Genshiken II ends

Genshiken II

Goodbye Genshiken, for now.

So Genshiken II ends off with Sasayan’s job hunt arc. I’m a bit disappointed we won’t be going in to the “training camp” arc, but I guess that and the true ending will be left to another 3rd season I hope. Gotta say the animators are damn awesome for inserting some Ogi-chin fanservice in the final episode.

Genshiken II

Even in the last episode… fanservice!

Overall, Genshiken II has been a nice adaptation of the manga, and I won’t deny I was really surprised when it seemed that everyone except me hated it for being “bland” at the start but the element of “blandness” is what makes Genshiken II lifelike. Well thankfully, the critics were soon silenced :).

I’ve greatly enjoyed watching this show, even with the infamous over-the-top yaoi episode. Genshiken II also marked a passing of sorts to the younger members of the club, mainly marked by having Ogiue as the main female character focused on, instead of Saki in the first season. I also have to give awesome kudos for introducing Angela and Sue, and they really spiced up the show in the episodes they appeared in :).

Here’s to my hopes of another season of Genshiken!


  1. tienguan Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

    T__T tears….i want more of them. i hope there will be a third season for it.

  2. AnimeJim Said,

    December 29, 2007 @ 12:37 am

    I’m such a huge fan of Genshiken that I would hate to have this be the last we see of it but I’m wondering is there really enough of the story from the manga for another series? I could see another set of OVAs perhaps but unless Shimoku-san (Genshiken mangaka) continues the story I don’t see how it could fill another 12 shows.

    I would love to see the entire Ogiue/Sasahara relationship animated and I think the silent chapter in volume 9 of the manga would look so good animated with some music in the background.

    (I love the realistic screenshot of the Genshiken clubroom, feels almost like home to me.)

  3. shaoron Said,

    December 30, 2007 @ 12:30 pm


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