H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ 10

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~

Oh wow. More dramatic revelations this episode.

So it’s revealed that the Kohinata’s were directly responsible for pushing Takuma’s mother to committing suicide, and the news of this causes Takuma’s trauma to resurface, resulting in a minor amnesia and nightmares for him. Hayami only worsens it more, by being apologetic about it, when Takuma clearly states that it’s not her fault. Tensions between the two soon reach a boiling point…

I have to admit it, Hayami made the situation even more worse herself. Takuma clearly refuses to pin the blame on her… yet she repeatedly tries to lay the blame on herself. It’s also interesting that they’ve shown the context in which the first scene in the anime plays out, the part where Hayami gets beaten up by the two guys… and cruelly enough… it doesn’t seem that one-sided or bullying that at first impression.

Still, I hope that Hayami will be able to resolve her own problems and finally reach a path of happiness for herself. She’s being shackled up too much by the past and the sins of her parents as well.

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