Rewatching this episode, I just felt like pointing out some things that I kinda missed mentioning earlier.


…Perhaps it was because of the way she was standing there in the afternoon sun, her dandelion-hued hair dancing in the wind; perhaps it was because of the way her old-fashioned white dress was swirling around her long and slender legs…
-Excerpt from The Dandelion Girl, by Robert F. Young

I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but the girl in the dead world, really resembles the description of the Dandelion Girl, when she first appears. I’ve actually noticed it since I first read the story halfway through Kotomi’s arc, but her appearance this episode reinforces that impression a lot. Wonder if this is another sign of how big an influence the Dandelion Girl was on the production of CLANNAD.


Another thing I want to say is how much I now like Nagisa as a character, after this episode. Initially, Nagisa was the CLANNAD girl I was least interested in, probably due to her characterization archetype of being the “weak and shy” one of the lot.

But going through this episode again, Nagisa really had a lot of character development this week and I’ve started to like her a lot after this, especially with the scenes above, after she decides to make way for the Choir Club and the later part where she covers for Tomoya by declaring herself as his girlfriend. It shows how fragile she still is at points, but yet how stronger she has become as well.

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  1. Syaoran Li Said,

    January 27, 2008 @ 1:58 pm

    Now I want to read that book (must found it right away)

    I spoil myself Clannad a little while ago on Wikipedia, so I’m just curious how KyoAni will lead us to the conclusion of their story; but maybe, just maybe, something can change in the end. It seems like they’re moving forward all the scenarios left to touch (Nagisa, Tomoyo and Kyou).

    I’ll ready for more.

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