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Hoshi no Umi no Amuri 02

Hoshi no Umi no Amuri

OH YEAH!!! GIRL-ON-GIRL SYMMETRICAL DOCKING!!! This show is pretty awesome… XD

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Megami 100

Megami Magazine

I’m so getting this issue for the Nanoha movie announcement and the posters of Evangeline, Nogizaka Haruka, meganekko Tomoyo, and the B3’s of Lucky Star and Nanoha movie.

Plus, it’s the 100th issue, so I guess it has some commemorative value. I find it pretty lulz that for the past few years, all the 10(n)th’s issues have been Nanoha/Fate covers.

Well, let’s hope the Nanoha movie gives us back a reason to love the Nanoha series.

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Zero no Tsukaima III: Princess no Rondo 04

Zero no Tsukaima III


Ahh~~ another boobfest episode of ZnT III, this time mainly about Tiffania finally going to school but getting bullied. Of course, the question of the legitimacy of her awesome rack comes in to question by the majority of the student body, so she asks Saito to tell her why everyone’s so curious about it… damn that lucky sod. Too bad he gets cockblocked yet again… but not after copping quite a feel of Tiffania’s revolutionary bust.

Zero no Tsukaima III

I really don’t know either to hate him or pity him, really.

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Nanoha the Movie 1st announced.

A bit of an early leak of Megami, but this month’s issue brings some of the best news I’ve heard to date.

Yes, they’re making a Nanoha movie and oh god, I nearly came in my pants when I saw the scans. Here’s some details about what’s being announced in Megami this month:

  1. It’s gonna be a “parallel history” movie, and it will be non-canon. Gonna be a “New World” kinda thing. I bet it’s gonna be a more awesome retelling of the series.
  2. Nanoha and Fate will be rivals
  3. The battle clothes and devices will be changed. Apparently Bardiche is gonna get a female VA this time. More details in the scans below
  4. There’s gonna be a 2 hour drama CD, set 3 years after StrikerS, focusing on the rookies. No Nanoha/Fate/Hayate in it apparently.
  5. Movie release date is set for Winter 2009. A lot of time to save up for the DVD’s! Wait, apparently it’s THIS winter.

Scans after the jump.

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Code Geass R2 16

Code Geass R2


Woo~ a really satisfying episode this week. It’s been a while since I’ve been this fired up while watching Geass.

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Nogizaka Haruka’s Secret 03

Nogizaka Haruka

Four words; Haruka rocks, Yuto’s GAR.

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“Ranka Attack”

Macross Frontier

The latest delicacy in the Macross Frontier fleet, Vajra kebabs!

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R.I.P my old PC…

In short, my faithful Prescott system suffered from a motherboard failure and is now spare parts T_T. It has served me faithfully for the past 3 years or so since I bought it, and stood up to my near 24/7 abuse of it, even miraculously surviving at least 2 lightning strikes on the LAN card. Hell, I’m surprised it didn’t die on the 2nd strike when it got hit and couldn’t boot up at all, magically reviving itself the next day. Really sad to see it getting felled by capacitor failure :(.

Anyways, thank you dear Intel D865GBF for giving me splendid and faithful service over the years I’ve had you, and all the awesome times you’ve given me. It’s really sad to see you go in this way, but what’s been fated can’t be changed. Posthumously, I offer you my respects and appreciation, may you rest in peace in the Big Motherboard Junkyard up there.

(And yes, I’ve just written an eulogy for an electronic component. I am not only hopelessly otaku, I am also a big geek as well orz)

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Code Geass R2 15

Code Geass R2


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Tokikake on the silver screen


Not a Tokikake post without this pose.

Well, barely a week after my viewing of Evangelion 1.0 in Cathay, GSC’s Japanese film festival brought in Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo to local theaters. Makes me wonder, what will be next? I would die if Byosoku 5cm got aired here, lol.

Anyways, the real experience wasn’t really that awesome though, because due to the weekend and the unexpected popularity of the show, me and my friends from AnimeShrine only got the front row seats, seriously the first row from the screen, mind you, so we have to crane our necks quite a bit to watch T_T. My other fellow Emina Cyber friends couldn’t even get any tickets, bless their poor souls :(.

Aside from that too, I suspect they used a HK or Taiwan bootleg DVD for the screening, since the picture quality was DEFINITELY not 9mm and they even had the black letterbox bars too! This also resulted in quite some pixelation, compounded by the fact I was seating right below the screen too. The subs and the typeface was a dead giveaway as well, but thankfully, the translations weren’t too terrible although they took some lines out of context.

There was also additional problems with the sound as well, since the back channels were kinda missing, so I suspect they chose the 5.1 surround and outputted the sound wrongly. It was a bit irritating for my first time watching friends, but wasn’t too pronounced with me because I’ve already watched it.

As for the movie, it’s definitely a good watch, suitable for families too, and I’m not kidding when I say the cinema had a lot of kids and families watching the movie. I think it’s a good exposure for them, although Makoto’s long running scene did elicit quite some naughty laughs in the cinema (you know you did it!). Some of my friends even nearly cried near the end too, lulz.

Otherwise, it was a pretty nice outing for me, and I’m quite surprised to be actually going to the cinema two weeks in a row lol. Finances are kinda fucked up right now though, unfortunately :X.

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