Ga-Rei Zero 06

More plot development with the escalating infestation of evil spirits in the Tokyo area reaching critical levels. The team is being pushed to the limits to deal with the widespread manifestations around the city and Kagura faces another test of her resolve as a spirit-exterminator when her own school is attacked and someone she knows falls under the infestation of a nouryou.

Pretty much another bridge episode, but with quite a bit more action in it. I am seriously impressed at the rate that Ga-Rei Zero is keeping up with making all the fighting scenes fluid and impressively choreographed. If there’s one thing this show doesn’t lack, it’s style and it’s undeniable after seeing Mei’s spear serving dual-purpose as a parasol as well, XD.

Ga Rei Zero

Speaking of Mei… damn, she sure got killed really fast. That butterfly-controlling shota is a real shinigami. Everyone he meets or approaches surely dies sooner or later. I was expecting Mei to stick around and provide some psycho-bitch aspect to the show, but hell, she got knocked off just one episode after being introduced? Bet she’ll return as a evil spirit infused with the sesshouseki just like Yomi did.

Kagura gets the bulk of the focus this episode and it continues to deal with her less-than-amicable relationship with her father (not surprising since the only things he seems to say are “Get stronger, Kagura.” or “You must uphold our responsibilities.” bla bla bla) as well as her naivete and inability to kill spirits that have taken over humans or are humanoid in form, although funnily she seems okay with cutting imitations of either herself or Yomi, ahahaha. One thing’s for sure, she’s really got some real skills of her own with the sword and it shows in this episode, although not exactly as good as Yomi’s skills are yet.

Wonder what’s gonna happen next episode. The lack of preview footage really does a good job at making me get the latest episode as soon as it comes out. Oh I’d like to mention that the guy who’s providing all the <40MB raws (that seems to be ripped from Nico or somewhere) is doing a really good job at those. Hell, it even edges Horrible Raws in terms of quality, not discounting the small resolution.


  1. Ryan A Said,

    November 11, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

    waaat, nuuu, 720p ftw lololol

    Good episode, thrilling.

  2. Andrew Said,

    November 14, 2008 @ 2:10 pm

    “That’s because Tsuchimiya likes older women.”
    -Kagura’s friends.

    Either those two have jumped to conclusions really fast or the yuri ain’t just rumors by horny fanboys like myself. Or they just like making nasty practical jokes.

    Pretty decent series so far. Minorin proves she can act, and talk above a whisper.

  3. lol_matt Said,

    November 17, 2008 @ 3:25 am

    I really liked how they displayed some of Kagura’s actual skill in this episode, but was the whole “symmetrical docking in school swimsuits” scene really necessary? C’mon, I like fanservice if it not too over-the-top, but I don’t think zooming in on wet breasts and behinds was really needed in a suspenseful and life/death situation like that.

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