Kanokon 08

Pfft… what was this about Kanokon being “too extreme”. This week’s episode was as boring as the one where Chizuru had to avoid jumping on Kouta. Just another lame attempt to infuse “character development” in to Kanokon.

Even introducing Chizuru’s mom wasn’t good enough to forgive the boredom of this episode. Yeah, she did sexually assault Kouta, but it was just for a while and only once. Then that lame attempt to test Kouta’s “loyalty” was just pure boredom, since it was just Kouta and Nozomu going, “Can I?” “You can.” over and over. I nearly fell asleep at that part.

Even Chizuru had her FQ(Fanservice Quotient) lowered down, with just random T&A shots and a nyotaimori. For god’s sake, I’m not watching this to see a romance story! Give me back my awesome fanservice!!

Let’s hope next episode will bring back the mindless fanservice enjoyment. I suspect tentacles for next week.


The only remotely stimulating shot of the episode.


  1. meganeshounen Said,

    May 24, 2008 @ 10:51 pm

    I guess they had to tone it down, since all the past ones were pretty much over the top with fanservice?

    Let’s hope that the Fanservice Quotient will go up again next time..

  2. semtex Said,

    May 25, 2008 @ 7:52 am

    Whats the point of toning down fanservice in a fanservice show? makes no sense :P

  3. pho Said,

    May 27, 2008 @ 10:12 pm

    >> The only remotely stimulating shot of the episode..
    Stimulating enough for me??!!?!?!
    Well at least I think I still have an avid imagination… LOL

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