Sheryl Nome is my new idol

Macross Frontier

That “motteike” song she sings in the first episode is stuck in my head. O~single, when art thou released?

I’m kinda late in jumping in to the bandwagon for blogging Macross Frontier, but I’ve been actually following it since episode 1 aired. So far, I can say it’s the show I’m most impressed with in this season, whether it is for the musical emphasis with some truly great songs already used, or for the beautiful production quality, or for the cast of instantly likable and some quirky characters. God I loved Ranka’s “nyan~ nyan~” enactment. That thing sure got stuck in my head as well.

I’m also impressed with how they manage to tie it in to the Macross universe, yet not connect it so tightly that first time viewers, like myself, are lost in it. This is really my first time watching a Macross series, so I’m glad I’m not so bogged down in not knowing anything at all about the previous Macross shows.

In terms of star power, Yuuichi Nakamura is doing a good job, and his name seems to be rising pretty well, after his big break as Tomoya in CLANNAD. I still get flashes of Tomoya when he speaks as Alto though, there’s a certain “emo”-ness in Alto that reminds me of Tomoya as well, although in Alto’s case, he’s more towards looking like a girl than being able to smoothly deal with them, haha. Alto-hime for the win!(?)

Aya Endo’s Sheryl Nome is pretty awesome too, especially when I only remember her for Miyuki in Lucky Star. There’s even seiyuu jokes made out of it already, LOL. Initially coming off as a “bitchy” type, I’ve slowly warmed up to her as she shows her various sides, especially in episode 3 when she encourages Ranka to go for her dreams. Her songs are all generally awesome, and Yoko Kanno is definitely win. God, I can’t wait for the singles >.<

Megumi Nakajima’s debut as Ranka Lee also deserves mention, and although her performance is still rather rough around the edges, she’s doing a good job. Her singing voice is pretty decent too, Aimo being quite a good, dreamy listen. Looking forward to see how she performs in the Miss Macross Frontier competition XD. I’m kinda interested in her cellphone/communicator too. It’s like…. o.0?


  1. Haesslich Said,

    April 19, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

    The best part about those rough edges, as you call them, is that they make her sound more real, IMO. Ms Nakajima sounds more like a real teenage girl than some more professional seiyuu did when they were teens as a result (Hirano-sama, I’m sorry to have to say this). It doesn’t come across as forced even when her voice sounds a bit shrill or strained. I’m enjoying her work more here as a consequence, and the casting has yet to disappoint. Jun Fujiyama as the childish-sounding Luca is a bit odd, and unexpected as is Aya Endou as the divatastic Sheryl after hearing her in other less bitchy roles.

  2. anonymous Said,

    April 19, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

    Everytime I see her speak I’m more reminded of Kinue Crossroad ;_;

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