Code Geass R2 03

Code Geass R2

Mmm~~ C.C.

Aired as usual, with no cuts or changes. Posting was delayed thanks to overloaded server though, so if you can, please do donate to the ongoing donation drive :).

Rollo is about to use his Geass on the Xingke, when a phone call coming from Lelouch interrupts him, and Rollo is surprised to find out that he’s back at school AND together with Viletta-sensei. Rollo returns to the school, to a secret underground based, led by Viletta, in charge of monitoring Lelouch. They find no abnormalities that suggest he has regained his memories, but Rollo still has his doubts. Meanwhile, Lelouch continues to live his false life, trying to find a chance to know what happened to Nunally.

The Black Knights are still holed up in the Chinese Embassy, and after three days, Guilford is forced to play a dirty card, by threatening to execute the captured members of the Black Knights if he doesn’t give himself up in another 24 hours. Lelouch is forced to finally make a move, and he seizes a chance to go out on a date with Shirley to his means. He uses a bomb threat to lure Viletta out of the school, and waits for Rollo’s return to the underground control room. While he has the upper hand at first, Rollo uses his Geass to turn the tables against him, giving a big surprise to Lelouch. Things at the Chinese Embassy aren’t go so well either, with the Chinese Federation finally taking their action against the Black Knights too.

Another masterful move by good ol’ Lelouch to keep himself from discovered. When the phone call came, I was surprised too. We’ve now seen for sure the real power of Rollo’s Geass, which is the ability to freeze people for a second or so, not exactly time stop, since the water was still flowing in the underground sewage system room when he activated his Geass and killed the poor guy who walked in on him at the wrong time. This really shows how truly extreme he is in his ways. I also suspect his ability is also area limited, probably same as Lelouch and Mao’s Geass. Perhaps the length of his time stop is inversely related to the size of area he chooses to use his ability?

Kallen keeps providing the fanservice of the series, which seems to be a running joke now. First the bunny girl costume, and now running out of the bath, with only her towel? She’s really a rather rash person, isn’t she. Kinda cute when she notices it and blushes up so fast, XD. C.C also seems to have changed to the black uniform that we see in the opening sequence. Ahh~ so hawt.

Code Geass R2

We can see it~~

Suzaku’s cameo appearance in the episode was pretty much ^^;;;…. Single handedly pwning the poor Italian EU Knightmares, rather hax really. Just some fanservice for the Suzaku fans I guess.

Next episode, we’ll see how Lelouch and Rollo are going to confront up each other, now the secret’s out of the bag. I do wonder… what is the significance of the locket that he received from Lelouch as his birthday present?


  1. KonW Said,

    April 21, 2008 @ 12:52 pm

    I guess Roro is a real brother of Ruru but being abandoned since very young ,,,,probably twins of Narani ? From his skills in controling the Nightmere we can guess how terrible a childhood he had spent in battle grounds,, extremely if it was imposed on him by his real father ,,,So as a thing from his real relative and as a sign of the family love ,he really values it ,,,Maybe the assistance in catching C.C. is the condition the Emporer gave him for return to the family ?

  2. E36 Said,

    April 21, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

    I think they are setting up poor Guilford to go the same way as Jeremiah/Orange that is getting geassed by Lelouch and ending up disgraced and stripped of rank and title.

  3. Magnius of the Chaos Said,

    April 22, 2008 @ 12:32 am

    That would serve Guilford right, seeing how he treated Orange after his disgrace.
    Let’s see if he chooses the orange fields or foot soldier.

    … Four-eyed smug bastard. FEEL THE PAIN OF JEREMIAH.

  4. Nagato Said,

    April 23, 2008 @ 2:30 am

    Aha! But see, the locket was something that he had given Nunnally… his memories were just altered to show that he’d given it to Rollo instead. Why indeed would Rollo be so defensive about it? :hmm:

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