AFA 2008: Pre-event updates 01

A flurry of updates over the past two days as I was taking 14-hours naps after being released from my academic responsibilities.

I’m still concerned about the “yet-to-be-confirmed” seiyuu attending the event and the lack of a solid event itinerary is kinda making me hard to plan the amount of days I should be staying in Singapore. I just hope they will get everything settled before October ends. I’m dying to know who the other seiyuu is. I’m gonna have a good laugh if it’s Endo Aya though… I would like to meet her too. Everyone seems to forget she’s the true voice of Sheryl, lol.

One interesting thing about AFA is how close the organizers are to the bloggers, even inviting one to help in a prestigious PR role, and AFA will be quite a good experiment to see the marketing power and influence by utilizing bloggers to reach the masses. I’m already quite envious at my colleagues for already getting first hand info and even media passes from the organizers.

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  1. Cho_Hakkai Said,

    October 19, 2008 @ 12:34 am

    First to comment here. I wonder wether I will pre-register for the event as I just get a trainee job.

    I will see wether i can get advance leave for the event.

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