“Northern Cross”

Macross Frontier

Yes! New Sheryl song finally! God, I’m pretty sick of Ranka getting all the attention already, although I grudgingly admit that the new Ranka songs are good too. Still, it’s finally good to hear a new song from Sheryl.

The new song is titled 「Yousei」 or “Fairy”, and the song sounds very melancholic, with lyrics mirroring Sheryl’s experiences, and showing a more softer side of Sheryl. In short, I love it.

As for the episode itself…

  • Luca finds out Sheryl’s voice is producing fold waves, and theorises it’s due to the V-type virus in her, which has finally reached her brain. Basically, she can now sing to the Vajra, but at the cost of her life too. Leon plans to use her as Ranka’s replacement. Sheryl accepts Leon’s plans for her.
  • Bobby finds Ozma and Cathy, and they both reveal Mishima’s wrong doings. Along with orders that the SMS will be integrated in to the NUNS, the crew of Quarter decide to take a bold decision to leave Frontier.
  • Alto finally finds out about Sheryl’s condition and they share a tender moment. Alto tells her that she doesn’t have to sing anymore, but Sheryl tells him that it’s her proof of existence, so she’ll continue to sing.
  • 70% of Quarter’s crew accept the invitation by Captain Wildrer and they leave Frontier. NUNS sends Luca and Alto to intercept them, but Ozma fends them off just in time for Quarter to conduct a fold leap. Ozma inserts doubts in to Alto by asking him what are his “wings” for. Klan also stays behind in Frontier, but doesn’t join the intercept team.
  • Ranka and Brera finally make their way to the Vajra home planet, eliciting excitement from Grace, who easily dispatches off a team of soldiers that Leon sent to “take care” of her. In a classic case of “WTF man, but damn that’s hot”, Grace grabs her boobs in excitement, standing in front of her own (assumed) VF-27.


Oh man, the V-type infection is just so… deus ex machina. Well, I kinda expected it to happen, but it’s really, really sad to see Sheryl finally taking true to her words that “singing is her life”.

Quarter leaving Frontier was well, pretty unexpected but awesome. Luca and Alto not joining in was also quite a shock, but gotta say, Ozma sure kicked their asses hard. As expected from the Man who Survived the Pineapples. I just loved it when he went, “I’m not an adult. I’m a MAN!” to Alto. Klan probably didn’t join them because of attachment to Micheal I guess.

Alto also was pretty pussy in this episode. When he said, “You don’t need to sing anymore.” to Sheryl, I kinda facepalmed. Hard. Sheryl IS Sheryl precisely because of her dedication to her songs and there he goes, saying stuff like that. I’m, like, “OH GOD HOW FUCKING DENSE CAN YOU BE!”, especially when you realize the reason she’s going to sing is totally for him. Despite the close moment they had, I wasn’t all too happy about it when he went that way. Ozma is so right about him just “going along with the flow” when he feels like it.

Grace… oh Grace. Evil Inoue Kikuko is very very awesome. The boob-fondle was just overkill.

And finally, we discover the true planet of the Protoculture? 3 more episodes, Kawamori, 3 more episodes. Better make them REALLY count, unlike this one.

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

Macross Frontier

The Man who Survived the Pineapples.

Macross Frontier

Oh god, Grace is so hawt.

Macross Frontier



  1. wolfx Said,

    September 5, 2008 @ 8:16 pm

    Boob grab was quite fap worthy. :D

    My opinion on this episode was it divides even further the rift between the Ranka fanboys and Sheryl fanboys. To draw DYRL? parallels, Leon and Frontier now has taken the role of Bodolza and the Zentraedi fleet whereas Quarter and SMS are the Macross and the initial bad guys (Vajra) who has joined them,which are fighting all odds. Grace and Galaxy….probably Laplamiz and the Supervision Army.

  2. Haesslich Said,

    September 6, 2008 @ 2:18 am

    I thought that Grace had been shot, and had to do the Cylon body switch into the pilot body, and grabbed her breasts to center her body awareness by providing stimuli. Or something. And that VF looks goldish-tan.

    Mmmm… evil sexy cyborgs. Kikuko Inoue has got to be enjoying this break from the Belldandy typecasting.

  3. Crusader Said,

    September 6, 2008 @ 11:33 am

    Cylon Grace is just hawt, hope she uses that VF-27 to tear Leon a new one for trying to off her. Hopefully Ms. Kikuko Inoue will be getting a greater range of roles after proving that she can be the voice of one of the year’s best villains.

    Lay off Alto-hime you jealous SOB. Just because you’d be so callous as to tell Sheryl to sing until she died doesn’t mean that’s the best way to show you care. :P

    You know before Alto was very much encouraging Sheryl to sing because she is Sheryl, but since he now knows that Sheryl is on the fast track towards death being a big star let alone filling in for Ranka is not going to help her health any. Over all I don’t think Sheryl is singing just for hime that would be a Ranka move or more aptly a Ranka mistake. Sheryl will sing for the hopes and dreams of the whole fleet. Alto-hime will just give her the strength and support her to the very end. I think Alto has made a decision, if he were just going with the flow he’d be on Quarter going after Ranka, he stayed because he put Sheryl’s safety before his job. In his heart he has decided in his head not so much…

  4. yanipheonu Said,

    September 6, 2008 @ 1:55 pm

    “God, I’m pretty sick of Ranka getting all the attention already”

    My inner Ranka fan wanted to terrible things to you after you said that. Thankfully I’m a nic e guy.

    Just watch out for the hardcore fans :D

  5. manga Said,

    September 7, 2008 @ 5:48 pm

    Before Alto was not thinking straight and afraid of being in focus. Now he´s a damn idiot.

    Brera is even so a bigger idiot, if he knows Grace can forcefully take controll of him, why the hell does he let Ranka fly with him? oh well this show has gone from good to being full of damn idiots.

    The only one who hasn´t changed is Ozma, he´s still the reckless ace he was in the beginning. Nice touch though to stop him from giving out a murderous feeling when he kills enemies.

  6. THAT Animeblog - Macross Frontier 22: Love triangle over, back to the war… Said,

    September 7, 2008 @ 7:04 pm

    […] a liking to Sheryl she has improved and has done everything right where Minmei fucked up. While Kurogane would have us all believe that Sheryl sings only for Alto this is false since Sheryl thought about […]

  7. FhnuZoag Said,

    September 8, 2008 @ 8:47 am

    Brera is flying Ranka because he’s under Grace’s control, not despite it. He’s helping Grace find the Vajra homeworld.

  8. EvilDevil Said,

    September 10, 2008 @ 2:08 pm

    “Grace… oh Grace. Evil Inoue Kikuko is very very awesome. The boob-fondle was just overkill.”
    I will follow her to the gates of Hell itself…

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