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Ai no Sora

Ai no Sora

Well, apart from providing us with an awesome Megami poster, D.C. ~if~’s insert song, Ai no Sora 「愛の空」 by Kotori is a pretty great song. Hocchan’s vocals matches nicely with this composition from rino. They should team up more.

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Gundam 00 ends? … or not.

LOL. This ending is so bad it’s hillarious. Hell, even Gundam SEED Destiny’s ending scored higher in my books.

It started okay, and I was willing to accept the “RIBBONS CANNON” shit. Oh and the Gundam is “RIBBONS GUNDAM” too. And in fact, I can say the action scenes were quite orsm, what with Lyle going out in one-arm-one-legged Cherudim and still pwning that Innovado and Hallelujah finally getting a piece of the action.

But then, Ribbons running away with the stolen GN Drive was so hillarious, I couldn’t stop laughing, and then *poof* 0 Gundam magically appears in front of him.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention the scene where Tieria appears nekkid in front of Ribbons and nearly hugs him. OH GOD SO GAY.

[22:57:35] <@Iyn> man, Fujoshi gonna LOVE episode25
[22:57:54] <@Iyn> i was half praying for Tieria to hug Ribbons
[22:57:55] <@Iyn> or something


And Setsuna… god… lol… EXIA COMES FROM NOWHERE and both of them each plug in a GN Drive in to the suits and starts battling. And Marina is like annoying us with her interjection and narration of how she hopes Setsuna will achieve his happiness, bla bla bla until they finish fighting.

After that, cop out ending with everyone coming in to terms with the new world. Lyle taking his Gundam Meister job seriously, Innovado clones all over the world (OMG ANEW IS IN THE UN!), and Setsuna magically surviving and travelling around the world as CB as usual.

ADDENDUM: I can’t believe I forgot to mention Patrick and Kati’s wedding. I would love to see an OVA or Omake of how he popped the question to her.

Tieria is now VEDA, but the last straw is at the end, with the sudden shot of Jupiter and “The Childhood of Humankind Ends” subtitle. I sure hope the announced Gundam 00 movie isn’t a “Gundam vs Aliens” story. On second thought, that might ACTUALLY be fucking win!

Well, in any case, I’m glad it’s over. For now. Phew!

P.S. Just post any spoiler from the manga/sidestories. I do not have time to go and read all of them. Besides, it’s mainly a Sunrise marketing ploy to sell more merchandise by enticing fans to pay for “exclusive” background information. I don’t care about Gundam 00 enough to go and read ’em all.

P.P.S. Since they are hinting the movie might be set on Jupiter, will we see GAOGUNDAM? Or. Or. Setsuna going “FUUUSHION!” and employing ZA POWAA. Shit, my brain is going mad.

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Jealous Felli is so adorable

Chrome-Shelled Regios

Chrome-Shelled Regios

Chrome-Shelled Regios

Yeah, I am watching this show raw now, thanks to Felli. Oh, and this is the only air time Felli gets in this episode, if you’re not interested in the story, you can stop watching after this.

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Ichigo Mashimaro Encore OVA 02

Ichigo Mashimaro Encore

Chie-chan’s a great fan of Lucky Star, and here she is seen doing her best imitation of the Lucky Star promo ad.

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D.C.if ~Da Capo if~ 02

Okay, finally finished with this OVA. Yeah, it’s really emo and draggy. I was practically multi-tasking at the first 16 mins or so until Sakura came in to the picture and opened up Junichi’s eyes.

Then everything just whirls past by so fast…. Kotori realizing what she loved about Junichi. Junichi peeking in to her singing as she reminisces under the sakura tree. The kiss. Yes, they kissed.

Da Capo ~if~

And of course, the immediate jump to the wedding. Guess you just can’t end it any other way, heh.

Da Capo ~if~

So yeah, for all you Kotori-shippers, hope you’re happy with this. Just too bad they made it so emo, I didn’t really enjoy it fully. Even Stripey concurs.

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Sword of Uruk ends

Gawd, what a shitty end. This show would’ve done better one episode lesser. I just don’t see what’s the point of Neeba going “kill the gods” when he’s just feeling some inferiority complex with Jil. They really should’ve explained things a lot more better if it was to become relevant to the plot. Plus, who is the Succubus in the end? They totally never did say anything about her.

Also, did Gilgamesh die or is he still alive? And what is with Ki’s spoon fetish?! Was Lord Kelb wearing a SKIRT to his wedding? And LOL at Utu’s sudden proposal to Fatina when they were about to be overwhelmed, ahahaha.

Well, all in all, a surprisingly engaging Gonzo series, just sadly ruined by another nonsense ending by Gonzo. Dear god, Gonzo, stop ending your shows in this way! You are bound to be ruined if you don’t. And they’re gonna be doing Saki… oh dear.

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Toradora! 25


After half a year, it’s time to bid the cast of Toradora! farewell.

But before that, time to go through the final episode.

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Toradora finale primer.

Nice ending… although they got the procedures reversed somewhat.

To the novel readers: was it exactly like in the novel? Or were there differences?

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Shin-Breaker Felli

Koukaku no Regios

Koukaku no Regios


P.S. Totally ignoring the random Engrish in the show right now. And NovaJinx is right, the show gets progressively better as it goes, though it’s still missing information here and there.

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Joining the Felli club

Koukaku no Regios

Uh, after being “persuaded” by NOOBARJENKS, I am now marathoning Chrome-Shelled Regios. Mediocre show, but oh god, Felli has charmed herself in to my heart.

Submitting my application to the Felli Fanclub right now. Now I regret not giving this show another chance earlier on. Dammit.

P.S.: WTF are those damned ENGRISH scenes?!!!!

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