GACC 2008: A sincere apology.

To the people on that Friday night/Saturday morning when Masakazu Morita-san came in for a surprise visit to the GACC committees, I sincerely apologize for hijacking myself in some of your group photos.

I was pretty caught up in the flow of things that night, being surprised and all, so I didn’t realize that it was inappropriate for me to be inside some of your group pictures. For that, I have nothing but myself and only myself to blame.

However, I would also like to say here that I am not a particularly socially sensitive person, and I admit that I am an dumbass at noticing social cues which are pretty obvious, so I would’ve appreciated it if someone could’ve pointed out my mistakes to me before hand. I am not a person who is afraid to admit my own wrongdoings, but I am a person who really hates to be kept in the dark and forced to accept punishment without any knowledge of the reason.

Again, I apologize sincerely for the incident, and I shall endeavor to not repeat the same mistake again, to the utmost of my abilities. I dearly hope for everyone who I have hurt their feelings will accept this sincere apology of mine.

Comments will be closed as this is not an incident that concerns my regular blog readers, but I felt that using my blog as the platform is the best way to reach out to all the people that I have offended as I do not have all their personal contacts.

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