Myself;Yourself ends.


Nanaka’s parents. Father reminds me of Syuusuke.

Guess what. I totally forgot to watch this episode until now. orz.


That surely was traumatic.

We finally get to know the reason of Nanaka’s trauma. Her parents and violin teacher used to be good friends, but her violin teacher, revealed on his deathbed to Nanaka’s father that Nanaka was actually his child. Unable to accept the fact, Nanaka’s father killed his wife and set fire to the house himself, so the long haired man we saw was actually Nanaka’s father.

Knowing this, Sana brings Nanaka back home, but Nanaka starts to withdraw into her room, refusing to meet anyone, even Sana. Despite so, Sana decides to come and visit her everyday. Finally, one day, Sana is alone with Nanaka in her house, and he tries to talk to her, but notices her room is unlocked and the bath is running. Sana initially thinks she’s bathing, but after a while, he starts to suspect something wrong, and breaks in to the bathroom, finding Nanaka in the bath with her wrists slit. Flashbacks of his past appear, but he manages to save Nanaka just in time.



After Nanaka is back home, Sana reveals that he also tried to commit suicide back in middle school, as he was bullied badly by his schoolmates. He was saved but the trauma left a big scar in him, so he decided to return to his home town in hopes of regaining his past self. He tells Nanaka that he was angry when he found out he was saved, but now, he’s afraid that if he had died, he couldn’t have saved Nanaka.

Time jumps 10 years, and everyone has grown up, even Hinako who has a boyfriend now, but her chest size remains the same nevertheless LOL. Everyone is gathering at the nature park that Syuuri wanted to save, which is revealed that Asami was the one who campaigned for the nature park to stay, thanks to Aoi-chan, with noticeably longer hair now, yet her Chiyo voice remains the same… ahaha~. Even the Wakatsuki twins are back as well, but we never get a full shot of them.


Adult Hinako looks just the same.


Aoi and Asami.


Dear god, why all the secrecy for the twins.


Yuzuki = Kuroi-sensei at some parts XD

At the nature park, Nanaka is about to perform her violin on stage when Sana decides to propose to her. The violin recital starts, and Yuzuki-sensei is still handing out candy as usual, but she’s still single and laments that another student has overtook her again, XD. Nanaka plays the piece she composed back then at Sana’s farewell party, now completed and names it “Myself;Yourself”.


The End.

Well, looks like my theory was half-right, and Nanaka’s mom DID had a relationship with the violin teacher, but god damn, I didn’t expect Nanaka to be actually their child as well. Also, it turns out that long hair must run in the Yatsushiro family, thus nicely explaining the long-haired guy. Haha.

Sana’s dirty little secret wasn’t too hard to guess though, and most people already probably guessed what happened a long time ago. Man, he should’ve realized faster that Nanaka was going to commit suicide. Wouldn’t it be strange for Nanaka, who’s trying to avoid seeing anyone, actually go take a bath when Sana’s at her home as well. Well, all’s well ends well.

That said, they managed to tie all the ends up nicely towards the end, when it seemed earlier on that they would mess up a few plot threads. I’m glad of that, and also, LOL at the 10 year jump. I kinda didn’t believe that Sana wasn’t married yet to Nanaka after 10 years, wonder what made him wait for 10 years. It’s always fun to see Hinako as well, and it’s damn ironic she’s now going out with a guy 5 years younger, in contrast to her falling in love with Syuusuke earlier on. Aoi… well, thankfully she remains rather unchanged, and it’s good to see Asami is still around as well, making amends to Syuuri in her own way. And damn, why all the secrecy for the Wakatsuki twins… did they actually get married to each other or something? Probably won’t know until the game comes out :P.

In closure, Myself;Yourself has been an okay show, even if it seemed a bit lost on progressing the plot during the middle of the series, with all the nonsense fillers here and there. The many revelations of the past few episodes have pretty much redeemed it up a bit, mostly in terms of providing us with enough shock drama especially episode 11 which was chockful of it. It’s been a good show, yet not too outstanding enough to warrant any special mention.


  1. Zan Said,

    December 27, 2007 @ 10:41 pm

    The show was entertaining enough, I at least looked forward to the new episode each week. Looking at the current new winter shows I can’t see any that would really replace the weekly entertainment this show provided. Sana proposing wasn’t far off as I they were supposed to be like 15 or 16 during the events placing him at aroun 25/26 when he proposed, enough time for them to have finished college and established themselves professionally, proposals are sure rare to see in anime though the kiss between the two was sorely missing. The Hinako part was a head scratcher too, shes 21 dating a 15 year old?? seems kinda forced just to bring yuuta in somehow, but I guess thats not so big a deal in the face of the heavily implied twincest.

  2. deftoned Said,

    December 27, 2007 @ 11:09 pm

    The twins got ripped off in the ending a bit. Why they didn’t get any lines or even their faces shown was a bit lame. But overall it wrapped up better than I thought it would have. Hinako remains a loli… a legal loli (oxymoron anyone?), but loli nonetheless.

  3. kaz3phyrous Said,

    December 27, 2007 @ 11:09 pm

    isn’t the game out already…
    and i read that it you can choose from 2 protagonist…
    either shuu or sana…

    shuu can get:


    while sana can get:


    from what i read at AS the story was also different… though i only read summaries of shuu’s path… i wonder why there isn’t a twincest path for shuu? maybe they’ll add one later…

    enough of the game…

    the anime was quite pleasant to watch…
    though i stopped at ep 1 after getting discouraged by aoi’s voice(i keep imagining chiyo and aoi is not chiyo)
    but after reading some positive stuff about it i marathoned my backlog and i was quite surprised that even though i was already spoiled from reading summaries it was still a great watch and it helped me spot some foreshadowing on asami’s attraction towards shuuri(from what i saw she never really “looked at” sana but “always looking” at shuuri)… though they should have just left it open ended and without the time skip…

  4. Fat Cat Lim Said,

    December 27, 2007 @ 11:45 pm

    It’s a pretty decent drama series though I admit Aoi’s voice made my ears bleed. I’m glad I picked this up instead of Da Capo II, especially after reading the summaries on Omni’s blog.

  5. Xellos-_^ Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 1:52 am


    Dammit no Shuuri for Shu path? That is a ripoff.

    as for Sanan – Yuzuki-sensei FTW :D

  6. kaz3phyrous Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 2:18 am


    i was surprised myself that there was no shuuri path…
    maybe if the game becomes a success maybe they’ll add it later…

    for anyone who’s interested here’s the link to the summary by Chewy of AS…

    also a clip of a scene from from asami’s path on shuu’s side…

    though the facial expressions don’t quite show it, nakahara mai’s voice more than makes up for the yangire/yandere role of asami…

  7. Syaoran Li Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 5:47 am

    It was a fun ride so far.
    I bet the twins got married, but mayeb a confirmation would be great.

    Well, this weekend KimiKiss and Minami-ke will end sniff sniff.

  8. Zan Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 7:00 am

    From what i read Kimikiss is 25 episodes so still a ways to go there. I will miss Minami-ke, the different take version with the alternate hair colors and switching around of Chiaki and Kana has me wary, though it might be fine as long as they leave alone Haruka the goddess.

  9. manga Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 7:33 am

    What to say. Sana is a slow person when it comes to the obvious stuff…
    but then he realised what Shuu and Shuri were going to do, and he was the only one. So it gives of a certain dumb feeling for me.

    With all that happening to Nanaka I do understand why she took the easiest way out, or tried to. But I still agree with Sana, suicide is bad and will always be.
    Stupid parents in more than one case.

    Only thing I wanted, a concert with all the characters never appeared other than in the OP :(

  10. Syaoran Li Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 1:21 pm

    Damn it, you’re right. Kimikiss has 24 episodes. Damn

  11. FlameStrike Said,

    December 28, 2007 @ 5:03 pm

    Overall it was an entertaining sieres, but this ep had a felling of RUSH END! The sudden 10 year jump was just weirdly out of place.

  12. ryvrdrgn14 Said,

    December 29, 2007 @ 4:00 am

    For the rather unstable middle part of the series, the ending was a little weak. It almost feels like “Sorry for the mess up, here’s your happy ending” kinda ending.

    I liked the show at the start, but it got weird around the middle and only picked up again at the last couple of episodes. All in all, I could say that I could’ve gone by without watching it. o_o;

    I think I liked Lamune better than this one. o_o;

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