Myself;Yourself 12


Wow, almost everyone in this show has a really twisted past or trauma.

The trio left behind try to deal with the departing of the twins, and Aoi’s attempt to cheer them up kinda falls flat. Back home, Sana receives a fishing rod from Shuu, but his address is intentionally left blank. He later goes out for a conbini dinner, wins a free drink and meets up Yuzuki-sensei on the way back home, who’s also unhappy on having the twins run away from home. Sana manages to cheer her back up with the free drink he got… how cheap :P.


“Mom! No more boob massages!

The rod gives Sana the idea to invite Aoi and Nanaka out again to the river for a spot of fishing, in hopes to cheer them up. Both of them accept, but Aoi pulls out at the last moment to give them both some quality time together, which earns a boob-grab and praise from her mom. Did I mention Aoi’s mom is awesome? Miki Itou does have a nice MILF voice…


A blushing Nanaka is pretty fine.

Well, to keep things short, Sana fails at fishing so he partakes in Nanaka’s bento of tamagoyaki (omelette’s) and cookies. Yes, you read that right. After eating lunch and playing around, Sana takes a whining Nanaka up in to the mountains to show her a secret spot of his, inside a cave, where he discovered it together with Shuu in the past.


Oooh… pretty lights!

His torchlight dies soon after showing Nanaka the crystal ceiling, and since it’s raining outside, the both of them decide to rest until the rain dies down. Nanaka tries to ask about Sana’s wristwatch again, but Sana dodges the question by asking Nanaka about the mailbox instead. Nanaka replies that the trauma from the fire changed her and she, afraid Sana would change as well, sent letters to the mailbox as she felt it would reach the Sana she knew as a child, but she’s relieved that Sana has changed at all.


A traumatized Nanaka is not very fine.

Nanaka falls asleep and wakes up later, sans Sana. She looks around frantically, and reaches the cave’s entrance, where’s it’s sunset already. The color of the sunset triggers Nanaka’s traumatic experience in the fire and she walks out in a daze, falling down from the cave entrance, in to Sana’s embrace. Flashes of her memories appear and she remembers back the memories of the day of the fire and starts to shout from the trauma…

Yay, finally ending off Myself;Yourself. This episode was rather less eventful compared to last week’s shocker involving “sweet girl next door” Hoshino. It was mainly some resolving of the departing of the twins and Sana x Nanaka episode at the second half.

That being said, thank god they didn’t touch Aoi as well, and it seems she’ll remain as the only “happily normal” person in the whole series, albeit one who has an awesome mom who likes to grab her daughter’s boobs XD.

Well, they have one last chance to excite us viewers for teh dorama, the final episode which finally reveals what happened on the night of the fire. From the preview… it looks like Nanaka had a violin teacher and I’m guessing said teacher had some relationship with her mom and well… Nanaka discovers it and probably sets the fire somehow. The preview is spoilery enough to guess, but not accurately, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I were correct.


  1. Zzz... Said,

    December 20, 2007 @ 5:05 am


    It has to be the uncle…he has a mullet!

    The guy with the mullet is always the criminal!

  2. K_S_ Said,

    December 20, 2007 @ 5:15 am

    I’m wondering how they will manage to put both the fire AND Sana’s wristwatch trauma in this one episode…

    About next episode: At first, when watching the preview, I thought that she watched something frightening in that room thus causing her to run out of that room with that afraid look of hers.
    Connected to this thesis, I was wondering about
    -whose room it is
    -why Nanaka is wandering around in the middle of the night
    -the time: Is it really night?
    By reading your blog I also thought about if Nanaka could possibly have caused the fire somehow. And what she really saw in that room is still unclear…

    While watching the preview closely and thinking logically, I tried to find an answer to these questions.
    -I found out that the room has to be either a bathroom or a bedroom since it’s situated on the upper floor, but it’s more probable to be bedroom. But it can’t be Nanaka’s room since moments later she is jumping out of her room with the violin and she wouldn’t enter the room she was running out of being that afraid.
    -to connect the next two questions: Let’s consider it’s still evening and not in the middle of the night and the reason Nanaka’s wandering around the house because she is just about to go to sleep. If this were the case then there wouldn’t be a reason for her to enter someone else’s room. There shouldn’t be anyone in there anyways.
    So it has to be th middle of night after all. The reason for her to wander around is either because she couldn’t sleep or had a nightmare or whatever. When thinking closely, the reason isn’t that important anyways. Unlike the fact that she IS wandering around at night. So we come to the question if she could possibly have caused the fire:
    -Since she is wandering around at night and has been entering somone else’s room, she probably hasn’t gone downstairs which is why she can’t have left a burning candle there.
    When running out of the room she didn’t have anything in her hands so she couldn’t have dropped something that caused the fire.
    And since you normally don’t place dangerous things close to edges, there probably wasn’t anything burning placed near the stairs.
    So she can’t have caused the fire from downstairs.

    Just the question what she has seen left…
    You think that Nanaka dicovered some relationship. But if this were the case, she would have just looked surprised or slightly shocked, but not as afraid as that. Also, if it really were a relationship between her mother and the teacher and she (Nanaka) was afraid of them for some reason, then they both shouldn’t have died in the fire.
    So she should have seen something different, I still think of it being threatening and/or frightening. I also think that all the people in the house should have been asleep when the fire spread since it is in the middle of the night, and Nanaka coincidentally was awake and noticed the fire early enough to escape.

  3. issa-sa Said,

    December 20, 2007 @ 2:25 pm

    I can’t believe it’s taken 12 episodes to turn Nanaka’s character into something actually personable… before she digressed to borderline annoyingly clingy. Still a nice change from her gloomy emo hardly-registering self from before. Thank goodness they didn’t decide to taint Aoi’s character (it would so fail me if they tried to convince us she set the fire or something *rolls eyes*) though I was thinking if they did it would open the possibility of her Chiyo-chan voice put to an evil laugh… *shivers* Her mom is awesome too… except I can’t help thinking Takano Miyo when she speaks…

  4. Ruki: The Running Blog » Blog Archive » Myself; Yourself 12: One more left… Said,

    December 21, 2007 @ 2:01 am

    […] it showed fair a bit of Nanaka’s past but not enough to give it away, which really does get people thinking. For some reason the title of the next episode, “shackles”, caught my attention, hopefully the […]

  5. K_S_ Said,

    December 21, 2007 @ 5:37 pm

    I don’t like the translation of the title of the next episode…

    “Kizuna” normally is translated as “bond” or “bonds”, meaning the connection between people. “Shackles” can mean the same, but…

    So, think of next ep’s title as “bonds”, and this way, the title isn’t that trouble-making. It is making more sense this way, considering the contents of the last episode and the fact that this will be the end.

  6. leetdood Said,

    December 22, 2007 @ 2:26 am


  7. Kurogane Shiroikaze Said,

    December 22, 2007 @ 7:20 pm

    Is this translation by m.3.3.w? I don’t really think that “きずな” is translated to “shackles” at this context. “Bonds” are more correct.

    But well, subbers are never 100% correct.

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