Prism Ark 06

Prism Ark

The eyecatches are just so awesome

It’s actually getting awesome!

The rest episode this time, so lots of shots of the group having fun, with Priecia and Hyaweh getting extra special time together. And god, Hyaweh licked Priecia. He LICKED her. Haven’t seen that move ever since Kaze no Stigma. Girls just wanna be licked, lol. I’ll second Aroduc’s call for more licking. Priecia’s reaction to the lick was so cute, it broke my cuteness counter.

Prism Ark

Mmm… Priecia-flavored.

Prism Ark

Cuteness level OVER9000.

Second half has Priecia getting kidnapped by ninja guy, and Hyaweh goes Super Saiyan to save her, earning him pretty much a lot of rabu-rabu points. Sadly he squanders it all by interpreting Priecia’s invitation to him to go the the beach as “going along with everyone else”, causing her to feel jealous and start crying. Second time I’ve seen this today.

Still, I wonder how will the bring the story along, it’s like, halfway through the series already. Best thing they can do now, is the slim down the story and concentrate on the Priecia x Hyaweh pairing. At least that would be entertaining.


  1. Knowngni Said,

    November 15, 2007 @ 2:57 am

    I think thats what this entire series is all about since they’ve basically done no story development (in terms of the original game story) and mainly focused on developing the relationship between priecia and hyaweh. So what we get is a fun romantic comedy.

  2. Owned4eva Said,

    November 15, 2007 @ 11:36 am

    i completely with the eyecatches ^^ more plz !!

    As for the Epic Lick, flip a coin, if heads Precia is now confused ^^

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