H2O ~Footprints in the sand~ 06

H2O ~Footprints in the sand~

So, now that Hayami and Hinata made up, it’s time for Yui’s turn.

Despite my expectations for it to be a boring episode, it was actually quite an important one, since it reveals the reason of why Hayami is despised by the villagers. It turns out her family were doctors and they extorted a lot of money from the villagers, causing them to be hated. Yui’s grandfather died indirectly because of this, as the family couldn’t afford the medical fees for his illness. Yui, being pretty close to her grandfather, hated the Kohinata family ever since.

That said, this episode has Yui picking up fights with Hayami and losing much, to Yui’s vexation. Yui storms off, gets lost in the mountains and she’s saved by Hayami, at where the Kohinata house used to stand. Yui starts getting angry at her and shouts out her feelings, Hayami responds with, “It’s my responsibility to receive your hatred, since I have nothing left to return back to you.” (note: abbreviated). This somewhat patches up the relationship between them, although they still have that rivalry thing going on, especially now that Hayami is wearing twintails as well.

Argh, Hayami, why do you have to change to twintails so fast? I prefer the long hair, since it differentiates you better than the twin tails :P. Well, it was kinda hilarious seeing her and Yui actually ordering the same dessert and choosing the same dress. Hayami has a pretty deadly punch though….


  1. The Hordesman Said,

    February 10, 2008 @ 3:13 pm

    Now with most conflicts settled, I believe the blindness will return in the next episode, with the obvious return of our beloved “pimp” cane.

  2. EmOtakuVu Said,

    February 11, 2008 @ 4:24 am

    I thought this was an entertaining episode with some good back story to finally clue us in on Kohinata’s past. Still, I thought that they might have moved to quickly, and easily, in resolving the major conflicts. I mean, Kohinata was being beaten up pretty viscously daily and was a total outcast, that indicates some pretty deep seated hatred and loathing, especially since the entire village pretty much seemed to sanction it. Now it’s all settled seemingly? Granted, Hinata’s gramps can still play the heavy but if Hinata and Yui on her side, or at least not working against her, Kohinata’s life is sure to be a lot easier than before.

    Still, I’m wondering what happened to the rest of her family. I mean, this isn’t feudal times, I find it hard to believe that the village could have simply separated the family and banished them leaving Kohinata behind alone. Nothing seems to indicate her family is dead, so why she would be left in the village alone to fend for herself is beyond me. It sets up the conflict, but just doesn’t make much sense.

    I liked all the gothloli outfits and I guess I’m a sucker for twin tails though I agree Kohinata should have stuck with the longer hair, not because it looks better (I like her in twin tails) but to better set her apart from Yui.

    I’m inclined to think it’s gonna be lights out for soon for Hirose too. How that will impact things will be interesting. His real part in this story has yet to be revealed, so far he’s been mr nice guy patching up old wounds, but his true roll is yet to really being.

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