Hyakko 03

This. Show. Is. Pure. Comedy. Gold. Seriously, I bust a gut from laughing to hard at this episode. This keeps up and I might put this show in my Top 10 for this year. I haven’t seen such original and flawless comedic execution in a long while. My funny bones were truly tickled well by the antics of Torako.

We’ve got a bunch of new cast this time, ranging from proudly bisexual iincho Angou Nene to the scientifically inclined Suzugasaki Chie (Hocchan!) along with some other misfits as well. The first half generally revolves around Torako being dragged to do Disciplinary Committee work by Nene in the morning, while she scouts for potential “targets” amongst the crowd.

The comedy gold starts in the second half when Torako & Co. bump in to Chie testing her new robot (Made in NASA!) and they tag along as well. It’s revealed here that Tatsuki is real ojou-sama when she accidentally blurts out that her father is the CEO for a huge electronics conglomerate. The fun starts when Torako gets an idea from seeing all the various past projects of the Robotics Club and assembles a Mecha Torako to allow her to skip class by having it take attendance for her. Of course, the class teacher doesn’t take too well to it. Torako obediently attends the next day but this time, Mecha Suzu appears instead. I loved his reactions. He was literally shedding tears of blood. Oh god, this was the best laugh I’ve had since Krauzer’s Public Rape.

I’ve got nothing but respect for Orikasa Fumiko’s Torako now for the ability to make me roll on the floor laughing, literally. When Mecha Torako appeared, I was paralyzed with a wave of laughter so hard, my brain broke. It was just. so. HER. And the sensei’s reaction was seriously made of awesome too, with the tears of blood erupting from his lachrymal glands.

I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope I won’t break my brain again like this week.

P.S. Am I getting cursed with all this numerical post titles. I mixed up the numbers again!

P.P.S: Inserting a cap of Mecha Torako for great justice.



  1. nekosasu Said,

    October 16, 2008 @ 5:31 am

    Agreed, Hyakko is just awesome!
    This ep was hilarious, though in my case it wasn’t as painful as it was for you, lol. Actually I find Suzu funnier than Torako… ah well.

    Btw, isn’t it Episode 3? ^^

  2. aline Said,

    October 16, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

    ^^ Hi! I’m brasilian and I love anime and mangá too.
    … i only watch Hyakko’s frist episode yet… but i love it ! So funny!!!
    well, i don’t speak english very well and i want someone to practice with me… if you can… i want to talk in MSN with you… just simple things… about life (for exemple: where you live? How old are you? or what kind of food you like…? just talk…) and about anime ^^ too…

    if you can talk with me, my MSN is: alinecarrerette@hotmail.com
    and my e-mail is: alinecarrerette@yahoo.com.br

    in orkut: Alline Mangaraviti

    thanks ^^

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