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Shirley gets her memories back, wonders what to do, calls Suzaku out but meets Lelou as well, finds out Lelou is alone, decides to act on her love and gets killed in the end. Dammit, Sunrise. You just HAD to kill her off. Shirley was such a good girl, but she always get the short end of the stick. Sigh. It’s just so sad… even till the end, she loved Lelou so much that she would still love him even if she was reborn. Goddammit Rolo! GOD DAMN YOU, YOU GAY BASTARD!

*sniff* *sniff* Moving on… Orange-kun went to Lelouch’s side as well! That was just so unexpected there, but it was nicely done at the least. It’s really funny though that all his actions in the past were actually due to his loyalty towards Queen Marianne! Still, Lelouch just got a really powerful ally there now with that Geass Canceller, but it’s just… really unexpected. It is kinda LULZ that Orange-kun is now on the side of the guy who made him that way. But in a way, it’s a bit tragic as well I guess, since he was fighting all this while to atone for this failure to protect the person he admired the most, and later her son caused him all that pain as well. I’d say it’s a nice graduation from “comedy character” to “tragic character” for Orange-kun here.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this episode as the series is finally started moving back towards the things I like the most about it, being the mysteries of the Geass, not to mention turning back more logical and planned, instead of the haphazard storytelling of the past few episodes. I guess the main writers came back from their holiday.

There’s also a new OP by FLOW, which isn’t too bad, but doesn’t seem to be really memorable either, as well as a new ED by ALI PROJECT with more awesome Geass art from CLAMP accompanying it. The OP hints of interesting things, such as upgraded mecha and also space settings, and as usual of Sunrise OP sequences go, it’s pretty much spoilerific. The ED has the usual crop of awesome CLAMP renderings of the characters, and my favorite has to be this one of Lelouch and C.C.

Code Geass R2

Next week; emo Lelouch, imprisoned Cornelia, more V.V and ninjas!


  1. PrYuN Said,

    July 10, 2008 @ 11:07 am

    Is there anyone else who thinks that there is a possibility that suzaku actually had a direct hand in shiley’s death? after all, it was mentioned somewhere that suzaku would regret an action…. maybe rolo’s geass was to allow himself to escape “unseen” and shirley tried to shoot the “stranger who appeared from nowhere” activating suzaku’s “live” geass

  2. manga Said,

    July 10, 2008 @ 10:14 pm

    The way they focused on Roló´s face, the pendant and everything gives it away. As soon as someone mentions Nunally and if Lelouch isn´t there Rolo will go on a killing spree to stop people from trying to reunite Lelouch and Nunally. Since according to Rolo Nunally doesn´t exist and Lelouch is his only brother and that´s the way it should be.

    Suzaku is an ass, but kill people he know and loves? You could try to tell Suzaku to kill Euphie and look at what his response is. And thinking about it, it is happening in Japan, where Suzaku is trying to change how the japanese and people are treated, do you honestly think he would go about and kill the people he´s sworn to protect? If it was Lelouch he had to kill as he know he had his memory back sure he would do it, but to a non-combatant like Shirley? No freaking way in hell. He´s still got the nice side to him.

    From what we see Suzaku is standing OUTSIDE the building giving the police orders on how to deal with the situation, you NEVER see him going INSIDE the building like Shirley does.

    So please, don´t try to have Suzaku do things he doesn´t have any part in. Not from this episode anyway… and no, I´m not defending him, but from what the episode shows he has nothing to do with Shirley´s death.

    PrYuN: How can Shirley try and shoot someone when she doesn´t even have her finger on the trigger and the gun pointed downwards?

    Please try to watch the episode and to not create OWN fantasies :p

  3. PrYuN Said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 9:38 am

    Its just a possibility… no one’s saying that’s what happened.

  4. nazzina Said,

    July 15, 2008 @ 6:45 am

    hehe, i thought it was great that shirley’s gone, she was just useless character anyways. rolo turn out to be quite kewl :p

    now lets roll in to some great action.

    bye bye whinny biatch! ^_^

  5. Gains Said,

    July 20, 2008 @ 1:56 am

    Rolo redeems himself this episode. Now every time he is nearing death, I can say that his will be heroic and he has that sense of accomplishment for his brother.

  6. Orange-kun Said,

    March 9, 2009 @ 3:44 pm

    Good girls always dies first. Lame! ROLO IS LAME!!!!

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