Kurogane no Linebarrel 2

Episode may be watched online with subs for free here.

God, what’s with the whole happy family thing with Kouichi. There’s even the mother and the younger sister along. At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say this isn’t even an adaptation but more like a total retelling of the series.

Anyways, this episode continues in the “oh god this is so gonna be a trainwreck of a series but it’s gonna be damn funny to watch it anyways” way as Kouichi learns about his “death” and his new-found powers. For one, the news of his “death” is accepted in a better way than in the manga, in which that he actually celebrates it as it signifies his “rebirth” as a “Hero of Justice” and I salute his new-found delusional self-esteem. Heck, he even makes his own grave marker at the site of his “death”.

Kouichi also comes to grips with the fact that he can not only summon Linebarrel, he’s also granted superhuman physical abilities and godly regeneration as part of his job as Linebarrel’s Machina. Gonzo inserts a hillarious scene where he gets ordered by the bullies to buy curry bread in 10 mins, but instead does it in 5, before he realises he shouldn’t have done it at all, then drops the bullies with punches. I guess you can’t shake away 16 years of loser mentality that easily. Thank god it seems he can’t summon Linebarrel without performing BOOB INTERFACE with Emi though, idiot actually tried to summon it at school and claim his new-found fame.

Let’s proceed to the action instead. Katou corps appear yet again to try and reclaim Linebarrel. JUDA responds with Hind-kind and Painkiller. Not wanting to lose out on the commotion, Kouichi summons Linebarrel too and heads for the battlefield, but not before making an “important” call to Yajima to tell him he’s gonna play his “Hero of Justice” game again from a public phone. Had to seriously resist rolling my eyes at this part.

Reaching the battlefield, an industrial area, the idiot actually attacks Hind-kind and Painkiller first, believing them to be his enemies. When Yamashita calls out to him andd explains the reason they’re here, he actually asks them how they got their name before he’s reminded of the fact he bloody shouted out his name in his first battle earlier for everyone to hear, groan. Despite that, he decides that BOTH the Machinas and the ARMA’s are his enemy because he “is justice”, and attacks both sides equally.

Long story short, he makes a much more tremendous mess as he destroys most of the ARMA’s and forces the Machinas in to retreat, celebrating at the end with a hearty laugh, as a horrified Emi looks at the carnage wrecked by Kouichi. Only thing’s missing is her famous “Anata wa, SAITEI desu.” line.

Well, at the least they’re gonna paint Kouichi as the “seigi-baka” of the series, where he does all those terrible things and justifies it by claiming he on the side of justice, even though what he’s doing is not much different from the same people he wants to punish.

One good thing about the retelling is how Emi gets more screentime, but it’s compensated by the fact she’s not as awesome as the character she was in the manga, turning instead in to a generally helpless and amnesiac girl, although it seems she still recognizes that Kouichi is seriously going overboard much.

I didn’t expect to also see Kouichi’s family being introduced. In the manga, any mention of family members are virtually non-existent, as far as vol. 5 goes to. Kouichi’s current family might or might not be canon, so if anyone knows better, please enlighten me. Even better, scanlate all the available manga tankoubans for the benefit of us fans! :D

It also seems that there is some kind of subplot going on as well, with the police inspector guy who seems to like curry bread. He’s seen Kouichi summoning Linebarrel already and it does look as if he has a big hidden agenda about it too. Let’s just hope it doesn’t detract too much from the main story, but weaving subplots in to shows is considered a specialty and habit of Gonzo, so it’s expected.


  1. X Said,

    October 11, 2008 @ 2:11 pm

    Emi’s favourite phrase is audible at the very end of the show, ie the preview for next episode. sounds nice, hearing it in her voice

  2. Dm Said,

    October 12, 2008 @ 7:46 am

    Don’t know why people hate this show: it’s pretty good, the ED is awesome, and the manga is interesting.

    I wonder when Shizuna and Izuna will appear….

  3. zigz Said,

    October 12, 2008 @ 10:08 am

    I dont recognize the Pink Machinae after Hind-Kind

    this is way diffrent from the manga… but I still see kouichi being an ass and maybe possibly that certain someone will die and he’ll get his senses back. sort of… and yes he IS the worst.

  4. auriga Said,

    October 12, 2008 @ 9:22 pm

    Dm: It’s because this anime is pretty much a travesty to the awesome manga. Even if you don’t know about the manga, the story of the anime seems to be a tad too… ridiculous.

    zigz: Painkiller does not appear in the manga… At least as of volume 5.

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