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Megami 98: The morning after…

Megami Magazine

Man, Megami sure is laying it thick on the Konata x Kagamin pairing.

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Kanokon 09



Holy shit this episode of Kanokon. Straight shot back up to the usual ecchiness. We have “chichi”makura (yes, that kind of “chichi”), pettan-ko Chizuru (flatter than Nozomu!!) and “cake”. Yes. “Cake”. No, seriously. “Cake”.

Oh god, now I hunger for cake.

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“Friendly Fire”

Macross Frontier

That looks rather fun.

Quite a mediocre episode actually, but it had some highlights, notably on Klein. Sheryl doesn’t really get much airtime this week :(.

Ranka also has her first single done already, and we can hear snippets of it playing in the background. That green little thing that follows her around is most definitely a Vajra, since it’s discovered that the Vajra’s breed via eggs now.

Otherwise, this is mostly a Michel episode, and I’m not much of a fan of him. Suffice to say the plot involves a tragic incident in his past with his sister and some Klein slap too. Her hands sure must’ve hurt. But it’s really funny seeing a Valkyrie get slapped.

Macross Frontier

I hope that hurts him too.

Next episode’s the interesting one, since it’s going to deal with the events of Macross Zero. I wonder how the OVA actually ties in to everything.

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Da Capo II S.S. 08

Da Capo II Second Season

T_T Sakura-san, T_T. The beginning of the end.

Interestingly enough, D.C. II S.S might go for the Yume ending, from what I’ve read about it.

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Code Geass R2 08

Code Geass R2

A million Zeros (and a dog).


Man, now THIS is Code Geass. A million Zero’s. All of them. Getting a “Get out of Jail” card for free. Zero is both awesome in his audacity and ingenuity. Seeing the faces of the Brittanians, especially Ms. Tightwad, gave it extra enjoyment. Lelouch must’ve really enjoyed planning this.

Well, like a friend says, guess this marks the start of the ZERO WORLD TOUR, XD. First stop will be the Chinese Federation? The fact that there’s no preview for 09 is a bit vexing. I sure hope it’s not another recap episode shit. You know it’s fucking annoying, Sunrise, especially after only eight episodes in to the season.

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Kamen no Maid Guy 04

Kamen no Maid Guy

Shit, Meido Guy is damn GAR. Supersonic panty-stealing for the win! Heck, those girls didn’t even notice it at all. They are so gonna be traumatized when they realize it later, hopefully not in somewhere public.

Customary loli character is introduced, and she LOVES strawberries. Man, that kendo match between her and Naeka was just whacked.

Kamen no Maid Guy

BTW, would you shell out a few million for Fubuki’s panties? Maybe we should start a Pantsu Price Tracker for the heck of it, XD.

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Kanokon 08

Pfft… what was this about Kanokon being “too extreme”. This week’s episode was as boring as the one where Chizuru had to avoid jumping on Kouta. Just another lame attempt to infuse “character development” in to Kanokon.

Even introducing Chizuru’s mom wasn’t good enough to forgive the boredom of this episode. Yeah, she did sexually assault Kouta, but it was just for a while and only once. Then that lame attempt to test Kouta’s “loyalty” was just pure boredom, since it was just Kouta and Nozomu going, “Can I?” “You can.” over and over. I nearly fell asleep at that part.

Even Chizuru had her FQ(Fanservice Quotient) lowered down, with just random T&A shots and a nyotaimori. For god’s sake, I’m not watching this to see a romance story! Give me back my awesome fanservice!!

Let’s hope next episode will bring back the mindless fanservice enjoyment. I suspect tentacles for next week.


The only remotely stimulating shot of the episode.

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Twintail Alto-hime

Macross Frontier

If this ever gets in to the real show, I’ll die happy.

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Youtube account banned

Wow, they banned my account all of a sudden, without any notice at all. Not that big of a bummer, since I didn’t really use the account that much apart from the occasional MAD, funny video and to keep track of subscriptions, but it does suck when they don’t tell you anything before-hand.

Well, actually I did receive a takedown notice on my Tomoyo 528-hit combo video a few days ago, but I sure didn’t expect them to ban me outright. Banzai for Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc!?

Now I kinda know how Aroduc felt when it happened to him too, albeit only a fraction of the anger.

Anyways, this means most of the videos I’ve posted in my blog are gone now. Thankfully, most of them are on my HDD still.

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“High School Queen”

Um, this is basically a screencap pimping post, so if you have a slow connection, be warned.

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