Fall 08: 「Akaneiro Somaru Saka」 Impressions

Yes, the official airing isn’t till tomorrow morning, but there was a Nico special airing earlier.

AkaSaka is your standard VN-anime adapatation, centering on romance and girls, and it clearly shows in the episode. Long story short, boy meets girl, does something stupid to said girl making her angry, and now boy has to live with girl. Simple is always best, amirite? I must point out that the episode starts off rather unexpectedly with guns and explosions before going in to the real deal though. I have no idea what was that about though.

Eh.. impressions wise, this looks like a nice romance show if they pull it off wisely. Pacing was quite good, no abrupt introductions or crazy scenes until the part where guy makes said girl mad. Our lead, Nagase Junichi (Junichi again?!) is quite the badass, even having a “Genokiller” legend attributed to him during his middle school days. He seems to be a bit impulsive when dealing with girls though.

On to the girls, we have quite a pantheon here. Main girl, Katagiri Yuuhi, is a full ojou-sama, and played with Rie Kugimiya. Kinda awesome hearing a polite Rie Kugimiya. She’s done so many tsundere roles, I got rather surprised when I didn’t hear her raise her voice nearly the whole episode, instead speaking in a really soft and polite tones. Of course, it isn’t Kugyuu if it ain’t tsun-tsun, so the inevitable happens near the end. I just hope it’s not gonna end up like Shana, Nagi or Louise type tsun though. We already have Toradora for that this season.

Then we have imouto Nagase Minato, who looks exceedingly like Nanoha with that one-sided pigtail hairstyle.


It was sure weird to hear Hirano’s voice from her though, even more so when I suspect Aaya’s trying to imitate a bit of Yukarin in her voicing has Minato… or maybe I’m just overlapping the images of Nanoha and her together a bit too much. She’s the serious type, doing all the housework and chastising her brother.

Another one introduced is Ayanokouji Karen, voiced by (surprise!) Emiri Katou. She’s the stuck-up ojou-sama. Tsukasa Kiryuu(Inoue Marina) is the active classmate, while Shiina Mitsuki(Rie Tanaka) is the student council leader. Not much screentime for the three of them. Mitsuki’s hairstyle is… interesting though.



  1. meganeshounen Said,

    October 2, 2008 @ 3:37 am

    >>Of course, it isn’t Kugyuu if it ain’t tsun-tsun

    Hey, that’s typecasting! lol

    Then again, can’t have Hocchan without her voicing a character with a “dark” side… (see other shows, mainly Toradora).

    Tanaka’s character… her hair reminds me of… wings?
    (Honestly, first thing I noticed was the NECK. Aye.)

    Gonna look for this on Nico myself… hm..

  2. meganeshounen Said,

    October 2, 2008 @ 4:51 am

    Doublepost after watching it on Nico…

    – Polite Kugyuu made me wwwwwww. Even better when paired with the Kugyuu-norm tsuntsun.
    – Nice product placement for the Xbox (pink). That was some oldschool game Junichi was playing though…
    – Kiryuu = Fang-tan, Mitsuki = Idol-tan and Minato = Nanoha-imouto~
    (Imouto da~)
    – Odd teacher. Haado ghei?
    – The effect of bad friends: Seems like Junichi’s been around his bad friend enough to misunderstand Yuuhi…
    – … which led to that EPIC Kugyuu-norm tsuntsun nutcracker-to-forehead-butt-to-straight-punch…
    – That reminds me, Akira Ishida there sounds like Pharos from Persona 3.

    More thoughts when the real raw comes out.

  3. NovaJinx Said,

    October 3, 2008 @ 6:23 am

    Kugimiya Rie without her bitch/tsun-voice was a positive surprise to me…I literally went LOL WAT when I heard her first lines. Otherwise Akaneiro didn’t really appeal to me, it’s rather generic in all fields, although at least the male lead doesn’t appear to be a spineless faggot or just tabula rasa-type like the harem dudes tend to be.

  4. ryggim Said,

    October 5, 2008 @ 1:14 am

    Agent Nagase….the tied up man called the that the other guy right? It’s obvious that he’s related with the main lead since they have the same surname. Probably his dad? I’d be surprised if that’s his older brother XD Aya Hirano playing the caring imouto, that’s a first. It’d be nice if Minato has a Kaede (Shuffle) case of being over protective of his Niisan, but as of no I see not trace of that…yet. It’d be fun to hear Aya do the part of a psycho imouto right? I won’t be surprised if they make an OVA just for the sheer craziness of it after this show is done ^^ In fact I’d be happy if they did.

  5. Jhonluc(animaniack) Said,

    December 12, 2008 @ 9:59 am

    i cant remember the name of this show i know its on rarw anime and veoh but wats the name of it

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