Shigofumi 01


Shigofumi doesn’t seem to have been what I was expecting from it and I’m happy with that, because it makes this show interesting.

The first episode is about Shota Machiya, a rocket enthusiast, who’s in love with Ayase Asuna, a friend of his whom he got to know while trying to launch rockets on a building rooftop. The story starts with Asuna’s father being found dead and Shota subsequently meeting with Fumika, who’s tasked to pass Asuna’s father’s shigofumi to Asuna’s lover. Shota is supposedly the recipient, but he denies going that far with her. Fumika leaves, but Shota stops her, saying he’ll confess to her after launching his rocket.

Fumika hangs around with him for a while, waiting for the rocket to be complete. The rocket is completed, but before it’s launched, Shota discovers the shigofumi and reads it, finding out that Asuna was actually the killer of her father. Shota doesn’t believe it and goes to meet Asuna, trying to confess, but he’s interrupted by Fumika. In the resulting commotion, Asuna stabs him and proceeds on to stab Fumika as well, while Fumika comments that the dead are more trustful that the living.

Well, sudden plot twist already at the first episode. I certainly didn’t expect that to happen after all the development in the episode. My interest was definitely piqued and I can’t wait for the second episode. Ending at a cliffhanger at the first episode is so :P.

Haven’t seen Kana Ueda in a lead role for a long time, and it’s refreshing to hear her in such a serious tone. Some speculate she’s been playing too much Halo recently, explaining why she hasn’t been voicing much, LOL. Yuki Matsuoka’s voicing of Kanaka is also full of vigor, no wonder I kept thinking of Tsuruya-san a bit.


Yandere time


  1. Ipsod Said,

    January 6, 2008 @ 10:01 pm

    Stabbing in the first episode? I’m sold.

  2. Zzz... Said,

    January 6, 2008 @ 11:29 pm

    So…story arcs or episodic? And the thought of Kana Ueda playing Halo really tickles me for some reason…

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