Hetalia is hillarious.


I seriously wonder why the Koreans are so pissed off over Hetalia. If there’s anyone who should be even remotely pissed off by this show, it’d be the Italians. The show is poking so much fun on them, ROFL.

Not only Italy’s a sissy boy, he’s a coward, a virgin and he loves his pizza and pasta. I have to say, his “PASTAAAAAaaaa!!!” speech in episode one is meme-tastic.



  1. lulu Said,

    February 10, 2011 @ 3:36 am

    @ people who said korea needs to ‘get over’ it.

    Tell that to jewish people. Tell them to ‘get over’ the holocaust. Why? cuz it happened so long time ago according to you guys. right?
    and let me tell you Japan did have sort-of concentration camp for both koreans AND chinese. They did human experiment such as dissecting human alive, blood transfusion between monkey and human, taking out unborn baby from mother…. etc.

    Yeah. we need to ‘get over’ it right?
    At least Nazis accepted their deeds and apologized.

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