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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Semi-final 2

The results:

1位 1137票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]
2位 1096票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]

Quite a massive amount of fakes this time though for both sides and Hina came off worse thanks to it. She was at 1.5k to 1.4k at 10 mins before voting ends earlier, though Tsukasa was leading throughout the day.

Well, all done’s is done and so it’s a Hiiragi sisters final this year. Man,I love this year’s Saimoe. Kagami for Saimoe 2008!

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CLANNAD After Story 05


Misae’s flashback arc begins and I’m surprised. It’s the stork story, only in reverse. Literally. Reverse. In gender-wise or time-wise. No wonder the cat had more screen time than Botan had, LOL.

I am really surprised to see this happening though, because it’s so…. magical, yet so familar and also with a dash of outlandishness to it too. Does this mean they’ll retroactively change the past so that the present happens? It’s all so weird though, mostly because the show has been pretty “normal” throughout the series so far. I guess this means KyoAni is finally ready to throw in the mystical parts of CLANNAD to us, the viewers, already.

Younger Misae was… not what I expected, hahaha. She’s so much more violent than her older self will be and it sure seems she’s been pretty well schooled in the arts of tackling, armlocking and suplexes. Now I kinda understand why Satsuki Yukino is her voice actress *coughchidoricough*. Poor Shima-kun getting a real nice taste of Misae’s “skills”, heh.

Also, seeing her trying desperately to attract the attention of her crush, Igarashi-kun, seriously made me think, “Ahhh, youth is as youth does.” The ending of this episode was a really heart-wrenching moment though, even made more so by the unintentional cruelty of Misae’s own words. It’s actually the first time CLANNAD has touched so close to the purse strings in my heart and if this story continues on like this…. well, we’ll see.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Semi-final 1

The results:

1位 1122票 柊かがみ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Kagami @ Lucky Star]
2位 922票 古河渚@CLANNAD [Furukawa Nagisa @ CLANNAD]


First off, today’s voting was truly fucked up. There were some parties hijacking the voting threads with text spam, causing about 5-7 of them getting closed early due to 2ch’s 512kb per thread restriction, so there was like ten, I repeat, TEN bloody voting threads today. Seriously crazy.

Let’s not forget the fake votes for Nagisa, which shot up like mad on the last hour to 1.2k votes, but Kagami proves to be immune to it. Heck, in fact, winning by 1.1k votes was seriously 100 votes over my expected vote count.

Finally, Kagami for Saimoe 2008!

Saimoe 2008

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Toradora! 05

Ami is…. simply put, a total trainwreck of a bitch. She’s like… ugh. I don’t know. God. My vocab doesn’t include words harsh or fitting enough to describe her. A real dojikko/tennen person would NEVER EVER, repeat, NEVER EVER, boast about being one, much less EMPHASIZING IT AS IF IT’S HER SELLING POINT. I mean, it totally defeats the purpose of being one, isn’t it?

God, her TERRIBLE acting just left a foul taste on my palette. Heck, watching mike rail about Lelouch in the channel was less painful than watching her act all clumsy and airheaded (regulars in the channel will no doubt get what I mean). Thank god for Taiga’s slap, seriously. I was having a tremendous murderous intent myself at seeing her. A really well-deserved slap, if there was never any before.


Funnily enough, the episode was saved partially by the antics of Minorin, who just totally wins as a joke character as long as she’s not the main focus. Minorin RADAR was hilarious enough, but the punch sure came when Ryuuji asked her opinion of people who pretend airheaded when they’re not, totally made me choke with laughter, literally (since I was having a small snack at that time).



P.S. : I forgot to add that KitaEri kinda sounds… terribly flat with her rendition of Ami. If she’s doing that on purpose to catch the essence of her character and its role in the story, that’s quite impressive in some sort of ways, I guess. Elsewise….

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ef – a tale of melodies 04

ef - a tale of melodies

More colors in the OP this week. Honestly, I don’t really pay that much attention to it. It seems they’re actually expanding the scope of the show a bit to cover the old characters as well too.

The past, Himura and Yuuko:

The both of them go on a date to buy Yuuko new shoes. Himura wants to skip lunch but Yuuko persuades him to eat as well, showing her prowess at flirting with Himura (lol). Both of them enjoy the day until Yuuko decides to head for the church and they bump in to Akira and he warns Himura about “possessing his sister” in a very creepy, possessive sort of way. Is he infatuated with Yuuko? After he leaves the lovebirds alone, Yuuko reveals that Akira also lost his sister in the same disaster that claimed Akane.

Himura, on his way back, is “ambushed” by Nagi, who demands to know about his day with Yuuko, whom she knows thanks to Akira, in jealous, possesive sort of way. Himura sure is popular despite being a loner. Later that night, there is a longer flash back of when he bought Akane the red watch and how she was killed in the disaster when Himura flashes back on it. Yuuko is surprised by her brother too, and a look of loathing? maybe anger? crosses her face.

The present, Mizuki, Kuze, Nagi, Hiro and Miyako:

Kuze’s condition is worsening and he is slowly running out of time. He pays a visit next door, only to find out that Mizuki fell sick and he shares an intimate moment with her. “Artificial respiration” LOL. The next day comes, Kuze and Mizuki spend a day just lying outside in the sun under a tree, letting the day pass by them. Himura appears and in his usual fashion, dispenses his advice to Mizuki. Mizuki asks him to bless them in the way priests do and while denying he’s a priest, he does the gesture anyways but replaces it with “May the Force with you.” (LOL). Evening comes around and Kuze tells her to stay away from her.

On another Otowa, Hiro is having trouble with his deadlines so he asks his elder sister, Nagi, for help. Looks like both he and Miyako’s relationship are doing just fine.


Eh, well, things are moving slower this time round I guess, but there is still substantial development in both timelines.

Akira is hinted to have an “unhealthy” relationship with Yuuko, and I really can’t imagine what he has done to her to give her that expression when all the while she has been very much cheery and smiling despite being in a hard position. I think it’s pretty much the first time we’ve seen Yuuko having a negative expression, really. Whatever is it, it must be pretty bad.

Nagi’s also… showing some similarities to Kei, particularly in her possessiveness towards Himura, which pretty much validates her interest in him. Adult Nagi makes an appearance in this week’s episode, and she does look a lot more mature now as well as having reaching a stature of fame. We’ve also solved the mystery of her relationship with Hiro, and it turns out she is Hiro’s elder sister, so that cleared another thing up for me. It seems she’s heading for Australia too, will she cross paths with Kuze and Mizuki?

It was also fun to see Miyako back to, even though it was pretty much a few scenes, including one that seems to give some form of resolution to her own feelings now that she’s going out with Hiro. I’d always thought their arc ended a bit too short.

On Kuze x Mizuki, well… it’s still like that I guess? Rather painful to see really.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 4

The results:-

1位 934票 桂ヒナギク@ハヤテのごとく! [Katsura Hinagiku @ Hayate the Combat Butler]
2位 750票 千葉紀梨乃@バンブーブレード [Chiba Kirino @ BAMBOO BLADE]

And Hinagiku takes the win from poor Kirino. I’m still impressed she got as far as the quarterfinals.

So now, the semis are all set up and we’re set for either a KyoAni or tsundere final.

Next up, Kagami takes on Nagisa. Go! Go! Kagami!

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May’N is gonna suck our money awayyyyyyyy~

They finally came out with the VIP ticket pricing.

Diamond VIP Pass: S$118, front row seats, guaranteed autographs, limited to 80 spots.

Normal VIP Pass: S$68, behind the Diamond seating, 20 lucky draw spot for autographs, limited to 300 spots.

Oh, and the concert is 7pm. So that means one more extra night to stay over at Singapore for me.

Well, what can I say? May’N isn’t worth me spending nearly RM 300 for a signature and a handshake. If it was Noto-sama or Hocchan or Minorin, I would’ve, but…..

I dunno, I just don’t think May’N is worth that much. So far, her only notable achievement is still Macross Frontier and she’s pretty much being marketed as a pop idol, so… yeah. If I can meet her, I would be happy about it, but spending RM 300 for that? Not really my cup of tea, plus I don’t have the money either. Then again, it’s Singapore, so I should’ve expected this :(. Even the “normal” VIP pass is pretty damn expensive.

Well, I guess no autographed Diamond Crevasse/Lion CD for me ;_;.

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motto☆hade ni ne!


Damn. Awesome song is awesome. How awesome? Awesome enough for me loop it along with Ame ga Furu for the past 3 hours and karaoke’ing it awesomely. Thank god the house is empty except for me… wait it looks like it’s gonna rain…

Oh, the C/W song, Shiawase Sagashi, is very nice too. Haruka Tomatsu might just be the next Minorin if this keeps up. There’s still the Kannagi ED to look forward to her showing off her awesome vocal range.

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Saimoe Tournament 2008 Quarterfinals 3

1位 1049票 柊つかさ@らき☆すた [Hiiragi Tsukasa @ Lucky Star]
2位 894票 伊吹風子@CLANNAD [Ibuki Fuko @ CLANNAD]

I guess it’s a bit old, but it’s customary. C’mon everyone, let’s do it together!


And so, the Hiiragi family proceeds with their CLANNAD-nocide with Tsukasa comfortably winning against Fuko to proceed to the semis. She will probably face a big hurdle there though, since it’s either Hinagiku (more likely) or perhaps an easier challenge if Kirino passes tomorrow (less likely).

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Ga-Rei Zero 04

Ga-Rei Zero

Yuri supernatural action anime, Ga-Rei Zero continues to lay the awesome more and more, juggling breathtaking action with superior visuals and spiced up with much welcome yuri-yuri fanservice.

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