“Ranka Attack”

Macross Frontier

The latest delicacy in the Macross Frontier fleet, Vajra kebabs!

In the meeting with Bilrer, Alto learns of his dream to conquer the fold-faults and also of other interesting things which we are not privy yet for this episode. Nevertheless, Alto returns to his usual routine of work and school, but he’s surprised to see Brera as Ranka’s bodyguard.

Alto finds a sick Sheryl, escaping from the hospital after learning about Grace’s defection to Ranka, and he brings her to the S.M.S quarters after she refuses to return to either the hospital or get a hotel room. She gets mixed up in things, when a sudden secret operation is outsourced to the S.M.S, namely Operation Ranka Attack, to test out Ranka’s effectiveness towards the Vajra.

The operation begins in earnest, and thanks to Ranka’s new remix of Aimo, the guys have an easy time with the Vajra, who are confused upon hearing it. Sheryl witnesses the whole operation, and probably suffers quite a shock herself. The operation ends safely and everyone is rejoiced to finally gain a trump card against the Vajra.

Generally, a balanced episode in terms of it being either a Ranka or Sheryl episode. It’s definitely confirmed Ranka’s voice somehow affects the fold and the Vajra, while Sheryl gets quite a bit of screen time with Alto, but not much development in terms of that. The aircrafts were of course, given a much deserved focus again, and it’s glad to see the Koenig Monster again, even if it was merely as Ranka’s “carriage”. I really LOL’ed at the Ranka decal.

Macross Frontier

Interestingly as well, this episode pretty much reaffirms the status of the series as a direct sequel, with some cameo mentions of the Protodeviln and Basara by the members of the S.M.S. I just hope they don’t appear in the series themselves.

Also, the new ED song by Sheryl finally appears in this episode, which definitely did raise my spirits up a bit. I’ve been waiting for the new set of OPED songs for quite a while, and having on the ED appear at 16 is pretty late, I think. The song, Northern Cross, is a very upbeat rock number, quite fast, and does show May’n’s prowess. There’s still also the new OP, Lion, to be excited about, and it’s a duet between Sheryl and Ranka.

Lastly, after this episode and coming this far in the series, I have to say that if you’re a hardcore old-school Macross fan, this show is definitely not gonna live up to expectations. In fact, I think the whole series background and structure are kinda screwed up and arbitrarily done just to fit things in after 25 years of the series. However, Frontier definitely still good, and just as Macross Plus was all about the dogfights and Macross 7 was all about the singing, Macross Frontier is all about the love triangle. Yeah, just had to get that off my head after I reached enlightenment on the fact.


  1. kyon22 Said,

    July 25, 2008 @ 4:31 pm

    I want that ranka decal on my car!!..

  2. Sigue Said,

    July 25, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

    I almost punched a hole through my monitor when I heard protodeviln mentioned. I’m honestly disappointed – Frontier started by doing everything right. Early episodes were loaded with references to the first Macross series, some subtle like the pushy drink machine and others, like the Miss Macross contest, were more obvious. This was good. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    Personally, I think it started going downhill when Brera showed up for serious. I’m not sure why, but I have a feeling he’s going to ruin it all. I think the references to 7 are a good indication of where this show is headed. The concept of the Minmay attack was novel – defeating enemies by confusing your enemies with emotions they’ve never experienced. Sure, it was a little weird, but Macross never really strayed far from “reality”.

    While Frontier adhered to this concept at first, they’ve decided to leave it. Minmay broadcasted a song across the Zentraedi communication channels to cause culture shock. Ranka sings and affects the fabric of reality. I realize that using song as a weapon is a staple of the Macross series, but I really think that they should have tried something other than something that feels dangerous close to THE MAGICAL POWER OF SONG.

    I can’t say that I’ll drop the show for sure, as I find the love triangle somewhat compelling, but I don’t think I’ll be able to to keep watching if they stray too far into Macross 7 territory. I guess there’s nothing to do but keep watching and hope for the best, although the future doesn’t seem too bright…

    Well, that dragged on a little too long. At any rate, Ozma dies next week~

  3. wolfx Said,

    July 25, 2008 @ 5:36 pm

    Sigue: You do realise that Ranka is more or less confirmed to be a “queen” right? She has glowy crystals in her and throughout the show it was hinted she is able to communicate with the Vajra somewhat through the crystals. Even the big fugly queen in the Global had the crystals.

    So i really doubt this is THE MAGICAL POWER OF SONG as you put it so cynically. Besides, any superior technology is viewed as magic to more primitive people. ;)

    That said…Basara pwnz j00.

  4. Square Said,

    July 25, 2008 @ 9:20 pm

    “I have to say that if you’re a hardcore old-school Macross fan, this show is definitely not gonna live up to expectations.”

    Gotta disagree with this. It’s only a disappointment if you’re a “hardcore old-school SDF:Macross only fan”. If you’re a Macross fan (ie a fan of all of the macross series) Frontier is exceedingly good at tying all other series together and has excellent homage to the spirit of Macross.

    You’re definitely right that the other series have focused on one aspect that was presented in the SDF:Macross. M+ was machismo fighter pilots/dog fights, M7 singing to end conflict, M0 focused on trying to establish history (though it ended up being more about showcasing CG dogfights).

    Frontier, yes there’s a focus on a love triangle and it feels better in this setting than the original SDF:M. Seriously, the love triangle in the 1st was set during a pretty bleak genocidal war, where as Frontier has a conflict going but doesn’t feel nearly as desperate. This allows for a much more playful triangle, while adversarial, keeps the door open for mutual cooperation between the two idols without being forced.

    Of course as always, keep in mind the creators of Macross try to do something different every series. While it might alienate some of their old fans that expect more of the same, it really does allow them to express themselves in art. I for one love the Macross franchise for it.

  5. Haesslich Said,

    July 26, 2008 @ 12:00 am

    Macross 7 was ALWAYS considered ‘canon’… but at least here, it’s not reality-warping music so much as the ultimate culture shock, especially if Ranka IS a Vajra queen.

  6. manga Said,

    July 26, 2008 @ 4:15 am

    I wish Ranka would have cancelled the singing. Since it´s using her singing the wrong way. They should build a bridge between them, not try to erase eachother.

    History has showed this to be the worst thing you can do. Still each and every ep shows of the SMS killing vajra. I feel sorry for them as they are indeed living creatures, or whoever is behind them is alive and wants surely to meet Ranka.

    Sigue: Did you not see the homage to macross 7 in the very first ep with Sheryl going all Basara with “LISTEN TO MY SONG!” before starting singing?

    Or Totsugeki Love Heart playing in the background in I think it was the second ep.

    Their attack formation being “Planet Dance”.

    And now Protodeviln and the effectivness of songs in battle.

    The worst that could happen now is that we get the M7 syndrome with the attack of the week and we then get pummeled into a 52 long series…

    I just want some answers, that is all.

  7. Sarah Said,

    July 26, 2008 @ 4:18 pm

    You know.. I did kinda think that Plus was about the love triangle too. Seeing how the entire thing was based on Isamu and Guld’s fight over Myung (who sucks btw… Lucy was cuter and hotter and less of a whiner and dramaqueen)… and yeah there were a lot of dogfights but you gotta admit that the love triangle and the “love conquers all” stuff was a big focus in Plus ^^!

    This episode rocked. I loved the remix of Aimo SOOOO much and Alto shoving Sheryl’s head up against the side of the bed with her >:T face was great. I also LOVED the new ED song! LOVED IT!! That cool little live action thing they did with May’n was neat.

  8. Sarah Said,

    July 26, 2008 @ 4:29 pm

    PS. @ Sigue

    I think Brera will ruin the show because he looks like some rejected character that was meant to be in Kingdom Hearts. They already had too many generic spikey-haired dudes with brooding personalities in Kingdom Hearts so they sold their leftover design to Macross F.

    PPS. is anyone getting tired of hearing Alto constantly say “Ranka, omae…” and screaming “RANKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” every five seconds?

  9. C.I. Said,

    July 26, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

    @Sarah: RRRRANNNNNKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! never gets tiring.

  10. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    July 27, 2008 @ 1:31 am

    @Square: Yeah, I very well agree with what you said. Having actually gone through the rest of the franchise except for M7(can’t stand Basara) and M2(which was non-canon), all the following Macross series each really focused on a certain aspect of the original Macross. It does alienate some of the fans, but for the rest of us, I guess it’s a pretty fun thing to look forward to.

  11. EvilDevil Said,

    July 27, 2008 @ 3:07 am

    Ranka feels sad, using her song as a weapon to exterminate the Vajra and I think there is more to the creatures that we are being told… something about this whole thing is not right… it doesnt feel right, and Ranka can feel it…

    man, I want a Ranka decal too!! :3

  12. DiGiKerot Said,

    July 28, 2008 @ 1:55 am

    Macross 7 was ALWAYS considered ‘canon’

    You know, I was under the impression (and I wish I could remember where I read this) that Kawamori doesn’t strictly consider any version of Macross as being entirely canon – he considers them dramatisations of events that happen in the Macross universe. As such, they are prone to inaccuracies, exaggeration and pandering to present tastes for the sake of dramatic effect.

    Which all just sounds like an excuse to not take continuity as seriously as he should, but it’s probably a prompt for us to do much the same.

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