true tears 09 & 10

true tears

I’ve decided to post about both episodes together, since I’m really kinda late.

Episode 09:

After taking off on Jun’s bike, they both crash when Jun swerves to avoid a bunny, and the scooter erupts in to flames. Both Jun and Hiromi are unhurt, and when Shinichiro and Noe arrive at the scene, a relieved Shinichiro hugs the unsuspecting Hiromi, in front of Noe.

All of them return home, where Mrs. Nakagami is awaiting for them and pulls Hiromi inside first. Shin tries to stop them but his father stops him instead. Mrs. Nakagami, in a surprise show of kindness, helps Hiromi change her clothes, and tells her that she had been lying all along.

The next day, the accident gets both Hiromi and Jun in to trouble with both of them getting suspended from school for two weeks. In another rare display of affection for Hiromi, both Mr. and Mrs. Nakagami turn up at school, as Hiromi’s guardian to assure the principal that they will take responsibility and that Hiromi is now their child. This finally melts the ice between Hiromi and Mrs. Nakagami, and they start to get along.

On the other hand, Noe has finally realized that Shin’s heart belongs not to her, but to Hiromi and she tells him that “his place to fly” isn’t with her, but somewhere else. But still… the fact is hard to swallow, and she is depressed.

Episode 10:

Shinichiro and Hiromi’s relationship has returned to warmer states and they both visibly enjoy each other’s presence.

Back at school, Miyokichi asks Noe, who is still depressed, to cast a curse on him so that his heart will not be moved by another girl anymore, in an attempt to get over the fact that Ai-chan doesn’t like him. After Noe obliges, Miyokichi decides to officially part with Ai-chan, using the curse as the excuse.

Back home, Hiromi has reached a conclusion herself, and asks for Mr. Nakagami’s help. The next day, she looks up Jun, who’s working part-time to repair his scooter, and tells him to stop the lovers’ play already, but Jun refuses to agree to it.

At school, Miyokichi spills about his breakup to Shin, who questions himself if it was his fault. He looks for Noe afterwards, and invites her to watch his dance practice, which she gladly accepts and enjoys. Noe and Ai are also officially introduced to each other.

At home later that night, Hiromi tells Shin that she’s moving out to her relatives’ apartment. Shin tries to persuade her otherwise, but she doesn’t budge. Over the next few days, Hiromi prepares his stuff, with the full help of the Nakagami’s and on the day itself, she has a chat with Shin about why she decided to live at the Nakagami’s in the first place, recalling the events of the festival that she claimed to have forgotten.

true tears

Recalling happy memories.

Finally leaving… Shin doesn’t say goodbye to her, but soon after decides to chase after her on his bike, realizing he could’ve “wipe off Hiromi’s tears” all this while, but didn’t do it. He manages to catch up with the truck but crashes, and a touching scene plays out between them both, with Shin promising to do his best.

true tears

I’ll definitely wipe off your tears.

Being a Hiromi x Shinichiro fan, I cannot deny that this two episodes definitely brought a smile to my face, especially the ending of episode 10, while undeniably cheesy, but still touching. Ah, I guess it’s dramatic moments like this is what gets me hooked so much on this series.

With such, this two episodes definitely give a satisfying conclusion to the Hiromi plot thread, with her relationship between the Nakagami’s, especially Mrs. Nakagami, normalized and in fact, for the first time, an acknowledgment of being a family. Yet, Hiromi hasn’t given up her romantic feelings for Shinichiro, and she, in my opinion, made the right choice to move out and become independent, and it opens up a smoother road for them to embark on a real romance.

Still, we have Noe and Ai-chan’s stories to finish yet, and I definitely feel sad for Noe, especially since I’ve seen this development coming from the time when Shin confessed to her. Noe is definitely a very sensitive person, despite coming off as aloof, and she instantly read out Shin’s real feelings on the night of that accident.

I feel even more sad for her when she pushes Shin away, telling him that his place to fly isn’t with her, but somewhere else. Still, she managed to get a final respite (or maybe not, depending on the next episode) with Shin, watching him dance, and I guess she’s ready to say goodbye to her first love.

As for Ai-chan, it seems that Miyokichi’s painful breakup with her has opened her eyes to who actually loves her the most, and her “graduation” from Shinichiro is definitely a good sign for her. Miyokichi, despite his lack of airtime, has come off as a very nice guy character, and I would definitely love to see him happy in the end.

But however, it seems from the preview, that the character with the major conflict up ahead is Jun, with his feelings for Noe and his desire to see her happy. I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic.


  1. Dot. Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 12:16 am

    “Hiromi prepares his stuff”
    I knew it was a trap!

    Oh, and Shin isn’t worthy of getting Noe so this is a good turn of events.

  2. EmOtakuVu Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 10:17 am

    Have to say that it seems Hiromi x Shin is all but official but with 3 episodes left, there’s still a chance for a last minute curveball. I think Ai-chan’s role in the Shin sweepstakes has finally come to a total end, not that she was every really in the running. Being a fan of Miyokichi, I’m hoping Ai-chan will finally come to see him for what he is, after getting Shin out of her system.

    What will happen to Noe, now that’s the real question. All the signs seem to point to her being out of the running now too. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t quite moved on. I hate to see her sad, but I can’t see things getting better for awhile. Not sure if Shin invited her to see him dance out of guilt or genuine fondness, but it probably only served to make things ultimately more difficult for Noe.

    I think the X factor here will be Jun. He certainly seemed to be intent on things working out his way, so who knows what’s gonna happen. Really gonna be interesting to see how things wrap up.

  3. True Tears 10: Doing the Right Thing | Anime Episode Reviews, news and more Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 11:54 am

    […] Christmas to Kuro, Stripey, Kabitzin, Ascaloth, and the lot of you HiromixShin-chan supporters you got your end […]

  4. Crusader Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 11:54 am

    If Jun hits Hiromi then it will be drastic, but if its Shin-chan…I’ll file it under weregild.

    I am still surprised and touched that Nobuse went and asked for Noe’s help.

  5. JohnG Said,

    March 10, 2008 @ 2:04 pm

    Honestly, HiromixJun was even more doomed than AixMiyokichi from the start. The only question was whether Shin had actually fallen for Noe or if he was just using her as a Hiromi substitute. Now that ShinxHiromi is pretty much undeniable, I wonder if it will be Shin who breaks up with Noe or Noe who has to initiate everything.

  6. Jauken7 Said,

    March 11, 2008 @ 10:47 am

    Well, I think there’s still a chance for Noe. Shin and Hiromi may yet decide they are just good friends after all and Noe will cry True Tears of happiness when he comes back to her. That is if she decides to take him back. Three episodes is plenty of time for that scenario to develop… it’s still anyones guess at this point.

  7. Owned4eva/PhAzEsHiFt Said,

    March 11, 2008 @ 1:22 pm

    Eufonius Insert Song Again ^^

  8. Luigi Said,

    March 14, 2008 @ 5:59 am

    ….when I first started watching this series I really did not know what to expect….what I got was an emotional TOUR DE FORCE the likes of which i had never experience before..the artwork is 1st rate, the soundtrack is understated, but it’s the story line that first wraps the viewer up in a nice warm blanket…making you feel like all is right with the world, that is until you finally notice ( 3/4 of the way thru ) that you’re not too sure where you are, what’s going on, and why do you have the overr whelming urge to weep openly…..maybe I am getting old, but was i really that mean and clueless as a teen? I immediately gravitated to Shin and what he was feeling…I didn’t hate Hiromi but I honestly bealive that he belongs with Noe…I really like this series and i really enjoy this website.

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