty, even going as far as to *(&&^%… Keehh! Ryou KNEW all along that Kyou liked Tomoya all the time, and that Kyou would hurt herself by setting them up, but she used her anyway. Well that was also Kyou’s dumb fault, but then they BOTH flipped around and went “LOL I WANT TOMOYA T.T” *sigh*
    Hopefully KyoAni’s version will be changed to make it better. With one ep there’s not enough time for Tomoya’s long winded monologues of “OH I AM IN SUCH PAAINS, I DUN WANT TO HURT THEM BUT I LIKE KYOU YET GO OUT WITH RYOU, WOE IS ME (Then just DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT!)”, that appeared like every date he had with Ryou. At the very least he mans up at the end.
    Well Kappei’s nice route redeemed Ryou’s character for me, but my opinion of Kyou was forever damaged T.T

  23. Phazeshift Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 11:26 am

    @ Sniperk,

    I know what you mean, im trying to resist spoiling urges too XD

  24. Myssa Rei Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 11:41 am

    Actually, what Flamestrike said. Kyou’s VN route practically destroyed any NICE expectations for her character. Backstabbing two-faced *bleep* is still a label that sticks in my mind with regards to Kyou.

  25. n3rf Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 1:08 pm

    @ Myssa Rei

    Atleast it didn’t end the way School day ended.

  26. Myssa Rei Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 1:19 pm

    Yeah, it didn’t, but it still doesn’t change the fact that her VN route (now OVA) did NOTHING to make her character likeable, but did the opposite. Tsundere charms my foot, she was only like that in EVERY OTHER girl’s route.

  27. Lehq Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

    lol so Kyou fans finally got what they wanted eh?

  28. CynicalGamer Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 5:10 pm

    Well, unlike the majority posting here about it, I liked her VN route. It may have been annoying at times but it was an interesting ride, and I didn’t hate Kyou at the end… I rather liked her more. I hope they can pull it off well in one episode, if they could do it with the Tomoyo route I have faith in them for this one too.

  29. boku youna Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 8:36 pm


  30. Jason Said,

    April 15, 2009 @ 10:10 pm

    Means we need to fork out to see it? T_T

  31. Myssa Rei Said,

    April 16, 2009 @ 9:12 am

    Gee, could it be because I’m a girl that I saw what Kyou did in her route in a VERY negative light? I think so.

  32. Kaisos Said,

    April 16, 2009 @ 12:10 pm

    It’s not just because you’re a girl, I hate Kyou too.

    Stupid date-hijacking quasi-tsundere bitch.

  33. Myssa Rei Said,

    April 16, 2009 @ 2:24 pm

    I think the ticker is the fact that she did it to her own twin sister that really painted Kyou in a REALLY bad light to me. The fact that there’s a manipulative backstabbing hoo-hah hiding behind the tsundere that people WHO HAVE NEVER PLAYED HER ROUTE seem to love makes me snicker a bit.

  34. bgsm Said,

    April 17, 2009 @ 3:36 am

    OH YES

  35. riddle Said,

    April 19, 2009 @ 5:15 am

    this news made my day..

  36. iNtEx Said,

    May 25, 2009 @ 8:42 pm

    any leak?..
    ahahah i wanna watch it :D

  37. RK9 Said,

    May 26, 2009 @ 4:00 am

    I’ve played the game, watched the anime, read some of the manga and i still love Kyou. The fact that she’s just a teenager whos sacrificing her own feelings that shes had for a longer time than Ryou seems to have been noticed by Myssa rei and a couple of other guys here. The fact that she couldnt go through with it in the end was just because of tomoya finally returning her feelings.
    So i dont know what kind of perfect image of human beings you guys have mine is a but realistic you know?

  38. RK9 Said,

    May 26, 2009 @ 4:02 am

    I meant “not” to have been noticed in above post. Sorry for double post!

  39. joeyy Said,

    June 13, 2009 @ 9:32 am

    Oh more Clannad! Yay! I wish they’d do a Ryou arc too with Kappei in it. X)

  40. Zayche Said,

    June 29, 2009 @ 4:38 pm

    2 days to go and it will blow out the sun

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