Maria+Holic 04



Mariya is the best thing since sliced bread. Oh god I can’t think of him as a guy! I just can’t! Argh……!


  1. IcyStorm Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 8:31 am

    You’ll think of her as a guy when I post pictures of my Mariya cosplay in June or July. Heh heh heh.

  2. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 8:49 am

    IcyStorm: Go die plz.

  3. SinSnakeZ Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 8:55 am

    From the look on Kanako’s face in the first picture, I would assume that she could die happy… Then again, she almost did thanks to some Matsurika (forced) feeding after that…

    I wouldn’t mind waking up to that every morning though… Sigh, if only Mariya didn’t have that blasted Y-chromosome… Still some fanservice isn’t bad… But he is a guy… AARGHH!! I’m so confused…

  4. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 8:59 am

    @SinSnakeZ: Fap first worry later.

  5. Haesslich Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 9:02 am

    Snake: It’s not the Y-chromosome that you should be worried about… strictly speaking. It’s what that Y-chromosome manifests…

  6. Aizen Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 9:13 am

    Agreeing with Kurogane.

    I can’t look at Mariya as a guy nor do I want to. So IcyStorm, shoot yourself.

  7. SinSnakeZ Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 9:34 am

    @Haesslich: True… That thing is truly horrifying to imagine… No, I don’t want to imagine… Let’s just deny the existence of it all… So, to all potential non-female Mariya cosplayers, in the immortal words of Ai-chan,”Ippen shinde miru?”

    @Kurogane: I must agree and comply with that… Must have that one moment of happiness before thinking about anything else…

    Anyways, after watching this episode I must say that it surely needs more Matsurika goodness and God-sama…

  8. Ryan A Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 9:48 am

    Kanako’s eyebulge LOL

  9. AznCoffee Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 10:16 am

    I fapped

    so much…
    it was everywhere

  10. TJ Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 10:29 am

    I agree… best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately they took Mariya away and replaced her with Ryuuken, who while looking good in her costume, isn’t quite the same as Mariya in a maid costume.

    @IcyStorm: No. Just hell no.

  11. Haesslich Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 12:56 pm

    IcyStorm: Go for it. And post pics. It’s been too long since these guys learned the lesson of the Kurogane Doctrine.

  12. SinSnakeZ Said,

    February 2, 2009 @ 3:32 pm

    No… Oh please, anything but that.

  13. Nya~n Said,

    February 3, 2009 @ 6:04 am

    fap first worry later indeed. *fapfapfapfapfap*

    @IcyStorm: I’ve seen fat yaoi fangirls cosplay hawt anime girls. Nothing fazes us anymore. On second thought… 死に候え

  14. soyahoney Said,

    February 3, 2009 @ 6:26 am

    Let’s keep up the cosplay and fanservice please?! We may never see that again if Mariya coverts back into a guy. We know you like crossdressing, Mariya! Stop denying your true inner beauty!

    It’s kind of funny how you posted pics of Mariya, when the entire episode was focused on Ryuuken and Kiri. Correction. It was focused on Ryuuken, Kiri, and Kanako, having a threesome. Just kidding. ^^

  15. rukaister Said,

    February 3, 2009 @ 9:29 am

    @soyahoney : It isn’t that important though, maid Mariya pwnd this episode.

    Also, creepy cosplaying is a no-no.

  16. thejuggernaut Said,

    February 5, 2009 @ 11:25 am

    bwahahahahah…. Manga chapter 10! love to see that animated…. soon i believe!!! :) ZOMG PETANKO
    btw, Mariya maid = WIN!! If there was an actual guy who can pull that off…… I tell you….. (has any one read cherry girls? ) my going to the dark side is a given.

    Frankly though… most of the interaction here is within the microcosm of Kanako’s head. and that can be quite entertaining…. think Zetsuboushita!!

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