Myself;Yourself 09


I feel disappointed. Can’t figure out what the producers want of the show. It’s going from serious to funny to serious again.

The first half has Nanaka, regaining a piece of memory on the day of the fire, and she accidently over hears a suspicious conversation between her aunt and uncle regarding her condition. Seems like Nanaka’s uncle is being very dodgy on the issue.

After the mid-point break, with a real eyecatch finally, Aoi invites the whole gang + Hinako to the amusement park, because her father got 6 free tickets. The show takes the 180° turn, and we see the whole gang having fun, mostly Aoi actually. Remember the spa episode? Along the way, they also manage to bump in to Hoshino-san, who’s there along with a relative’s kid, and they join up together.

Having done a full day’s worth of fun, the last item on the agenda is the ferris wheel, and again the show takes the 180° turn. Nanaka and Sana are intentionally given some time together, and Nanaka takes the chance to apologize. Sana accepts and furthermore, proclaims that he’ll be with her forever for now. On another ferris wheel carriage, Syuu and Syuuri are sharing one together as well, and Syuu finally tells Syuuri not to force herself further, leading to an outburst of tears from her, which is spotted by Hoshino-san, making a grave face when seeing so.

So, well yeah, I have no idea what the show wants or is trying to be for now. I’d be pleased if they could just concentrate mainly on the serious parts for now, since it’s already the 9th episode. Aside from the last part, the amusement park trip was just well, out of place, especially the Animeranger portion. Kinda lol’ed at Norio Wakamoto’s cameo role in it though.

Well, next up seems to be more development on the Wakatsuki twins part. I just hope they’ll not make that episode like this one…


  1. bj0rN Said,

    November 28, 2007 @ 1:38 pm

    Well~ At least we’re in for a roller coaster ride. =)

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