Prism Ark 05

Looks like Prism Ark has finally gained some shine after 5 episodes in.

This episode focuses on Priecia and her budding feelings for Hyaweh, and now she finally acknowledges the feelings that have been building in her, ever since she first met him. On the way, there’s a subplot of some Prism Tournament, but it’s lame so I don’t care about it. Still, even with the nicely done Priecia scenes, the main story itself is still pretty much in tatters and confusing.

The infamous Fel (purportedly has the best story of the original material, says Aroduc and other fans of the game) finally gets a proper scene of sorts instead of just popping out here and there. I can probably project out what is her story already from the short discourse she had with Hyaweh this episode, but I sure would like to know how exactly it unfolds.

Prism Ark

Kagura <3


  1. Aroduc Said,

    November 6, 2007 @ 5:56 pm

    Fel’s arc is probably more or less exactly as you’d expect, only with a lot more blood and tears as well as the best of the character-specific Chapter 7s (where the game branches) involving her continuously accidently destroying Kisarov’s statue in the courtyad until they stumble upon his backup collection of statues… and then her staff destroys all of those too.

    Regardless… :sadness:
    NSFW/SPOILERY (though almost certainly won’t be covered in the show)

  2. Newprimus Said,

    November 7, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

    And then Kisarov stands in for his statue, catches the duo in their act, and then gets this whole final boss thing going pitting Hyaweh and Fel against waves of metal mokujin (with awesome BGM). The duo win in the end with ripped-shirt-Priecia.

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