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Ninomiya-kun makes ramen. I never knew that making ramen was this hard.

The usual 30-sec starter continues from last episode’s Binyuu Sokushin Kyokai, who are now worshipping Reika. “SIEG HOUJOU!!!” LULZ. Poor Mayu is depressed and tries to compress her boobs using bandages (mmm). But too bad, her boobs are much too big in mass to hide already, XD.

Well, basically, Ninomiya-neesan is hungry and wants to eat ramen, and Shungo is tasked to make it. He’s stumped on what kind of ramen to make, as he thinks it’s a challenge from his sister. Mayu suggests the cup ramen she’s eating, courtesy of Houjou Ramen Inc., but Shungo thinks it won’t satisfy his sister. Mayu’s further suggestion to call a delivery is shot down the same way as well. (Looks like Mayu is more than ready enough for college life lulz.)

After ensuring the house is stocked with all the required ingredients, Shungo is about to start when Mayu tells him about a recipe site she finds online. Inspired, Shungo first starts off by making the ramen soup, with the help of Mayu. Halfway through though, Shungo starts doubting if his ramen will satisfy his sister, and Mayu once again points Shungo to a secret page on the recipe site with instructions on how to make the ultimate ramen, using some weirdly hard to obtain ingredients. Leaving Mayu in charge of stirring the soup while it’s being boiled, Shungo heads out to gather the said ingredients; first stop, obtaining the best wheat for the ramen dough.

Meanwhile, Mayu is getting tired of stirring the soup and combined with the heat of the kitchen, she starts to fluster. Calling for help, Hinako arrives to assist in the stirring of the soup, but she starts to get annoyed by the heat and tries to strip off. Mayu stops her, saying that she should keep some decency, and Hinako comes up with the bright idea of wearing a mizugi apron and also forces Mayu to wear it. Awesome. In the mean time, Shungo does battle with a GIANT pig to obtain its meat for the char siew.


It’s rape time!

Back home, the Iincho pays a visit to the Ninomiya manor, to give Shungo materials regarding the school trip, but finds it empty. She explores around and hears some noises from the kitchen, which turns out to be Hinako in the middle of striping Mayu. Iincho tries to excuse herself but…

Shungo, on the other hand, heads to the sea to acquire the last ingredient, fish meat for the naruto topping (not the ninja boy, you idiots!).


This was… awesome.

The final victim of the Mizugi Apron Ramen Soup Stirring team is Shinobu, just recently returned after accompanying Reika on a business trip. I don’t know what the hell the ramen soup contains, but the fumes are surely making the girls go really excited. I mean, REALLY excited, as they stir the ramen broth. I am so never going to look at ramen making the same way ever again, not especially after Mayu’s description of the ladle they used to stir the broth, while “touching” it.



Finally, Shungo returns home to find the four of them in a highly excited stage. Undeterred, Shungo finally starts to make the ramen and the other toppings and finishes the Ultimate Ramen. He and the girls rush to present it to his sister, only to find her eating Reika’s company newest product, Houjou Ramen. They get extremely pissed off at Reika and shout at her. Later Shungo and the rest eat the ramen themselves, depressed, while Reika does the same, only with her cup ramen… ORZ.


“Our new cup ramen now comes with Actimin C and etc, etc. for a more healthier cup ramen.”

Yay, another totally fun and brainless episode of Ninomiya-kun, so why did I manage to write like 700 words for it? Sigh. Anyways, this was a fun episode, all round, especially with the girls going all weird and high during the ramen broth stirring. I have a newfound respect for people who actually stir the ramen soup while it’s boiling. Shungo goes over-the-top as usual with his work, and I LOL’ed when he went travelling all around just to acquire the ingredients for the ramen, and meeting Mikihiko every damn time he goes somewhere. LOL at Reika coming in at the end to steal Shungo’s thunder, after all that effort.

That’s done for this episode, and the next one is going to be about the school trip. Expect the usual hijinks.



  1. Totali Said,

    November 22, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

    This show sucks!

    …..but we’re all watching it anyways!

  2. meganeshounen Said,

    November 22, 2007 @ 5:32 pm

    Mmm… doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of Reika scenes. Fortunately, Iincho + deredere Shinobu (wow, I didn’t know she can have that kind of facial expression…) is enough to sate my senses. :D

    And…. egad, what did they put in that ramen broth? The ginseng/newt/whatelsedidtheyputinthere concoction Mayu gave Shungo last episode?

  3. Jin Said,

    November 25, 2007 @ 3:51 am

    I have heard of ramen store in Japan where they only make 100 or so dishes and people line up to eat it early in the morning. Of course, this ramen is NOT the instant noodle college life presents.

    In fact, if you have an authentic japanese restaurant, I urge you to try them. they are awesome. Heck, I think instant noodles are men’s greatest creation but once in a while, ramen does call for me… and I must answer.

  4. Crisu Said,

    November 25, 2007 @ 6:27 am

    Heh. This makes your “cup noodle” analogy all the better, doesn’t it?

    I want me some Hojo noodle. Or just Houjou, personally. :3

    Most epic ramen episode in anime ever. I want to design an action-RPG video game based on Shungo’s quest. With a bonus interactive minigame for Mayu handling the ladle~

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