Hyakko 06


Hyakko takes it slower this week and does a Tatsumi-centric episode. I just love character development episodes like this where they show the impact of the “boke” on the usually lonely “tsukkomi” character. Guess I’m a real sucker for tsun-tsun tsukkomi relationships.

Evidently the material wasn’t enough for one episode so after the ED there was a long extended preview of “Alternate Hyakko” with the school getting attacked by evil organizations and whatnot while Torako is their only hope and must fight with Suzu and some generic-delinquent guy that I don’t remember seeing at all in the show so far, as well as a bunch of other characters too. It seems there’s a hint of Torako having a younger sibling too. Remember all the random shots of the elementary students of Kamizono Academy?


Wonder why they couldn’t just extend the Tatsumi episode for a bit more longer? The extended “preview” was actually quite out-of-place if you ask me.


  1. random person Said,

    November 16, 2008 @ 8:29 am

    Gah! Where’s episode 5?! They skipped it?! And alternate Hyakko is… rather strange…

  2. 4nBlue Said,

    November 17, 2008 @ 1:11 am

    Tatsumi episode was already extended from the manga. I just can’t understand why they made the two page preview omake from vol. 2 that long considering that they could have used the vol. 1 omake that was much funnier or animated last chapter of vol. 1, that most likely won’t be animated because they’re gonna move to vol. 3 next episode.

    Torako doesn’t have a little sister, but she has nii-chan and nee-chan whose existence would have already been mentioned without the stupid episode order where Ushio and Torako are shown eating together already in ep 3.

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