Prism Ark 09

Prism Ark

Angry Kagura :o

Wow, not a bad episode this time.

First half was dedicated to some background history and discussion between (mmm yummy-yummy) Echo and Kisarov about the current state of affairds and such, while the rest of the gang go look around for Priecia. Angry Kagura is <3. Bridget bumps in to Theresa in town and finds out the location of Priecia, so Karin and Hyaweh head over to look for her.

Second half was the awesome part, where Karin faces off with Theresa, who transforms in to Sister Hell. LOL henshin sequence. Karin gets totally pwned, so Priecia and Hyaweh steps in, with Priecia doing most of the fighting, due to Hyaweh still being injured. Priecia has a hard time, but after some encouragement, she executes her deadly attack, Mirage Rush, and manages to blow off Sister Hell’s clothes off (lol).

The fight is interrupted by the Black Knight appearing to kill Hyaweh, who holds the Arc-Gladius, and Priecia tries to stop him but fails, but the sight of the pocket watch worn by Priecia stops the Black Knight for a moment as he recalls some past memories. He regains his senses and tries again to kill Hyaweh, but Hyaweh manages to deal a fatal blow to him, and he retreats, possibly along with Sister Hell.

The next morning, Priecia wakes and the rest of the gang finally manages to find them. Hyaweh passes to Priecia the cross made the orphans under the care of Theresa, telling her that Theresa will accept it someday later from her hand, and Priecia comments that she has another promise to fulfill again.

Impressive episode actually, thanks to the show of fireworks from both Priecia and Sister Hell. Undoubtedly, I did pick up this show for the promise of awesome fights, and I have been consistently let down lately by it, but thankfully they’ve not done so this time. That being said, Sister Hell pole dancing on the cross and her henshin are definitely the most “WTF” moments ever in this show, mainly because I was expecting her to be more serious.

A ton of plot development this episode though, with the revelation of Hyaweh’s origins, Sister Hell’s tragic past, and hints of the Black Knight’s true identity being Priecia’s father. Can’t say they’re in time, but at least they still have 3 more episodes to try and wrap the story up. Hope the production team won’t disappoint me. Well, as long as they put in enough fights like in this episode’s one, I’m happy enough.

Prism Ark

Mahou Shoujo Sister Hell


  1. Azu Said,

    December 4, 2007 @ 5:40 pm

    Mirage Rush is only her 3rd best move :0

    3 more eps eh… final battle that was chronologically after ep1 second last, the big fight after… god, what a rush job.

  2. Gains Said,

    December 4, 2007 @ 6:15 pm

    I came buckets in this episode I’ll even convert to whatever Sister Hell, my new guiding light, is worshipping.

  3. Xellos-_^ Said,

    December 5, 2007 @ 7:34 am

    i should download it just for the sister hell transformation

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