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GACC 2008 manages to invite Masakazu Morita.

Yes, they’ve did it again. Last year, it was legendary veteran Tohru Furuya, this year, it’s Masakazu Morita, known mainly for his roles as Kurosaki Ichigo and Tidus. I’m so proud of those guys and somewhat regret at the same time I’m not directly involved with them anymore.

I sure hope they’ll finally manage to invite one of my favourites the next GACC :D.

More info at the official site:

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Kuro’s Monthly Roundup: January 2008

January 2008

Starting up a new thing for the blog for the new year, I shall be doing monthly roundups of the shows I’m currently watching. Hopefully, I will be able to make this thing a permanent feature. Sometimes I just lose myself :P.

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Spice and Wolf 04

Spice and Wolf

Lawrence cooperates with the Milone Company and finds out that the Medioh Company is probably behind Zeiren’s scheme, most probably backed by nobles as well. However, Lawrence and Horo are both attacked one night and Horo is captured by the Medioh Company. Trying to request the help of Milone, Lawrence reveals to them that Horo is a wolf.

Quite some character development and some action happens in this episode of Spice and Wolf. Horo opens up her heart to Lawrence, and hints of romantic involvement are heavily thrown in. Horo remains a fascinating character, showing both her fragile and strong sides in this episode.

This episode ends with a big cliffhanger, with Horo’s identity revealed to a number of people and she herself is captured by someone she seemingly knows.

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Gundam 00 ED2: Friends by Stephanie

Gundam 00

While the show is going down the usual Sunrise trainwreck trail, you gotta admit, the new OP and ED are both awesome.

Been looping Stephanie’s Friends ever since it was out a day or two back. The powerful vocals and meaningful lyrics makes this song rather addictive. Too bad the ED sequence in the show itself is a bit…

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Angry Tama-chan is scary.


Holy shit. This is why they say when those that usually don’t get angry, get angered, it can be reeeeeeeeeeally scary.

Well, that bitch deserved it anyways for being that dirty. Too bad she chose the wrong person to play it on.

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Suara’s Wasurenaide


Suara’s new ED for Kimikiss is just pure awesome. Every time I listen to it, I just can’t help but feel a little melancholic. The piano background and Suara’s deep and touching vocals makes this one of her best songs I’ve heard yet.

Also, it’s a fitting song for some of the relationships going on in the series right now, mainly Kouichi x Hoshino, Futami-san, and to a certain extent, of Mao-neechan’s feelings towards Kouichi as well. It really just brings to heart the message of this song in parallel to the ongoing storyline.

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Minami-ke ~Okawari~ 04

Minami-ke ~Okawari~


The cast joins a neighbourhood garbage collection campaign, after Haruka decides to instill some discipline in to her siblings, especially Chiaki, after seeing next-door neighbour Fuyuki helping out with housework. Kana plays around as usual, so Haruka gets a bit angry and tells her she won’t be having dinner if she doesn’t do her work properly. Poor Chiaki is caught in the crossfire as well :(.

Of course, Kana being Kana, she inevitably gets her and Chiaki punished. Meanwhile, Chiaki notices that Fuyuki-kun isn’t really a hard worker as they thought, just that he can’t refuse other people’s requests. She tells him that if he really doesn’t want to do it, he should say so clearly, before going off. The next day… Kana and Chiaki are surprisingly up earlier than Haruka herself… it turns out they’re totally starving, XD.

Serious Haruka-neesama is serious. While Kana does deserve a bit of discipline, poor Chiaki got caught in it as well.

Seems like the series is going back to a more slower, slice-of-life approach, rather than a true comedy fest that was the 1st and 2nd episodes. It also seems there will be some development between Fuyuki and Chiaki.

Mako-chan also appeared back this week, and it was truly LOL seeing him find that bag of cosplay clothes, blushing as he looks through it. Him and Touma seem to be quite close as well nowadays. Guess they both complement each other well. Hosaka-senpai got a bit of airtime as well… and he wasn’t disgusting at all, surprisingly. Hell, he was crushing cans with his bare hands. I’m actually a bit disappointed we didn’t get a kimochiwarui moment from him.

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Black Lagoon MUST have a 3rd season

Black Lagoon

Oh god, how much more awesome Black Lagoon can get? They even have a lolita DFC Mad Dog Meido in the latest chapter, and oh boy, I’ve fallen in love with that sharp attitude of here. Fabiola <3.

I can’t wait till they make the 3rd season of Black Lagoon. Fabiola and Roberta both DESERVE it.

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true tears 04

true tears

true tears just gets more and more beautiful by the episode….

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Rewatching this episode, I just felt like pointing out some things that I kinda missed mentioning earlier.


…Perhaps it was because of the way she was standing there in the afternoon sun, her dandelion-hued hair dancing in the wind; perhaps it was because of the way her old-fashioned white dress was swirling around her long and slender legs…
-Excerpt from The Dandelion Girl, by Robert F. Young

I don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed this, but the girl in the dead world, really resembles the description of the Dandelion Girl, when she first appears. I’ve actually noticed it since I first read the story halfway through Kotomi’s arc, but her appearance this episode reinforces that impression a lot. Wonder if this is another sign of how big an influence the Dandelion Girl was on the production of CLANNAD.


Another thing I want to say is how much I now like Nagisa as a character, after this episode. Initially, Nagisa was the CLANNAD girl I was least interested in, probably due to her characterization archetype of being the “weak and shy” one of the lot.

But going through this episode again, Nagisa really had a lot of character development this week and I’ve started to like her a lot after this, especially with the scenes above, after she decides to make way for the Choir Club and the later part where she covers for Tomoya by declaring herself as his girlfriend. It shows how fragile she still is at points, but yet how stronger she has become as well.

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