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Initially, I intended to comment on Stripey’s post, but I decided to post it here instead.

I can’t see why people keep blaming Hiromi for being “boring” or “normal”. I think those people need to stop watching true tears now because, clearly, they do not read in to the subtleties of the body language, much less understand the drama and the feel of the series as a whole.

Unlike your average run-of-the-mill high school romance stories, true tears is an “adult” series, and even the people involved in it have said so. For those thinking that true tears is targeted to 14 to 18 year-olds, you are sorely mistaken.

My bone of contention is really on how many are blaming on how Hiromi is sending off mixed signals, and yes, she is doing so, if you look on the surface. However, it’s been majorly hinted that Hiromi’s past and possibly her origins has something to do with her actions towards Shinichiro, and to ignore that factor is to really deny Hiromi’s real feelings towards him.

It is clear as day that she has liked him since they were young, but there has to be a very big overriding reason for her to rationally take the painful decision to seal it all away and act indifferent towards him. To both Hiromi and Shinichiro, that one year before the series timeline that they have lived together has to have been a very awkward time together. Just imagine that if your best friend, someone you’ve known for years, suddenly turning indifferent… or even worse, as in Hiromi’s case, overtly polite to you.

Of course there are many theories already surrounding the circumstances behind Hiromi’s decision of sealing her feelings, including the idea of Hiromi being actually Shinichiro’s sibling, but what is certain is that it is a product of their parent’s generation, and we’ll definitely need to know what has happened in the past, between the two families. I have my own theories, but I’ll keep them for later.

Now, back to my original topic, about Hiromi’s “mixed signals”. It’s a very simple explanation actually, she’s jealous. She sees a threat in Noe for Shinichiro’s feelings and against her own earlier decisions, she decides to get back closer to him in order to not lose him. In fact, from that, we can see how “human” Hiromi truly is. While she had decided to shut off her feelings in the surface, there is no stopping love from doing its work. I do not agree 100% with her actions either, but then, I can never blame her from doing it. Falling in love once myself, I understand why she acts that way too.

Hell, her conflicting feelings and actions, is what really makes me stay up until 6am the day true tears airs, watching and spending an hour or so typing out a blog post for it. Her struggles are just what gives true tears it’s “adult” taste, that really sets it out apart from the rest of the crop this season. Even Kaori Nazuka, who plays Hiromi, acknowledges that the emotions in true tears are painful, and over the course of the 5 episodes already aired, this has been proven very right. Despite such, I still love it a lot, as to feel this emotions are, in a way, an acknowledgment of our existence.

Finally, before I ramble more, to end this post, I’d like to say to Hiromi’s detractors that I won’t stop you guys from not liking Hiromi, but at the least, show her some respect, at least on my blog comments. Is that a lot to ask for?


  1. Foxy12 Said,

    June 5, 2009 @ 4:41 am

    I completely agree with you on Hiromi and because Hiromi’s is difficult many people don’t seem to focus on her emotional drama ..

    Hiromi is a very complex character but i don’t think she did anything wrong ,her selfishness was due to how the mum treated her that made her who she was ,i was not angry at her at all like some ppl were because her actions were ttly human .lot’s of ppl (manily the younger one’s )don’t seem to focus on her emotional drama and they like Noe over her because they like perfection.Hiromi cried the most on this show ep 4,6,8,9,10,12,13 but the writers did an amazing job on showing the emotions of Noe as well as the other characters even though they didn’t cry much but were all in pain ,i wouidn’t say Hiromi suffered the most or Noe suffered the most like other ppl because to me they all suffered too much and they were very wounded by thier own feelings .Fear was one of the main factors that prevented these characters from sayin what they wanted to say..

    After reading some of the post at animesuki,It’s painfully clear that shin was the cause of her massive pain and saddness -she hated the fact that he was not there for her when she needed him the most ,she hated the fact that he didn’t get the hint that she liked him(Baka),she hated the fact that she had to lie for his sake ,she hated the fact that he hooked her up with jun ,she hated that memory of them ,she hated the fact that he was a burden to her heart ,she hated that he caused her pain because of her unrequited feelings for him maybe she was jealous of him because he never experienced her situation and that’s why he coudn’t understand what she was going through(he’s a mama’s 2,3,4,5 showed us that she was trying to get attention from him because she wanted him to confess his feelings to her so she can admit the truth and be relieved but at the same it showed us that she was trying her best to avoid him because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings or cause problems for the family at the price of her own happiness (it’s was a shin happiness or her own happiness sitution)in ep 6-she just couidn’t take it anymore and felt relieved that she let it out and was able to share this with Shin(much like Ai was when she told Nobuse the truth) but she was extremely sad and even cried calling herself a terrible person because she caused Shin pain and for sacrafising her own happiness..

    I understand the mum’s situation and I do feel sorry for her but she had no idea how much she screwed Hiromi’s life and feelings with that lie ,poor girl was just very very conflicted/troubled and had so many obstacles going on a gainst her,she was just living in the past of her’s and shin which she hated very much and was lonely at heart ..

    I just can’t beleive that some ppl dislike Hiromi so much ,I liked her a lot and felt very bad for her and just wanted her to be with Shin.she was in the worst situation than all the three girls and needed understanding..

    But Hiromi is not the most hated .She has quite number of fans .I think that Ai is the most misunderstood/hated of the girls even though she was deep ..Ai was more realistic and flawed than both Hiormi and Noe ..

  2. Foxy12 Said,

    June 5, 2009 @ 4:44 am

    I still like Ai a bit more than Hiormi and Noe ^ ^
    Hiromi and Noe have a lot and Ai need’s more love too ..

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