Toradora! 09


Toradora is totally unpredictable yet familiar at the same time. It’s like suddenly having your PC motherboard turned in a BTX format when you’re used to ATX and all the slots/ports are situated differently yet they’re the same damn thing. Of course it works like a PC would on the whole but the way it’s doing it is totally different. In short, Toradora is forging a totally new path through an oft-used setup and doing incredibly refreshing things with it.


WTF r u gaiz doing?

So, the summer vacation trip episode. Three things; Minorin is so fucking random, Taiga is Toradorable and I’m starting to have a crush on Ami too. Oh god.


Sorry, I should explain better.


Minorin continues to be the show-stealer with her randomness but yet, this episode also shows a more “weaker” side of her that hates ghosts and such. But she does share a profound moment together with Ryuuji and tells him about how she doesn’t believe in ghosts because she can’t see them and overlaps that thought with how she doesn’t think that she’ll actually fall in love because she can’t imagine that. Ryuuji on his behalf, responds extremely well by telling her that he believes Minorin will be meet a ghost that wants to be seen by her one day. Awesome subtext is awesome.


Taiga takes a more passive role this time round and actually helps act as the support for Ryuuji. I think she is slowly starting to realize that her feelings towards Yuusaku isn’t truly “love” after spending a while together with him after she gets her stomach upset and she was too nervous to actually feel happy about it. It’s kinda true that at the way she’s interacting with Yuusaku, it’d probably take 10 miracles for them to be paired up.


Ami. Oh wow, Ami. I can’t believe she’s gone stole so much of my heart after her horrible entrance. While she is definitely a superior specimen of her gender, her vixen-like charms and self-confidence while not being overbearingly irritating has really caused my heart to flutter for her. That, and how she and Taiga make perfect foils for each other has truly endeared herself to me. I especially liked her teasing Ryuuji, such as the scene in the show.

Man, if this keeps up, it’s gonna be so hard to choose one from the trio.

I’m also liking at how the show manages to weave out the relationships between the quintet with the least of time yet with the maximum effect. One such example in the episode is when Yuusaku exclaims how fun it is to take a holiday prompting Ami to ask him about the student council work. He casually shrugs it off and Ami drops the topic. Foreshadowing?

Speaking of Yuusaku, oh he’s such an exhibitionist.




  1. suguru Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 7:06 am

    Wow…now I’m going to have an even harder time waiting for subs, looks like this week’s episode should be epic. Although every week, Toradora continues to amaze me–it could have been a generic school lovecom, but with side characters like Ami and Minori, Taiga showing more depth of character than Louise, and Ryuuji’s uniqueness (I can’t think of another male lead who loves cooking and cleaning…) this is the kind of series I wish would run for 108 cours. BTW, any official how long it will go? The fansub wiki claims 13 eps, but given the nature of wikis not sure if that’s just a guess.

  2. Fhal Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 7:12 am

    Man, now I’m confused. Is Ami really interested in Ryuuji, or she is doing this only to tease Taiga?

    And you said it well something that I was struggling to put into words. This is a “classic” harem show, and at the same time, isn’t. Has all of the common cliches of the genre yet is faced in a whole different way. Overall, for me, this is the best anime of the season.

  3. Magnius of the Chaos Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 7:28 am


    I have to wait for qq to release. D8

  4. Haesslich Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 8:06 am

    That laughing picture makes me think one thing:

    Tsuruya, aka LOL-FANG-TAN.

  5. RogerOskaner Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 9:20 am

    Fhal: DVD information shows it to be 24/25/26 episodes or so, but the first half will be 13 episodes. You can see on anidb. The 11th, 12th, and 13th epsidoes are actually a three parter, with the last airing on christmas day. weird!

    Magnius: qq’s translator has been out for the past week, he hasn’t been able to translate even for episode 8, so it might be better to go with another group for now and watch it again when qq comes out

    And episode looks awesome, can’t wait to watch it. I was wondering how they could have crunched 4 chapters together, but they seemed to do it very well judging by everyone’s positive reactions.

  6. Magnius of the Chaos Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 10:19 am

    I did watch ToraDora 08 from a different sub group, though that was because I watched through YouTube, and because they managed to translate + upload on YouTube extremely quickly.

    I prefer, however, to stick to a few sub groups, with gg being the main one that I trust.

  7. Jason Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 11:45 am

    LIES! Minorin is ichiban by a world of a margin!! xD

  8. manga Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 2:05 pm


    I have to watch this episode. Need to play catch-up with this series as well. Ami´s entrance broke my interest as I hate that kind of girls in anime, but as it seems she have matured or atleast is more honest with herself and thus. I might be able to watch some episodes.

  9. Tenryu Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 4:58 pm

    i’m amazed that the screen caps didn’t spoil anything! this is clearly one of the better if not the best episode so far! Random funniness!

  10. kazekaeru Said,

    November 27, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

    I am completely amazed at how they got so many material from the book in just a couple of episodes and still be a great adaptation without losing too much. My pick for best of the season.

  11. PassinGass Said,

    November 28, 2008 @ 7:14 am

    Now why would Yuusaku exit the bath in only a mini-towel after hearing Ryuuji’s voice? Itsuki, is that you?

  12. Haesslich Said,

    November 28, 2008 @ 10:50 am

    PassinGass: Ah, but Itsuki’s only doing it because if he didn’t, Haruhi would rewrite reality to make him REALLY, really gay. Kitamura, on the other hand…?

  13. Kaisos Said,

    November 28, 2008 @ 11:35 am

    This episode was insane. Yet awesome.

    …Yuusaku is a complete idiot, though… and appears to be either gay or totally sexless. How do you NOT take advantage of a loli when she is in your bed and you know she has a crush on you?

    (Not that I actually like that pairing, but…)

    Also, end scene with Ryuuji and Taiga on the couch was cute and awesome. Too bad Ryuuji contributed nothing useful to the conversation. Oh well, at least he’s only dense and not stupid, as other scenes show. Unlike Yuusaku.

    Damn, I like Ryuuji’s character though. He’s so lulz.

  14. Hayate-kun Said,

    November 28, 2008 @ 3:52 pm

    well that episode was pretty much WIN…
    cheers to the director and his team on this marvelous episide

    (on a sidenote: that’s sooo gay yuusaku, going out liek that + minorin’s reactions
    >>>always top class, gotta love that uniqueness XD)

    but what i loved most in this ep was the conversation of minori and ryuuji, relating love to ghosts, believing in them, not seeing them but it’s there, and ryuuji’s response (E-E-EPIC WIN)
    AND that panning to ami part on the: “there are some who will continue to think they don’t exist even if they see it” (relate it to love and you’ll catch my drift)
    though ami’s entrance into the series was not the mos impressive, I got it right away that she’s still a good person despite that attitude, i say she’s got my vote (not all people in the world can be nice all the time… ^^)

    the ryuuji – taiga conversation was cute too… kinda cheesy but still cute XD

    “I think it would be great if you can see ghosts” (whoops that was lengthy post)

  15. Omisyth Said,

    November 29, 2008 @ 3:19 am

    Diving angle Minorin. Awesome.

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