Shigofumi 02


Conclusion of the first story, this episode tells the reason why Asuna turned in to a murderer.

Continuing from last week’s cliffhanger, Fumika uses her powers to avoid Asuna’s knife. While surprised, she doesn’t forget to deal with Shota body, and buries it by the riverside. After that we are shown with shots of Asuna and Miku, her sister, living happily at an institution, while the institution director reveals that their father wasn’t exactly Father of the Year.

In fact, her father was using her as a nude model, at a room inside the same building where Shota conducted his rocket experiments. Asuna snapped when her father announced that Miku would also be coerced in to doing the same thing, so to protect her, Asuna killed him.

The next day, Shota’s body is quickly discovered, and Asuna decides to run after seeing the police are looking for her. She cuts off her hair and steals a jacket, boarding an express train to Aomori, but before she can leave, Fumika pays her a visit, with a letter from Shota.

Asuna accepts the letter after some “persuasion”. After reading it, she immediately runs back to Shota’s place, with the letter’s contents being one of apology. She reaches the rooftop and prepares the rocket for launch, but she gets a visit from one of the detectives on her before the rocket is launched.

Quite suddenly, a wind blows a piece of tarpaulin on to the rocket, so Asuna rushes to cut it free, but the detective’s partner, just arriving, construes it as an act of aggression and shoots Asuna instead. The episode ends with the rocket successfully launched as Asuna lays dying. Later, Fumika pays another visit to Miku, delivering another Shigofumi, implied to be from Asuna.

Nicely done mini-arc for an introduction to Shigofumi. This short arc just shows a lot of the meaning to the work that Fumika does and the concept of the Shigofumi. Just makes us realise how ugly humans are when they’re put in the wrong circumstances. Both Asuna and Shota were just unfortunate victims.

The OP is in this time, and it doesn’t seem to mesh well with the show. I guess ALI PROJECT is losing their touch a bit, and the tune of the OP just feels out of place.

Overall, Shigofumi looks to be pretty interesting, and as long as the show doesn’t go too one-tracked minded in their stories, it should do pretty well.


  1. Zzz... Said,

    January 14, 2008 @ 12:21 am

    When I saw the episode I was reminded of this line I read somewhere. I want to say it is from one of Neil Gaiman’s stories but I will have to look to find it again. Basically it goes like this…”Do not consult the dead for knowledge. The only thing the dead can teach us is death. To live look towards the living.”

    Apt advice for the death obsessed cultures you find in Asia.

    You have to wonder what would have happened if the 1st letter wasn’t delivered. Shouta died because of it and Asuna died because of the 2nd letter. For me the episode ended on a very disturbing note because Miku recieved a 3rd letter and for all intent/purposes the shigofumi curse seemed to be cyclic.

    It also makes you wonder at the purpose of shigofumi itself. The system and the earlier Hell Correspondance system seem to be designed to highlight the darkness in the human consciousness. But it is the equivalent of putting a gun in someone’s hand. They can’t claim innocence from what happens afterward.

  2. Nyx Said,

    January 20, 2008 @ 8:29 pm

    Though the OP and ED did not strike me, I think I liked the BGM when the rocket launched.

  3. Ichigo Said,

    January 22, 2008 @ 3:12 am

    This show for some reason reminds me of school days but with crazy twist i felt bad for asuna but that doesn’t mean she had to kill Shota for his only crime was loving asuna poor guy but it was pretty cool how she just killed him i wouldn’t have expected to end that way with shouta

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