Fall 2008: 「Kurozuka」 Impressions

Having read the manga a long time back, I was surprised upon hearing the anime adaptation. I mean, the manga isn’t exactly a masterpiece (although I admit it is good) and it contains enough sex and gore to make parents wince upon seeing it.

Firstly, the designs have changed quite a bit. Kuro looks more er, “shaggy” than he was, while Kuromitsu looks a lot more evil compared to her in the manga. Here’s how they look like in the manga:


Quite different from the anime, eh? I personally hate they made Kuromitsu look like an evil snake lady or something. One of the reasons I liked the series was her character designs. Even Kuro doesn’t look as handsome as he is in the manga too, though it feels weird for me to say that out loud.

The procession of events in the anime also looks set to take a much more logical chronological order as well. If you try to read the manga, it’s like watching Suzumiya Haruhi in TV-order on steroids because they keep jumping between time-frames so much. The first episode only covers the events of the initial period when Kuro meets Kuromitsu and I have no qualms about that because it makes more sense. Can’t be alienating the viewers from the first episode already, can’t we?

Much of the sex scenes is replaced, and even the one that’s show is pretty damn tame so anime-only viewers won’t be able to uh, enjoy the hot passion between Kuro and Kuromitsu. Still, they make it up well with the incredible action scenes, using a lot of stylish camera-effects only achievable in the anime medium including bullet-time, panning-around shots and close-ups. The gore is also kept so those who clamor for “realistic action” will love it, no doubt.

Despite some shortcomings in the designs department, I think Kurozuka will make for an interesting show to watch, if they tell the story in real chronological order. The story also promises much action and fighting so if they concentrate on that, it’ll be quite an entertaining show to watch too. I’m a bit worried about how will they deal with the ending, but that’s a whole season away.


  1. Avisch Said,

    October 8, 2008 @ 3:32 am

    I finished the manga a week ago, it was ok.

    But I was kind of disappointed because the story got progressively less interesting to me. But I really liked the opening chapters….and thats about all, the time skipping just seemed useless because it really only began to center on the first far future rather on .
    But whats with the conclusion? Maybe the anime can do better.

    I probably won’t be watching. But I will check out the first episode.

  2. catrophy Said,

    October 9, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

    sort of reminds me of battle angel alita in some spots

  3. Wild Goose Said,

    October 10, 2008 @ 5:46 pm

    Have read the manga and seen it. Not my cuppa tea. And Macross Frontier has better music. Then again, it IS Kanno Yoko, afterall…

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