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Mad Nagisa is cute

Tomoya episode, surprisingly.

His homeroom teacher decides to pay a visit to his home, and we find out Tomoya’s father has been basically treating him as a stranger, etc. etc. Nagisa witnesses this and invites him to stay over her house, much to the displeasure of Akio-san. Over at the Furukawa’s, Tomoya experiences what it’s like to be a true family, which makes him feel weird. He also finds out that Nagisa Sanae used to be a school teacher and she quit her job to be a baker, and Nagisa later confides that she feels that she owes her parents something that happened in the past, but she can’t remember, sparking Tomoya’s curiosity.

Overall, nice character development episode, but nothing outstanding happens apart from a few moments of Sunohara hilarity. Tomoya still can’t be honest with/doesn’t realise his feelings for Nagisa yet, though.

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Gundam 00 20

Gundam 00

Gandamoo finally shifts in to high gear this week.

Let’s see, Saji gets more heartbreak upcoming with Kinue finally killed by Ali al-Sarshes, or whatever his real name is. Well, she did get warned already.

The main plot development in this episode is the world finally uniting as one, in order to repel the Gundams, especially now that they’ve each been given a fair share of GN Drive-equipped mobile suits. The Trinity are the first to taste this new power, which kinda makes me pity them since I can foresee them dying by the end of the season.

What really surprised me this episode though is Wan Liu-Min’s more sinister side, as she reveals herself to the Trinity, offering them assistance under the guise of her own desire to see the world change. I foresee her becoming at least a semi-final boss, even if it sounds a bit unlikely.

The other major thing to happen is Alexandro Corner being led to the main body of Veda by his green-haired sidekick, whose name is revealed to be Gibbons Almark, who is a Veda interfacer like Tieria and Nena and he seems to have plans of his own as well. Not surprising if he turns out to be the final boss. Either Aeolia Schenberg devised a pretty elaborate scheme or CB’s true ideals are going to be hijacked by someone else, judging from the plot so far.

Oh and Graham Aker is GAR, seriously. He’s offered captain position of the new GN Drive mechas but declines it to fight them with a Flag because of his vow earlier. I really can’t help but respect that. On the hand… his AEU “supposedly” counterpart, Patrick remains a huge running (literally and figuratively) joke.

Gundam 00

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Cute Lucia is cute.


Her par animation kills me every time. Whenever she does that pose, the first thing I think of is “zukyun~”. Don’t ask me why.

So for those wondering where have I been, I managed to make an account on KR Pangya, and fully play-testing Season 4 on it now. Lost Seaway is Overdrive pimpage, imagine 4k rounds average WITHOUT chipins. Coupled with the fact that the kind KR GM’s gave it 2x pang for the next two weeks…. OVER9000 pangs. I think I managed to earn about 250k pang already in the past 40-something hours, just from that course.

Still, the client’s a bit buggy here and there, and Lucia desperately needs more pang clothes. I’d actually buy some cookies for the heck of it, but I don’t know how orz. If anyone wants to play there with me, add “Yurikago” as a buddy. I could do with some English-speaking people there heh.

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Minami-ke ~Okawari~ 08

Minami-ke ~Okawari~


Pool episode! Wai!

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true tears 08

true tears

Hiromi… T_T

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Event Report: ACF 2008

ACF 2008

ACF 2008 event area

Another event to add to the burgeoning list of ACG(Anime, Comics and Games) events in Malaysia. ACF wisely (or not so wisely) decided to hold their event the week before GACC 2008. Heck.. didn’t even know about the even if it wasn’t LiLKev from The Figure Mall giving me a heads-up a week ago.

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Mai Otome 0~S.ifr Vol. 1

Mai Otome 0~S.ifr

Finished Otome 0~S.ifr (god, that’s so annoying to type), it’s a pretty good OVA, IMHO.

Story centers on Sifr, Nina’s mother, targetted by Schwartz for some unknown reason. She’s saved by the Otome group of Lena Sayers, Raquel Mayol, Eliott Chandler and their masters, Bruce Windbloom and Sister Hermana Shion, remaining under their guard until Schwartz launches another attack on them. Lena is forced to use her Otome Robe finally, facing off an android Otome, MIYU-9, but she overloads her Meister Gem, while Sifr gets kidnapped away.

First things first, Lena is crazily overpowered. I think she’s the only Otome so far that has so much power to actually overload a Meister-level GEM! Not to mention she’s got tons of abilities, from vibration attacks, super-speed and that Bolt From the Blue-esque attack. Her faceoff with MIYU-9 is definitely one of the better fights of the Otome series.

Also, I find that meido-fuku she wears in this episode really awesome, not to mention it looks like the one my Arin in Alba 18 wears :D. Thankfully, her personality is totally the opposite of her daughter…. which actually makes me wonder if Arika is really hers.

One other thing that I really must mention is how much Raquel Mayol sounds just like Hamaji. Minorin’s high-pitch voice scarily sounds exactly like Yuinyan’s to the point I had to double check the credits, ANN and Wikipedia to make sure that my eyes weren’t damaged. Even Raquel’s mannerisms resemble Hamaji quite a bit… (O.O).

Overall, quite a good addition to the Otome franchise. Thank god for no Arinko!

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H2O ~Footprints in the sand~ 08

H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~

Mahou Shoujo Magical Otoha!

Wow, this was a crazy episode.

Hotaru and Hayami are now Takuma’s imouto’s, his uncle is now “okaasan” (don’t ask), Hamaji is “Takuma-chan’s” osananajimi, Otoha is a transfer student-cum-resident mahou shoujo, and her enemy is Yui the Magical Farmer. As if it’s not ridiculous enough. Otoha requires Takuma to tsukkomi people in order to collect enough energy to henshin. Yeah, definitely a whacko episosde. Hell they even inserted a Miku parody… wonder Crypton will sue them or not.

Anyways, it all turns out to be Otoha’s own dream world, where she intends to enjoy herself for a last few moments as she’ll be disappearing soon as her duty is done already. She bids Takuma a teary farewell, after wishing him the best.

While the majority of this episode was pretty much whacked, the parting scene was pretty touching, even if Otoha hasn’t got a lot of screentime so far. I feel that’s one of the factors that really hold back H2O from greatness, since the lack of episodes has really cut off the story, and I feel as if watching a summary of it.

Still, this was a pretty enjoyable episode, and they really went all out with the gags, even actually including a real OP of Mahou Shoujo Otoha *facepalms*.

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Rosario+Vampire 08


Bondage study lessons from Liliko-sensei are guaranteed to score you an A+

Okay, not a badly done episode, given that the plot was a bit ridiculous, even if it was from the manga as well, but hey, I’m not hoping for much at this juncture. At the least, they integrated Shirayuki in the story pretty well.

Still can’t believe they roped in Aya Hisakawa to voice Liliko-sensei… I mean.. it’s so win, yet so wasted at the same time. I’m happy at the least, getting to hear delicious, sultry adult Aya Hisakawa voice again. When she goes all out… man.

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Shana II 19

Shakugan no Shana II

Badass Yuji?! Surely you jest!!

Yuji is confronted and threatened by Zarobi, who leads him over a city-wide walk. While Yuji desperately tries to figure out Zarobi’s plan, he passes by Ooga and Tanaka, who are on a date, and purposely makes a commotion to attract their attention. His little idea works, and Tanaka, after some deliberation decides to inform Margery about it, and afterwards, apologizes for leaving.

Back to Yuji, based on information on Zarobi he has obtained from Outlaw, he finally figures out Zarobi’s plan of luring him to a crowded area, then setting up a fuzetsu as a target for his partner, Bandela, who will shoot at it. He takes the initiative and sets up a city-wide fuzetsu, and easily disposes of Zarobi, finally realizing why Yoshida and Shana are mad at him. Shana and Wilhelmina arrive on the scene soon after, and they finish off Bandela. Yuji tries to apologize for the matter earlier, but a sudden explosion distracts them.

So, for the first time in the series, Yuji has finally participated in the real fighting and I must say it’s surprising on how angry he can get, especially when he breaks the neck of the red Zarobi, who I must say, is a rather weak Tomogara.

Next episode will finally see the appearance of Sabrac, the infamous assassin, and it looks set to be another action-packed episode. Finally, this show is getting things done right.

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