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Kane’s Wrath (and birthdays)

Finished Kane’s Wrath. God damn, I really lose myself when I play all this games. Stupid Nod missions throw tons of surprises at you.

Especially hate the Temple Prime mission, because I wasted time building up my initial base, only to be stolen by AI and forced to go commando. Not to mention the game crashed at the mission completion. Then the final Nod mission was WTF too, because there’s only 6 mins to capture the final mission objective… but a MARV and a whole fucking base to take out before that…. 2 hours of base building gone down the drain. DAMN YOU EA. Not to mention the stupid Nod campaign ended with more cliffhangers, yet again. Someone, really, please kill EA’s story writers.

On the plus side, it’s pretty fun to play Nod now, and I’m pretty particular to the Black Hand faction. PuriFIRErs are fucking awesome when upgraded. It’s truly a sight to see when a group of 10 Purifiers march in to a fully garrisoned city, and clean it all out in under 3 minutes, with only 2-3 casualties. Flame on, baybeh.

Nod’s new artillery rocks too, and it works way better than Beam Cannons. The new upgrades are fun too, especially Particle beam upgrades. They make base defending really cheap, using Shredder walls. Hell, they work even better than PEW PEW PEW LAZERS.

Haven’t tried the GDI or Scrin factions yet… maybe tomorrow. Also need to try out the Global Conquest mode.

And before I forget, it’s Ayako Kawasumi and Megumi Hayashibara’s birthday today (totally forgot the day, lol). I wish them both another wonderful year (and more roles too).

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Gundam 00 25

Gundam 00

GG Setsuna.

Fuck you Sunrise, just… fuck you.

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true tears 13

true tears

At long last… the final episode of true tears! This post would’ve been up earlier if not for Kane’s Wrath + me looping a certain scene in the episode nearly 20 times.

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Shakugan no Shana II 24

Shakugan no Shana II

Cliffhanger ending episode for the win?

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CLANNAD Extra Chapter: Events of Summer


I went “Nyaa~” at seeing this.

Mei-chan isn’t as sweet as everyone thinks she is….

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Magical Heart Kokoro-chan!

Magical Heart Kokoro-chan


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Spice and Wolf 13

Spice and Wolf

Awesome ending episode is awesome.

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[アニメ]TVA「CLANNAD AFTER STORY」製作決定! このエントリーを含むブックマーク


Moonphase reports that CLANNAD AFTER STORY will be made, with no staff changes. The news was reported in Dengeki G’s Magazine 2008/05, in an interview with the director.

No further information at the moment.

UPDATE 1: Added a line (presumably from the interview article). “At first, we only decided to take Nagisa’s route, however after many discussions this was decided instead.”

UPDATE 2: So yes, the announcement at the end of this week’s CLANNAD is the preview of CLANNAD AFTER STORY. Here’s a nice upload on Youtube of the 15 sec clip.

First thing I thought when I saw Ushio… “Ijimeko?!” Shit, so cuteeeeeeee~~~~~~~~~

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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ 12

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~

Finished the show. All I can say at first is… “oh wow”.

Continuing off from 11, the trauma has caused Takuma to revert to a child state, and he thinks of Hayami as his mother. With no options, Hayami leaves for Tokyo with Takuma to try and make him recover by going back to apartment where he used to live. They both live a happy life there for a while, until one day Takuma follows Hayami out to do grocery shopping.

On that fateful day, Hayami finally asks Takuma of what he really thought about his real mother, in front of a railway crossing, and the question stirs up painful memories. Takuma falls in to a trance, and suddenly realizes that Hayami isn’t hold his hand. Hayami tries to save a kid whose ball bounced in to the railway crossing, and Takuma realizes it was the same thing that happened on the day his mother died. He finally opens his eyes, only to see Hayami… getting run over by the train.

A recital of the “Footprints in the sand” by the main cast is read, and time jumps to years ahead. Hotaru is now the village elder, Maki and Hamaji got married and actually have a child and Yui is still Yui. Takuma is now a handsome tall guy (lulz), and his eyes are fine. He’s putting on the finishing touches on a huge windwill, built on the same hill he met with Hayami, when he hears a familiar voice. Loli-mode Otoha appears out of the bushes chased by a wild pig, a reenactment of sorts, and dives right in to Takuma, telling him that it was hard for her to persuade the Spirit World to do this.

Takuma is left wondering on the meaning of the words, when another familiar face walks out from the bushes. It’s Hayami-chan, miraculously back, and Takuma is dumbfounded for a moment before he smiles back to her, and the both of them look up on the newly completed windmill. The End.

Really a nice ending there, relatively speaking here though, considering how botched up most of the anime was. I’ll say it’s the most solid ending episode yet (until true tears 13 airs) of this season, packing a lot of closure in one episode, yet still managing to insert a lot of drama in to most of it. Truly, I didn’t expect Hayami to actually “die” in order to finally salvage back Hirose’s heart, and it was a rather shocking moment when it happened.

Looking back, it’s also pretty awesome how they manage to write out the last few moments and resurrect back Hayami from the dead… providing a touching closure to the series. I still accept it’s highly deus ex machina but still… it was nice of them to finally be together. Also, +awesome points for the hot adult Hotaru and I kinda lol’d at the idea of Hamaji being a father. I guess it’s more correct to call him “mother”, rather XD.

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~

Adult Hotaru is kinda hawt.

Anyways, H2O has been a mess, but I think the ending kinda makes up for it. At the least I didn’t feel “Oh i so wasted my time watching this show, orz” at the end of it. Not exactly a show I can recommend, but if you’re really interested, it’s okay to watch, heh.

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H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ 11

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~

Hirose injures Hayami in a fit of anger, after he goes out looking for her in the typhoon. When he comes to his senses, he’s back home and blind again, seemingly all this while. With a push from Hotaru’s grandfather, Hayami decides to leave the village in order to not bring any more harm to Hirose. Hirose tries but fails to stop her, giving up because “I’m blind”, but Hotaru comes and knocks some sense in him.

Hayami is about the leave the village, when the two lackeys of Hotaru’s grandfather corner her with shotguns, but she manages to run away, until the mastermind himself appears. She’s cornered back to the ruins of her own house, and almost gets executed, only to be saved by Hirose appearing. He swears to protect… “his mother” this time.

Man, this show is definitely getting more and more messy. Hayami continues to be self-blaming, which is really sad for her. Hirose seems to become more and more dysfunctional by the episode as well. The best part of this episode was definitely Hotaru telling Hirose flat out that no one is forbidden to be happy, which really suits both Hirose and Hayami, as both are still unable to forgive and accept themselves.

One more episode to go… I hope this show will end well.

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