“In a ruined world, where most of humanity has been suppressed by giant moe-blobs, there is only one hope left for mankind; the Final Hitode Tsukai, Fuko!”

Okay, this episode really shows the mastery of KyoAni in manipulating the emotions of their viewers. This episode, while mainly happy-go-lucky in tone throughout, had a really downing ending to it, and I can’t really help but feel sad for Fuko at the end. This episode really endeared Fuko to me a lot more than the previous ones and it really showed how sad an existence she is currently. Damn you, Key!

That being said, this episode was mainly very enjoyable, thanks to the antics of everyone, and right before the ending, there was this really warm, fuzzy comfortable feeling I felt from it. Particularly liked Tomoya’s antics, mainly the nose-drinking part and his tsukkomi-ing of everyone’s boke antics, like Sanae’s starfish bread and Fuko going in to her “seal”. Sunohara also provided quite a few laughs, but not the level of his antics previously. Kigurumi Tomoyo was really moe too, when she received Fuko’s starfish sculpture and said she’s taking it this time because it’s handmade.

Not to forget too, Kyou and Ryou appearing in waitress outfit this time but I felt the outfits kinda suck, especially on Kyou. Somehow felt her long hair was very unnatural this episode.


  1. Ryggim Said,

    November 10, 2007 @ 7:02 pm

    The dream sequence made me laugh really hard…I do hope I’ll never get the chance to see Tomoya in that outfit; although that would be funny in some degree ^^ I gotta second that the maid uniform was a little lacking, I love the Suzumiya Haruhi Maid Uniform, well nothing can be done even if I rant about it now..oh well. Lastly Sanae is Love, at first I really didn’t mind her much but as I watched the episodes I began to really like her character. I can’t wait for next week’s episode. ^^

  2. Kinny Riddle Said,

    November 10, 2007 @ 7:03 pm

    The waitress costume is actually modified from Ryou’s nurse uniform seen in Kappei’s ending. I personally like them in that costume.

    Speaking of which, would Kappei even get screen time? Even Kanako from Tomoyo After, and if you look carefully, THE Kunisaki “Saiko” Yukito can be spotted making cameo appearances.

    Kanako is the red-haired cutie getting hit on by Sunohara before being rescued by her ex-boyfriend’s bigger sister Tomoyo (long story, lol). Yukito is a bit harder to spot, but the Founder Festival is a great opportunity for him to make a big buck, if only he knows how to act. :D

  3. Syaoran Li Said,

    November 10, 2007 @ 8:42 pm

    I really enjoyed this episode.

    Everyone was so existed about Fuko’s spirit and determination for her sister’s sake. And then, as I was waiting; her sister couldn’t see her. I don’t know how this deal about Fuko works, if she is a ghost, a projection (the same thing) or what, but sure she’s touched everyone at school. Can you imagine how many students would attend to her wedding thanks to her? I simply can’t.

    I agree with you Kuroneko, their maid costumes were rather lacking of appeal, especially on Kyou; well nobody is perfect, even KyoAni has some flows.

    I can’t wait to see how this arc will end. Gambare! Fuko-chan

  4. korosora Said,

    November 10, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

    Even KyoAni has some what? flow? lol… misspelling flaw. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. SYAORAN!


    Well, I liked the waitress outfits, but thats just me and my 2d girl fetish haha~
    enjoyable episode, i like kuma-tomoyo… is that wrong? :3

  5. Mirrinus Said,

    November 11, 2007 @ 3:01 am

    I’m afraid we may never get to see Kappei. I guess he’s an acceptable sacrifice in order to cram the main stories into 24 episodes…still, it’s sad to see him go.

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