Code Geass R2 18

Code Geass R2

A sad, sad episode.

Code Geass R2

God damn, Nina is such a bitch. I wish she’ll be included in the final body count, as misguided as she is.

Code Geass R2

Orange-kun is kinda awesome now, somehow. I love how he proclaims that “Orange is my sign of loyalty”.

Code Geass R2

Anya Earlstreim. Is she Lelouch’s real sister? The hints are piling up.

Code Geass R2

Tamaki provides the comic relief as usual. Man this guy is pretty much useless.

Code Geass R2

Awww…. Cecile.

Code Geass R2
Code Geass R2

Aw shit, that vampire bastard’s personal squad of Valkyries are all female piloted! Bloody bastard. Such a pity they’ve all been shot down so soon. Come to think of it, this is the only time I’ve seen female piloted Knightmares apart from Kallen, Cornelia, Euphie and Chiba.

Code Geass R2

Guren Seiten Hakkyokushiki finally lives up to it’s red color scheme. 3x faster anyone?

Code Geass R2

Bloody bastard getting his just desserts.

Code Geass R2

The fateful shot.

Code Geass R2

The Four Holy Swords are now the Two Holy Swords.

Code Geass R2


Code Geass R2
The aftermath.

Definitely an important episode. Code Geass is surely shaping out to be like CLAMP’s trademark X/1999 manga. It’s hard to deny the similarities already, after Suzaku “kills” Nunnally, the person most important to Lelouch. I guess CLAMP still wants to finish off X/1999, and they’re doing it in style with Code Geass.

I find it really ironic the trigger that made Suzaku shoot FLEIJA was Lelouch’s own Geass, and when he comes to know about it, it’s definitely going to deal him a whole lot more emotional damage to find out he was ultimately the one that “killed” Nunnally.

In fact, the preview of the next episode takes a rather grim tone, with a lot of footage of emo Lelouch and the distinct lack of Jun Fukuyama’s voiceover. Losing Nunnally is going to be really hard to cope for Lelouch.

And finally, here’s an interesting look at the FLEIJA control panel. Radius of effect is roughly 5-8km’s, making it quite a strategic weapon since the radius would be enough to wipe out a good chunk of enemy resistance but not wipe out whole areas outright like nukes. But most importantly, the last listed step of the weapon activation sequence step makes me worry though. Is my “space transfer” theory proving to be correct?

Code Geass R2

But I guess it still won’t matter in the short term yet. Lelouch is definitely gonna fully blame Suzaku for FLEIJA’s shooting, and Suzaku is going to seriously feel the terrible guilt of being the one who pulled the trigger.


  1. Haesslich Said,

    August 17, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

    Jounin: The reason I keep ‘ignoring’ that is because if he really WANTED to die… he could’ve arranged it. The Geass doesn’t control him to that extent – he has more freedom under that particular Geass than say.. Guildford or Euphie had. It doesn’t dictate what he HAS to do – merely that he find a way to fulfill it. That is the BIG difference… Your examples are misleading: those soldiers are told to kill themselves, Euphie is told to kill Japanese. Lulu only told Suzaku to survive – it’s very open-ended compared to those close-ended orders that everyone else got (“Kill yourself”, “lower the booms and kill yourself”, “when I take this pose you will see me as Cornelia”). Suzaku’s geassing by Lulu is virtually unique, and seems to be far less controlling in many ways because of it. Suzaku’s usual response to the “Live” Geass is to fend off danger in as decisive a manner as possible… and he really, really didn’t have to fire FLEIJA at Government House. Surely Lulu’s ship would’ve been a better target.

    As you stated, Suzaku wants to atone for his misdeeds – that indeed is one reason why he is unlikely to seriosuly contemplate suicide… which brings me back to my point about ‘he doesn’t want to die without atoning for his actions’, which was noted some posts back but which you yourself have ‘conveniently ignored’. He could’ve arranged for his death… but didn’t. We also know he murdered his father, but blanked out the memory, due to the trauma of having done so. This is very much in character for him – he wants to be righteous, but at times will act in ways which are not very ‘righteous’ and then has to find a way to justify the act. This is why things in R2 are going rather badly for him – he turned in his best friend to get promoted so he could claim Area Eleven as ‘his’ area so he could enact Euphemia’s dream of a Special Administrative Zone that would allow the Elevens more freedoms than they had up to this point under Britannian occupation. What he forgot was that this SAZ would depend heavily on the willingness of Britannian (specifically, Charles vi Britannia and his court) to indulge Suzaku’s desires… and of course, he didn’t know Schneizei’s been maneuvering behind Charles’ back.

    Notice how Lulu’s changed – if only somewhat – in S2, after he’s recovered his memories. At first, he was the same old bastard, although towards the middle part he seemed to have softened after confronting the determined Nunnally and realizing that she wanted something other than what he wanted to give her. Nunnally shouting for Suzaku broke Lulu’s heart – he had to realize that at that point, Zero the figure had become threatening enough that even his little sister was seeing him as the boogeyman. So, he tries to fix things by being more humane… and because he didn’t put a leash on Rolo or get rid of him, loses his NEXT ‘pet goldfish/moral pet’ Shirley, who had been to some extent Nunnally’s replacement in his reason for trying to be ‘good’ and to justify for himself what he was doing. He consulted her on things which were minor in the big picture (re: handling Tian-zi) but which affected his relations with those closer to him (Kallen, etc).

    You also seem to have forgotten one important fact – the Black Knights were never really ‘the good guys’ – they were terrorists whose actions killed hundreds of their own countrymen in the name of overthrowing the oppressors until Lulu came along and gave them goals as well as targets which supported their (his) objectives versus random acts of terror. With regards to eliminating the Geass cult, which was a change of direction, may I point to you how the Allies considered German bomb factories and the scientists who were working towards weapons development to be legitimate targets? The Geass Cult shared much in common with them; the main difference being that some of the targets were children. And the Black Knights, who have by this point developed an image of themselves as ‘defenders of Japanese’ rather than merely ‘rebels taking down the oppressors and their traitorous Japanese collaborators’ started having some doubts as to whether Zero’s orders were to support the liberation of Japan (their goal) or to set Zero up as Emperor of Japan and the rest of the world instead.

    That’s why Asahina and Diethard are starting to move against Zero – not because they feel that he’s going to ask them to kill more children (they’ve already done that, prior to Zero joining them) but because they feel he may be using them not to free Japan but to take it over for himself… and then move on the rest of the world. They’d be trading one tyrant (Charles vi Britannia) for another… and the knowledge of his Geass will make things worse, as it did for Kallen when she discovered that Lulu had it and underwent her own crisis of faith early in R2. Between the existence of the Geass, the possibility that Lulu ‘ordered’ Suzaku to nuke Tokyo (rather than his real order to ‘live’) as well as the information that Schneizei will feed the BK’s about Lulu and Suzaku meeting just before the disaster (collaboration with the enemy), they will abandon him… especially if Schneizei promises the BK that Japan will rule itself. Incidentally, Schneizei made the same offer to the Eunuchs during the China arc… although I don’t see how Schneizei would let them rule themselves for long; probably just long enough to weaken them and get his own forces ready. Or perhaps he was waiting for FLEIJA to be completed… which gives him a trump card over most anyone else at this point – a WMD that can do as much damage as a company of Knightmare Frames but which can be deployed by a single unit. This would give him a decisive military advantage against other nations.. just as America enjoyed after it deployed the first nuclear bomb.

    Lulu -will- be taking blame this time, and likely turning his rage onto Rolo as the most convenient target. He will also likely blame Suzaku for nuking Tokyo and his own people… and himself for not having saved Nunnally. And that, combined with the BK abandoning him, will likely send him completely around the bend for a while.

    For the most part, Suzaku’s doubting himself only began recently – up until he started talking with Shirley, he really didn’t see himself as doing much wrong. He could feel guilt (which is why Anya helpfully signed that Eleven’s execution orders), but he also tends to have a ‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ mentality which Shirley poked a few holes in… until she died, which left Suzaku with more rage against Lulu for what he saw as his role in Shirley’s killing (thinking it was deliberately ordered, rather than the act of a psychotic boy that Lulu had allowed too much leeway). Suzaku is likely to blame Lulu completely and not take any blame… only feelings of guilt for his role in the tragedy. It fits the pattern – Suzaku has shifted blame away from himself since before he killed his own father, then went on to join the Britannian Army as a means of trying to make amends… then becoming a Knight, then becoming a Knight of One…

    I really don’t see a happy ending for Suzaku, much less Lulu – about the best thing both of them can hope for at this rate is that they die rather painlessly, and perhaps with a feeling of absolution. Suzaku’s a hypocrite, and Lulu’s an opportunist who justifies his acts by trying to take vengeance for his mother and sister. None of the characters on this show, save perhaps Euphemia and Nunnally, were truly admirable or even innocent… except perhaps Millay.

  2. lic666 Said,

    August 17, 2008 @ 11:39 pm

    Nunnally is alive, as well as Sayoko, all of the conclusions above about Suzaku/Lulu at fault will be disproved the next couple of episodes. And there is more than what meets the eye (cough cough ^o^ Anya!?)
    (read the thread, but be warned it is a MAJOR spoiler)

  3. Jounin Said,

    August 19, 2008 @ 10:04 am

    Haesslich, I am getting tired of this argument because you do not use any evidence from your series to back up your claim. Much of your posts are filled with inaccuracies that they are too numerous to point out, but I’ll try! Using a negative like a character not doing as you think he should is not proof of anything. Take your suggestion that because Suzaku is not dead yet as you think he should be, he is not really serious about dying. On two separate occasions, one in ep 4 of season 1 where he heads back to the trial after Lelouch saves him even though Lelouch claims that they will kill him in an unfair trial (because the Japanese would be punished if he did not stand trial) and another occasion where in ep 18 where he captures Lelouch and waits for an aerial strike to kill them (he was caught in a trap and had few options and this was a chance to stop Zero), he was quite ready to die and was prevented from doing so by some interference from Lelouch. Your idea that Suzaku should arrange his death is nothing more than suicide that would be meaningless because he is not giving up his life for a reason but setting up his own death. Faking some scene of heroism is also not how Suzaku operates (it is how Lelouch operates though). Who are you exactly to decide how someone should die? Granted Suzaku has an unhealthy obsession about how he should atone, but because your only evidence comes from how he is not dead yet even though he has shown his resolve on several occasions and we hear his inner thoughts is unfair on your part.

    Again your assumption that people under a Geass order are responsible for their actions is absurd. Where is your evidence that Suzaku had any free will to decide what to do when under the affect of Geass when no other character in the series was able to? Just because you think the command is different and therefore Suzaku should be responsible is unsupported in the series. Also, if you watch ep 18 of R2, you will notice that Kallen has to dodge FLEIJA so that is probably why the Geass chose to fire it in that direction.

    Also, your assumption about how Suzaku blocked the memory and that is in keeping with his character is incorrect. In ep 5 of season 1, Suzaku tells Euphie that his father had to die to end the war so he obviously remembers and has been using it as a motivator for his actions up until the end of season 1 when he leaves the pocket watch with Euphie’s body. And if it is the rule that the Knight of One gets an area, who are you to say it won’t happen and would it be Suzaku’s fault that the Emperor didn’t keep his promise? And Suzaku asking to be a Knight of the Round was only a few days after Euphie’s death and Lelouch wasn’t exactly very repentant. It was cruel but in some ways justified. His dream was also completely shattered by Lelouch and he had very little left to salvage it with.

    In regards to the Geass cult massacre, your reading of that incident is incorrect again. It is one thing to bomb from on high, it is another to send ground troops in and have them know that they are killing children and be ordered to do so. Lelouch told them that the cult was making immortal super soldiers and that they all needed to die for the atrocity. Any super soldier found would be captured and interrogated by Lelouch directly. Only one person would live from this order, V.V. So essentially, Lelouch picked the cruelest way to find him, his men slaughtering unarmed people while he watched from above. And Asahina and Diethart did not think that Zero was going to try set himself up as the next emperor. Asahina only suspects that Zero cannot be trusted because no ally of justice would keep so many secrets and order a massacre (Diethart only wanted a story to tell and continued to back him until it was clear that the Black Knights were going to turn on Lelouch). And that is what the Black Knights thought they were, allies of justice. That is what Lelouch said back in ep 8 of season 1 and many other occasions where they would defend people regardless of nationality (but really Lelouch’s target was Britannia).

    I’m not going to argue anymore because it is too tiring proving all of your inaccuracies and using Kurogane’s blog for that is probably unfair. Besides ep 19 aired so there may be new stuff to argue about.

  4. Keero-VXIIINoctis-Orphen Said,

    May 18, 2009 @ 1:35 am

    Main points. I theorize this. Nunnally is still alive. The mother, Marrionette had a Gease and used it on Anya who was randomly there and V.V. was the one who killed Marrionette. C.C. didnt really lose her memory she probably put her conscious to sleep. LeLouch no doubts, defeats his father and mother maybe. Suzaku probably figures out what is really going on joins Lelouch. Lelouche probably takes the throne and takes over the world with both Geases in his eyes. …Why not? From there the Black Knights and the rest of the world will probably fight against Lelouch and idk who will win it can go either way. The ending however is a hundred percent fact and will most likely will happen. Lelouche will die in the end. I mean come on people it is obvious. ONly 5 more episodes from last night to go.

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