1. Fragmaster Said,

    December 30, 2009 @ 4:57 am


    I’m a male.

    I had left the series with an overwhelmingly depressing feeling because I made the mistake of watching both seasons back to back and finishing that off with the sob-story of the movie. That movie was like a knife through the heart. I’ll admit that I cried, too much so in my opinion.

    INSIGHT! I figured out who the girl in the sailor jumper at the beginning of the end credits is (though I’m sure someone else has already done so). It’s Ushio!!! Just watch it and you can tell.

    I believe that the robot was Tomoya and that the orbs in the “ended world” were indeed Tomoya’s because they were the orbs of his happy memories. The Roboya (lol for originality) had lost its memories that were now floating around everywhere. I’m not positive, but I thing the mysterious girl in the ended world could have been Nagisa, who had also lost her memories and had waited for 5 to 6 years for Tomoya to arrive, though her innocent form could neither have understood why nor whom would inhabit her mechanical creation. I believe that the girl in the white dress might be Nagisa because of Roboya’s goal to fly to the mountains and that a happier world was awaiting them their. Those mountains symbolized 5 to 6 years before the end of Tomoya’s world, when Ushio died. If Roboya could take the idealized Nagisa back to that moment (the moment of Ushio’s birth) he subconsciously knew that it would lead to something better. As I write this it is hard to comprehend my own theory of Roboya’s implicit drive to get the girl away from the shack while he was devoid of all the memories and knowledge needed to validate such a goal. But I belive that is what happened. I hope I wrote it in a way that made sense.

    Now that I re-watched episode 23 of season 2, I feel much better about the whole affair. Whew. What a relief. I remember watching 23 for the first time and giving it a raised eyebrow for about four straight minutes as Tomoya remembered the world that had ended and its sad events, luckily my eyebrow was correct in that the story wasn’t real, at least not anymore.

    [Code Geass SPOILER]

    I wish that Code Geass R2 had such a compilation episode. One that made everything ok.

    Lelouch took C.C.’s code before being stabbed by Suzaku and therefore survived!!!

    I must believe this to be true!!!


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