Shigofumi 03

This week’s episode is about three friends, Koutake, Kaname and Senkawa. Koutake discusses about his feelings of wanting to jump off a train platform with his two friends one day, and is shocked when later at night, Kaname phones him to tell that Senkawa committed suicide by jumping off a building.

Everyone in school and his family is in shock with the meaningless suicide, and Senkawa’s father becomes desperate to know why his son died, thus he takes his son’s classmates hostage. While he questions everyone, Fumika interrupts with a shigofumi delivery, from Senkawa to Koutake.

Reading the letter aloud, Senkawa explains that he merely just wanted to test out the feeling of “jumping off”, that they discussed earlier. Immediately after the letter is read, the SWAT team swoops in and rescues the class, catching Senkawa’s father, as Koutake himself mentions that he understands now why.

Surprisingly, Kaname chases after Fumika, and reveals that he knew her back in elementary school, calling her Mikawa. The scene changes to a hospital bed of a girl in coma, with a book by Mikawa Kirameki, that Fumika was quoting earlier next to her.

This week’s death was… hmm, how to put it? Meaningless, yes, but stupid, probably not. I can’t imagine myself doing such, but I guess some people actually do so for no reason. I guess Senkawa just wanted to feel how it was to freefall. For anyone else who wants to jump like that though, I suggest trying bungee jumping instead.

More surprisingly was the revelation that Fumika is human before, and her real body may still be alive. That was an interesting development there no doubt, and one wonders what did Fumika herself might have experienced when she was alive.

Also, the supposed “censorship” of this week’s episode, turns out to be quite a lame one, merely only blackening out a few scenes. Better than having the episode not aired I guess, but really, I find no much use for their “censorship” at all, apart from being a wee bit annoying.

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