ef – a tale of melodies 03

ef - a tale of melodies

Himura and Yuuko:

  • The smoking sensei is officially revealed as Yuuko’s adopted brother to Himura.
  • Himura notices certain signs in Yuuko, and finds out that she is being bullied thanks to Kuze and Nagi’s help.
  • Nagi really loves being naked in school, doesn’t she?
  • Himura suddenly gets protective and wants to square off with the bullies, but Yuuko stops him, as she doesn’t mind this “little pranks”.

Hints begin to emerge more that point to the conclusion that Yuuko has suffered quite a bit in her 10 years away from Himura. When she commented about how the bullying was just “medium level”, I can’t shake off the feeling that she’s actually used to even more worse things. Plus the fact that the “brother” feels really shifty contributes to my pessimistic views a bit too.

That said, Himura seriously needs to be a bit more truthful to his feelings, but I guess he still has the trauma in his head and the lack of courage to go further. The way I see it, the fact that he’s still concerned about Yuuko while telling her to stay away is just going to hurt her a lot.

ef - a tale of melodies

Kuze and Mizuki:

  • Mizuki finds herself given the cold shoulder by Kuze.
  • Walking around town, she meets Himura who gives her the same warning as he did to Renji back in memories.
  • Mizuki bumps in to Chihiro at the train station (\o/) and promptly molests… engages in some skinship.
  • Mizuki finds out from Chihiro and Renji about Kuze’s condition, it’s cardiomyopathy. He collapsed in the middle of concert half a year ago.
  • Kuze decides to “make a conclusion”
  • Chihiro passes a message from Himura to Mizuki, telling her to go to the beach if she wants to hear Kuze’s final performance.
  • Mizuki rushes to the beach and catches Kuze just in time to see him play his violin one final time before he burns it.
  • Panicking, Mizuki attempts to put out the fire with her hands and successfully kicks it in to the ocean before any major damage is done (it seems).
  • Kuze and Mizuki share a tender moment together.

On this side, the Kuze-Mizuki relationship has probably just started for real, as Kuze faces a deadly heart disease just as Mizuki starts to realize her emotions for him. I’d say the development’s a bit too fast, and I would’ve liked to see it being developed a bit more before it reaches this stage, but I guess there’s still a lot more story left to tell.

It’s also good to meet back Chihiro again and it sure is a weird feeling to see her playing a side role. Nevertheless, nice hug there by Mizuki, and I lol’ed when she commented that she was about to get a nosebleed, haha.


  1. luckyhuh? Said,

    October 21, 2008 @ 12:54 pm

    ahhhh and here i though i was seing skelletons in the closed, i am glad i was not the only one who notice what it seems to be that yuuko has suffer quite a bit of bulling, by the degree of tolerance she has, and the fact that mizuki kuze relationship is going fast, well some thing tells me there is going to be turmoil in the future same with yuuko and yuu anyway thanks for bloging it i was able to understand better.

  2. FFVIIKnight Said,

    October 21, 2008 @ 1:07 pm

    I forgot how Chihiro was… X_X

  3. K_S_ Said,

    October 21, 2008 @ 2:57 pm

    “Gute Reise”, “Have a nice journey” in proper english, is what Himura told Kuze when he left the church. I like the fact that Himura can speak (single words(?) in) german^^

    And the OP video got slightly changed, there is more colour in it so that former shadows turned into the actual person. I guess the video will change further with the upcoming episodes.

  4. 8ghosts Said,

    October 27, 2008 @ 8:08 pm

    i forgot most of yuuko and himura’s role in memories. wasn’t she a ghost or something? someone remind me please

  5. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    October 27, 2008 @ 8:21 pm

    No, they aren’t ghosts. Yuuko and Himura both are kinda “guidance” roles in memories, as they gave advice to the male protagonists in memories. In fact, Himura is Chihiro’s caretaker, so he most definitely isn’t a ghost.

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